Legacies of the Trump Presidency

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By Jen Sorensen.

Jen Sorensen treats readers to four of the ostentatious abominations we might be left with should Donald Trump become president of the US.

By Jen Sorensen.

By Jen Sorensen.

3 thoughts on “Legacies of the Trump Presidency

    1. jinspace

      The Hairport is hilarious!

      Amanda, the reference is Frank Gehry’s giant sculpture in Barcelona of a fish, though you’re right, it does kind of look like a giant turkey drumstick (and that IS so fitting). But back to that hair… the sculpture’s big, brassy, and up close you can see it’s a weave.

      1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

        Ahhhh — jinspace, though I am familiar with Gehry’s work in general (and the polarized responses it gets), I did not realize this was a direct reference to a Barcelona fish sculpture or building! Even better is your last sentence.


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