Leonard Nimoy, the Full Moon and a Live Call-In Planet Waves FM

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Len Wallick has written a new edition of the Moonshine Horoscope for the Virgo Full Moon. Here is a direct link to that page

Mark your calendar — there will be a live edition of Planet Waves FM at 8 pm EST on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. This will be a 90-minute call-in program, open to callers on all topics. It will be recorded, and you can come in late. Here is all the information you need to listen or participate, by phone or by web.

In tonight’s recorded edition of Planet Waves FM, I will pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy, whose portrayal of Mr. Spock created one of the most enduring figures in science fiction history. What was so compelling about this dispassionate space alien? I will share some ideas, from his chart and from the viewpoint of Marshall McLuhan’s media theories.

Planet Waves FM posts Tuesdays at about 6 pm EST, on both the new website and on the Planet Waves FM site. I will also pay tribute to George Harrison, the Pisces Beatle. And I’ll continue my discussion of how the astrological houses work.

Speaking of astrology, I’m teaching a beginners’ class on March 21, via teleconference. Please check that out — it will be great fun. This is the class designed to get you started understanding the very basics of astrology, starting with a pencil and a blank wheel.

Today I’ll be wrapping up the Pisces birthday reading. You can still purchase for the pre-order price, and I plan to have that in your hands by this evening. This is a fantastic reading, covering all the planets currently in Pisces (there are many), Saturn in Sagittarius, the Saturn-Neptune square and a rather alive relationship angle (Virgo, Virgo and more Virgo).

Speaking of, I covered the Virgo Full Moon in Mondays’ astrology diary.

In this week’s relationships-and-sex column, guest-writer Kristin Luce describes her epiphany that love does not belong to us; something she discovered after a longtime client died, and she realized the honest, intimate conversation they had shared counted as “love” — and that he shared that love with many others in his life.

George Harrison with his Fender guitar.

We’re in new territory in this week’s tarot reading, as Sarah Taylor discusses the implications of a decidedly feminine (yet still universal) all-major arcana reading, and a shift from an inner focus to one that is directed outwards and into the world.

Judith Gayle, in her latest heart-centered foray into American political culture, notes that, “Nothing we — any of us — ever did entirely for our own good, with thought to no other, served the world around us or improved life on the planet,” and asks if that’s who we want to elect (and become).

Amanda Moreno’s use of the “universe please give me a sign” thing has, it seems, contributed to a difficulty in trusting her intuition. She describes in this piece how a crow dropping a pinecone in front of her has given her something new to work with in her belief in a connected cosmos.

Recent features from the Cosmophilia website have included Greg Macdougall’s poem “Psychovariant Belonging,” and Alison Beth Levy’s rediscovery of her birth parents, astrology and a sense of belonging.

Be sure to catch Len Wallick’s latest column about this week’s Virgo Full Moon on the main Planet Waves website at about noon today EST. And on Thursdays, Amanda Painter’s weekly posts look ahead at your weekend astrology.


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