It Ain’t Heavy If You Bother

Posted by Len Wallick


Is your energy waning or feeling heavy? Are you frustrated in any of your devoted endeavors? Len Wallick’s take on the astrology suggests that a change of perspective, activity, social context or similar might provide the refreshed perspective and shift in gears to renew your spirit. It might even entail reaching back into the past for something left behind.

The Moon is in comparatively sober Capricorn today, waning after its Full Moon peak in stimulating Sagittarius a few days ago. Mercury is in its slowest retrograde of the year back through Gemini. Venus is climbing through its last day in Cancer. Another season is winding up towards its last fortnight. Things just might feel a bit heavy for you right now.


Much like love and passion, however, astrology indicates that motivation and support to at least lighten your load are likely to be found if you bother going halfway to meet and find other people and experiment with other aspirations.

Earlier today, Amanda Painter covered the love and passion angle admirably. In her treatise regarding the trine from Venus to Saturn, Amanda cogently noted how a little discipline can go a long way to channel passion, manifest talent and define love.

Sometimes, however, it may feel as though the tank of devotion that fuels your discipline has simply run dry. Now might be one of those times. Your mind may not be able to keep up with all there is to think about. Your emotions might have recently been wrung out. Your labors of love could seem lost. Even the fuse lit by the vernal equinox in March has very possibly now been spent.

If there is anything to astrology, however, this time need not be a nadir for you or anybody. The amplification of ambition is available if you reach forward to experiment with achieving (or at least seeing) something outside of where your endeavors have recently been focused and possibly frustrated.

If jogging seems like a drag lately, borrow a helmet and a bike to see what a dose of wheels will do for your feet and legs. Should one field of work be getting old, look into another. It won’t hurt to look. In the event that you have bitten off more than you can chew, consider spitting it out to take a smaller bite. If nothing else, just take a break away from what has turned into a chore so that you can appreciate your work from a new perspective — like a painter stepping back from a mural.

Reaching back might be even more productive than reaching forward. Something you burned out on long ago (perhaps stowed away in your closet, attic, garage or basement) might burn more brightly now if you reach in, get it out and dust it off. A live wire could be made by simply plugging back into group endeavors from which you once withdrew, no matter how good the reason at the time.

Finally, reaching out to others would seem to very possibly find empathy if not common aspirations at this time. For there is balance to be found in the astrology. The Sun and Mars are advancing through Gemini as surely as Mercury is retreating. Venus still waxes even as the Moon wanes. Jupiter is as direct as Saturn is retrograde. You just might find that balance manifesting on Earth if you bother meeting other people halfway at any opportunity, in any sense of the term. 

So mix it up a little bit. Explore new passions. Seek out new ways to stimulate your consciousness. Offer so as to receive — even if it’s one small thing at a time. Before you know it, motivation could be renewed, support might be refreshed, and life may not seem so heavy, if you bother.

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Len Wallick

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11 thoughts on “It Ain’t Heavy If You Bother

  1. rachael harrod

    len, thank you for returning my sanity to me with this message. Thank you for your encouragement. I need wayyyyyy less heavy in my head – i’m taking your advice, and bothering :)

  2. aWord

    I am opening my mind to seeing what you are explaining, Len. I feel stuck a bit as I search for new housing in my new home and I cannot indefinitely maintain the current pattern of my days or I will have used up my resources on a temporary fix, not a more permanent situation.
    Too true; my mind is too full and emotions wrung. (Traveling with cat in tow has additional inconvenience to say the least. Yet; do I let her go? Another reader had a similar cat question the other day as I recall…I’ve reached out for a temp home for her so far no luck.
    Well, she’s not heavy, she’s no bother (or “my brother” in some regard yes?). Perhaps I will run into a miracle in the next hour or two. Or at least one more creative solution to yet another dilemma that may serve to cause a lightness of being at least for a little while.

  3. Bette

    “Your labors of love could seem lost”. That takes tangible form for me today, as I watch my garden, planned back around the Spring Equinox, with bedding plants seeded then, dry up in hot sun & wind. In a place where water is ordinarily plentiful, a convergence of drought & an outdoor watering ban due to village reservoir issues has happened at the worst possible time. Seeds cannot germinate & transplants wilt, while the short growing season ticks by. Worse, I can feel the thirst of all that would be greening.

    aWord, “lightness of being” (thank-you for reminding me of the phrase) is something I am finding difficult to feel right now. I know I have many blessings to count, & I need to count them – often.

    For many here, a garden is an optional hobby, not an important source of an annual food supply, or a passion. I will try to connect/commiserate with the few who see it all as more than that.

    “a smaller bite” would seem to be a good idea. I have scaled back my remaining planting plans, & been carrying water recycled from household use to what plants I can assist.

    Thank-you, Len, for the perspective – it helps me accept & work with the what-is of the present moment.

  4. Barbara

    Len……..once again….thank you….strikes me as “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS…..AND TRY THE OTHER KEY”…………………the idea of MERCURY retreating is amusing………………..thanks ……………………………..
    Bette………….I feel for you with your garden…….prayers to you……………………………………………….and for aWord…….as for your cat………..I love cats………….need I say more………Light to you………..

  5. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    Thank you Len, I could occasionally hear the song as I was reading your words, so I guess it’s no wonder that in the end when I read these words I literally saw dancing motion all in perfect balance. “The Sun and Mars are advancing through Gemini as surely as Mercury is retreating. Venus still waxes even as the Moon wanes. Jupiter is as direct as Saturn is retrograde.” It really is a motion a back and forth, a give and take, a bit like how Eric was talking about dualism, yin and yang on PW FM on Tuesday. Any motion in a positive direction, even if its a different motion or unrelated from previous motions, is a worthwhile motion, because you deliberately chose that motion. This makes sense to me, in fact, before I had read this, I had to turn to a separate project only because I had felt so spent in a current project, demotivated and emotionally exhausted by my personal life challenges. Your words gave me affirmation that I was on the right track. Either way, I have promises to keep and responsibilities so the new direction can take some of that heaviness off me.
    You are right about seeking out communities, this community has helped me, as has others recently, for that I am grateful.

    Bette is right about working with “what is,” accepting “what is,” and as other writings have been posted this week, going with the flow.

    “Lightness of being,” as aWord says, is already a shift in perspective. I hope you solve your cat dilemma. Maybe you can drop her off at a shelter for a short while until you get settled? I don’t know if its possible, but maybe it is?

    Good luck to all with heavy hearts, hard luck, and find themselves in tough spots. I hope you can find yourself in “lightness of being.”

    I’ve already posted elsewhere my struggles with my sister’s health and re-uniting with cousins from so long ago. When I begin to change perspective, I see lots of blessings that in the end, shapes my perspective almost to the extent of “normalizing” all else, meaning in the scheme of things, nothing else matters to me other than my sister getting through this medical crisis in her life. I can handle all the other mundane deadlines, scheduling conflicts and responsibilities but I am approaching it with a better attitude of a more lightened spirit who is maybe not dancing but who knows that somewhere the planets are dancing.

  6. aWord

    Thx Pisces Sun, Yes, and there’s a No-Kill Shelter here. Sadly they have a waiting list. (well, sad for some reasons and good for other reasons). In the meantime, I just keep waving my magic wand.
    This Merc Retro HAS been heavy hasn’t it? I can feel it as though it’s permeated the air. I agree; a good time to remember “lightness” and breathe through it.

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Well, I DO sense a diverting of the direction of energies available Len, the Universe can be quite emphatic when change is required! If any of you, like me, failed to get the message earlier, maybe this time it will become more clear. Frankly, I welcome the alternate path, now that my hard-head (banging up against a brick wall) has stopped spinning.

    The upcoming season, as revealed by the June 21 Summer Solstice, looks stimulating, to say the least. A grand trine between Uranus, Jupiter and Pallas promises some big and exciting plans, while a yod composed of the Solstice Leo Moon sextile Mars in Gemini, both of whom are quincunx the U.S. (Sibly version) Pluto in Capricorn, suggests a course correction.

    Between them, Solstice Moon and Mars, the governing bodies and Corporate America (U.S Saturn) will be “encouraged” to shift their routines somewhat. Solstice Ceres trine Solstice Mercury who is conjunct U.S. Uranus will be able to provide some alternatives I believe, as will Solstice Neptune’s station-retro position conjunct U.S. Nessus. Mother Nature’s (unexpected by many) drought and former Speaker Hastert’s antics are likely to provide good examples of what-not-to-do anymore.

    Finally, as Solstice Jupiter (part of the grand trine in fire signs) is square the U.S. Vesta in Taurus, there will be a powerful incentive to invest in alternatives wouldn’t you think? Solstice Chiron in Pisces will be square the U.S. Mars (as he is today), creating somewhat painful communication between partners of all kinds (Mars in natal 7th house). Transiting/Solstice Chiron also opposes U.S. Neptune suggesting talk (square Gemini Mars) will be rather non-specific, elusive and down-right misleading. Who can you trust?

    I should add that the Solstice Moon in Leo opposes the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius, perhaps to provide a self-revealing look at ourselves, which is compounded by the T-square from Solstice Saturn in Scorpio. Something (or someone) has gotta give (up or in) this summer season it seems.

    Off to find a new passion or two.

  8. marie hawthorne

    Thank you Len

    “Reaching back might be even more productive than reaching forward”.

    A very interesting idea. Certifiably interesting!

    With much gratitude.

  9. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    rachael: You are most welcome. It is encouraging to me that you feel encouraged.

    aWord: You have my sincere empathy and support. At this time last year, i was also in search of a home i could afford. It was no fun. i do hope the Universe is allowing you a greater time frame than a few hours. Thank you for so so cogently picking up on the title of my piece. May things get lighter for you soon. There are many here who treasure your comments and care about you as a person.

    kathleen: You are very welcome.

    Bette: i’m so very sorry that your garden (and the labors of love you have put into it) ae being so confronted by challenge. My your efforts to mediate the challenge suffice to sustain enough, and may rain bless you soon enough.

    Barbara: Thank you for being so supportive of everybody here.

    Pisces Sun: Thank you for hearing the Song. Thank you even more for making the connection with Eric’s in-depth observations regarding dualism earlier this week. Most of all, thank you for sharing how the astrology as described here resonates authentically for you even as your support and empathy for others here resonates within our hearts with a resolve to empathize with and support you in your pursuit of what matters most for you.

    Barbara (be): Speaking of resonance, none is more cherished than yours as a wise and informative reference point with the astrology. It is gratifying to know that you find reason in the astrology not to bang our heads against the proverbial wall and consider a course correction. Most of all, thank you for the look ahead to the Cancer Solstice and its transits to the US (Sibly) chart. May the new passions you seek find you.

    Marie: Thank you for the kind affirmation of usefulness to be found in my service offered here.

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