It’s Not Too Late! Get Your Cosmophilia: You Belong Here Astrology Readings for 2015 Now

Audio introduction to Cosmophilia: You Belong Here

“Belonging is more than fitting in. It’s about a productive relationship, a creative relationship, between you and the life you inhabit.”


“I write this every time dear Eric — and I’ll write it once again — I don’t know how you do it. You pinpoint and walk me through every single thing that I’m experiencing right now.” — Liz G.

Dear Friend and Reader:

When I came up with the theme for this year’s extended annual astrology readings, I knew I was onto something that would speak both to the struggles many people work through to ‘fit in’, as well as to the sense of deep, cosmic interconnectedness so many of us feel and value.


But the true beauty of the 12 sign readings making up Cosmophlia: You Belong Here is that it’s never too late for you to get a handle on your 2015 astrology — in truth, this moment is as perfect as any.

Why get more than one sign? If you know your rising sign or Moon sign, getting that reading along with your Sun sign can provide a profound extra dimension of understanding. You can also read and listen to your loved ones’ signs.

You’re invited to read my introduction on how the biophilia hypothesis — that all life has an affinity for other life — led to cosmophilia. There’s also an audio introduction there as well — and you can browse the website.

Your readings include 4,000-word written interpretations for each sign and rising sign, plus an hour-plus of audio for each sign and rising sign. You may read samples of all 12 sign readings here; that page includes links to order individual signs as well as the special package of all 12.



P.S. Time and again, our customers put it best, so I’ll leave you with some of their thoughts about Cosmophilia:


“I will reread the report many times to keep me on track. I am in my sixties now and it is so important for me now that I have time, to work on the things that are the hardest for me.” — Anne


“Eric — the tears are streaming down my face. That was one of the most powerful astrology readings I have ever had (and I’ve only read the written portion; I haven’t yet listened to the audio).” — L.S.


“I, too, wish to thank you and acknowledge you for the AMAZING Cosmophilia readings you did. I purchased all 12 and in my opinion, it is the best work you have done thus far. I have recommended you to all my astrologer friends as the BEST avant-garde astrologer of our time.” — Theresa

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