Mars in Aries, and the Capricorn Solar Eclipse

We have just published the INTELLIGENCE readings (part one, RESET 2019), so I’m going to keep this note short and sweet, and invite you to explore the new website, and to read your extended monthly horoscope as well. I’ve got a new audio Q&A feature that’s easy to find.


Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

The New Year holiday arrives with a burst of energy, mostly supplied by Mars entering Aries Monday at 9:20 pm EST. This puts some heat onto the Aries Point, that sensitive spot where the wider affairs of society intersect with our individual lives.

There’s plenty of mojo focused there right now, with Pholus (a propulsion source) right in the first degree of Capricorn (an extension of the Aries Point). I’ll come back to that in a moment.

One influence this week is that we’re approaching a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn. Whatever influence this eclipse might seem to lose for being a partial, it compensates for by being right at the midpoint of Capricorn. (For those born under the sign Capricorn, I address this in your birthday reading.)

Additionally, the eclipse occurs close to the midpoint of two planets in the process of forming a world-altering conjunction, Saturn and Pluto. Note that the eclipses are now shifting to the Cancer-Capricorn axis, where they will be for a while.

So are other factors, including the slow-moving centaur Pholus, which is being activated by several different elements this week (mainly Mercury and Mars). Once Pholus (a centaur planet) gets going, there’s little turning it back — you just have to take the ride. And it would seem that’s about to happen, as Mars makes a square aspect to it from Aries. Then, as if that were not interesting enough, Mercury (now conjunct the Galactic Core) is about to make a conjunction to Pholus and a square to Mars. That fully engages on Saturday, Jan. 5.

So think of what you do this week as a setup for some mysterious force that might well increase its scale substantially. Therefore, focus on what you want, beginning with necessities and considering some of your more significant preferences. What you focus on will increase, particularly under this astrology — and it may do so rapidly over the next few days.

In the mix is a small planet out by Pluto called Salacia. We’re about to embark on a new series of events that call Salacia into focus. I’ll know a lot more about this point at the end of 2019 (it was discovered on the Libra equinox of 2004; orbit is 271 years, slightly longer than that of Pluto). My take from a few years of observation is that it’s describing the need for maturity where matters of sex and sexuality are concerned.


Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

When Chiron arrives in a few weeks, this maturity will come in the form of the need for healing, which for some will be slow and painstaking work, but also the order of the day.

I’ll be focusing this topic, and the related theme of self-actualization, in Tantra Studio as the months unfold. We’ll get a taste of what this is all about over the next few days as Mars knocks on both Pholus and Salacia, magnified by the Aries Point. And while I’m not generally in the business of predicting, I predict another very unusual week in government news.

In the background of everything this week is the Capricorn New Moon on Saturday, which is also a partial solar eclipse (the first in this eclipse pair). This is a high-focus event as it takes place near the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, hinting at what that rapidly approaching conjunction may be about.

One other thing, and I’m sorry for sounding like a church marm, but please stay off the road this New Year’s Eve (amateur asshole night). People are bad enough drivers as it is, and I don’t like this combination of Mars and Pholus (related to alcohol abuse, and the subtle influence of even a little of the stuff). If you must go out, designate a driver, who imbibes a total of zero alcohol and who is capable of driving like a professional. Plan your route strategically and keep your focus.

It’s nice at home on New Year’s Eve.

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