Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Reality Checkpoint

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today we arrive at the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, in the first degree of Aries. As I’ve written many times, this is one of the key events in the 2012 astrological pattern, which peaks when the Mayan long count reaches day on Dec. 21, 2012. The astrological pattern associated with 2012 in Western astrology involves many planets converging around the ‘personal is political’ region of the zodiac known as the Aries Point.

llustration from Bridge to the Core, the 2005 annual edition of Planet Waves, by Deanna B.

Many of these events are focused on the signs Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, aspecting the Aries Point by square or opposition. Today’s event marks an exact conjunction to that degree. We could say more about the significance of this, but I’m here today with a few short queries to help you determine where you stand on the way to whatever 2012 means for you, and whatever this incarnation means for you.

1. Where do you stand in relationship to your life plans? Do you do what you want, what you love or what you ‘must do’? Do you earn your living doing what means the most to you, or must you set your values aside in order to earn your keep?

2. Who is around you? Do you consider your closest friends your family of choice, that is, your true tribe, and what are the values with which you’re in affinity? Are your relationships characterized more by harmony and purpose, or by conflict and turmoil?

3. Are you in contact with your original decisions for entering this incarnation? Do you understand why you’re here, or do you struggle with the notion that your life is meaningless?

4. Do you feel you have options in the most significant matters in your life, or do you feel that you are boxed into an experience you cannot get out of?

5. What is your relationship to desire? Do you desire the pleasures of your life without inhibition, or do you find yourself struggling with guilt when you want the things that will make you happy?

6. What is your sense of the future? Are you optimistic about your life? Are you optimistic about the state of the world? If you’ve answered no to either of these questions, what power do you have to change the answer?

7. What is your relationship to your potential? Do you feel you have more or less potential than when you were younger? Do you find it easier or more difficult to tap into and manifest?

8. What is your sense of connection to the larger life that surrounds you? Do you take an active role in expressing that sense of connection, or are you waiting for ‘something to happen’ that will get you to make a move and get involved?

9. How has your relationship to death evolved over the course of your life? Are you more fearful or less fearful? How do you make transitions? Do you find it easier or more difficult to make transitions as you get older?

10. Are you able to ask for the help you need? Do you offer assistance to others in need? Which is easier for you?

With that, I bid you a blessed Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the Aries Point.

Yours & truly,

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