Lighting a Fire, Crossing an Ocean

Some years ago I wrote an article that described the combined effect of Chiron in Pisces and Uranus in Aries. These are two long-term placements (properly called ‘transits’) involving slow-moving planets that change the lives of those who experience them.

Photo by Bev Dulis.

Photo by Bev Dulis.

What they represent are deep processes of change. On some level that is all of us — being whipped and hurled through more change than we can keep up with.

Currently, the planets are aligned in what is mostly a water/fire pattern: Chiron, the Sun, Neptune and other planets in Pisces; and Uranus, Venus and Mars in Aries. This division is potentially a source of tension — unless blended perfectly, water can extinguish fire, and fire can boil away water until there is nothing left.

Though the Sun has recently arrived in Pisces, and is now conjunct the lord of the oceans Neptune, there’s been a shift over the past few days into fire signs. Venus and Mars, in particular, have moved into fire sign Aries, which is emphasizing heat, impulsiveness and the need to achieve.

As you go through your day Monday and indeed the next few weeks, I suggest you remember that a balance is necessary — one between the sensitive nature of feeling, and the passionate nature of drive. Feeling and passion are often confused with one another. They may share some attributes (such as being psychic effects). But feeling is ultimately receptive, and passion is expressive. Feeling is like your background experience, and passion is closer to the front.

However, it might not be passion in the sense of ‘passionate about filmmaking’ but rather the sensation of impulse. Feeling can imply desire, though it usually takes more to spur someone to action.

One nice thing about the sky right now is that Mercury, the planet of thought, is in a rather thoughtful sign, Aquarius. That can provide some perspective; some distance on your situation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by both impulse and feeling, I suggest you take a step back and consider things carefully, take counsel of the wise, and notice how you respond.

7 thoughts on “Lighting a Fire, Crossing an Ocean

  1. Shelley Stearns

    I’ve been obsessed with creating structure lately, working most waking hours either for money or on a dream of perfection, ironically to create change. Then all these feelings about what I’ve been ignoring started to whisper, and though they came from me, they felt almost separate. The distinction between feeling and passion makes a lot of sense to me right now. And all that Pisces and Aries in my zone of projection!

  2. Michael Mayes

    This reminds me of the heated comment I made yesterday on Judith Gayle’s latest blog. In my comment I mentioned that sometimes I “feel” the urge to murder Scott Walker. And yes, you’re right about that distinction between passion or impulse, and feeling. I failed to make that distinction. Obviously, I wouldn’t actually commit the act of murder, but being outspoken about things that cross my mind (if only in a flash), I sometimes say/write/type things impulsively, though I may not really “feel” that way. Thanks for the astrology analysis & advice Eric.

  3. Amy Elliott

    I wonder whether our experience of Uranus in Aries/Chiron in Pisces is partly represented by the feeling so many of us on the left have of helplessness; a sense of inability to change things for the better, watching the creeping progress of the far right and the erosion of our freedoms, translating into severe self-questioning. Then there are others who find themselves hardening against collective responsibility and compassion for people in need, turning away from the Chironic message and sincerely living the Reaganomic ideal.

  4. Sara Victoria

    My God, 2010 feels like a decade ago. And… like a year and a half ….
    Might you speak a bit more about how Pisces is a focalizer of change, per se, and
    how you have seen it relate to the (so un-Piscean) issue of boundaries??

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