Listening to the metronome

…and taking the holiday weekend off from blogging. I will catch you some time soon — stay tuned. Remember the name of the tune is Mercury conjunct Mars, square Neptune. There is all kinds of mojo in that clusterfuck and some of it’s gonna be astonishingly original. There’s plenty to be cautious of, especially anger not contained or properly directed, and/or resentment — though there’s the image of coming to terms with some deeper and once-denied, perhaps long-denied, truth.

3 thoughts on “Listening to the metronome

  1. Hugging Scorpio

    I’ve been having some interesting dreams, very much revealing a truth to my daily experiences and questions. It’s like stating a question or intention in real life and then going to see a play where the answer is played out in front of you, and done so in a way that is detached enough to feel authentic. I still feel my questions but they feel easier, less confused.

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