Corrected Iran Nuclear Deal Chart!

Revised chart for nuclear deal.

Revised chart for nuclear deal.

Originally I cast the chart for CET rather than CED — Tracy at caught that error. There’s an issue with the atlas I have on this computer, so it did not pick up the time zone change to Daylight Time.

This chart makes a lot more sense. Note, the aspects are all the same — the angles differ; they aren now all mutable rather than cardinal. The TSE of last month shows up on the 7th house cusp.

Mercury and Jupiter are the big stars of the show, rather than the rulers of the cardinal signs.

Here is the chart. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Chart for the announcement of the nuclear deal with Iran, which is designed to limit its capacity to make an atomic bomb and focus its nuclear efforts on peaceful ends.

Chart for the announcement of the nuclear deal with Iran, which is designed to limit its capacity to make an atomic bomb and focus its nuclear efforts on peaceful ends.

This is a very compelling chart for the nuclear deal with Iran, with the North Node exactly rising and so much happening on the western horizon. Putting the lunar nodes on the horizon calls in the eclipse that happens Saturday morning.

But the chart is asking a big question: was this whole thing real? Will this agreement get any traction? Will it be killed by a bunch of paranoid, warmongering fools in Congress? The deal is designed to focus Iran’s nuclear science on medical isotopes and civilian power. However, if history has a voice here, any country that has attained the ability to make nuclear power also gets the bomb sooner or later.

The Moon, in late Virgo, appears to be void of course. It’s making no other aspects to classical planets while it’s in its current sign. That can mean “much ado about nothing.”

But if you look more closely, the Part of Fortune is applying in an opposition to the Moon. That is suggesting that no matter how tenuous this agreement may be, it leans toward reality, something for the mutual benefit of all.

12 thoughts on “Corrected Iran Nuclear Deal Chart!

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Thanks for the chart Eric; so glad you see it as leaning “toward reality, something for the mutual benefit of all”. I admit to being a little leery about Borasisi’s role, but with all that talk going on, there’s bound to be some pie in the sky thoughts expressed. Until you posted this chart I had not realized that the U.S. Sibly Sun degree was the MC degree of this event chart. The north node on the ascendant and the U.S. Sun on the MC. . . how cool is that?

    Again, I’m so impressed with John Kerry’s role in making this come about. Transiting Mercury (here in the 6th house of service and plain old hard work) was conjunct Kerry’s Pallas today and square his Mercury. He has a natal grand cross in cardinal signs, Neptune in Libra, Ceres in Cancer, Pallas in Aries and Mercury in Capricorn which says something about his mutable Sun’s endurance. Also transiting Chiron has been opposite his natal Chiron (15+ Virgo) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him that what you see in this chart (and I can see it too now) will become something history will marvel over. He deserves it and so does Obama (Jupiter conjunct his Sun, you know?) 🙂

  2. astrodem

    Libra on the AC points to Venus in 8th House Taurus. My guess is a lot of money and resources (oil?) are changing hands behind the scenes — or will be. That strikes me as a good placement for Venus in the context of a deal.

  3. Lizzy

    Wow. Thank you for this, Eric. Not sure where to place this question . but can I ask you wise astrologers, will the terrible violence and bloodshed that is going on right now let up eventually? Is it reaching a kind of peak right now? Now with this latest massacre in Kenya – with young university students getting hit – I find it unbearable (and similar number of people killed to those in the plane crash).

  4. Len Wallick

    i think astrodem has a good point. After a day to mull it over, there is reason to believe this deal may have more to do with finance than any nuclear concern. Indeed even those opposed to the deal may be more motivated by reasons related to the financial correlations than the nuclear implications.

    Lizzie: While the only “wise” part of me is currently in contact with my chair, i would venture to aver that much of the violence and bloodshed is (at its root) as much about about resources (and hence finance). While ideology (a category which includes religion), racism, bigotry, and just plain grudge all play a role on all “sides”, division of the proverbial pie and questions of economic dominance still appear to be a big issue. Just as Eric cited Dickens recently, ignorance and want are something each of us can work on eliminating.

  5. Barbara Koehler

    Good point astrodem and len, money ALWAYS seems to be involved in worldly coming-to-terms as history shows us. You have noted the Libra ascendant (and as Eric pointed out, the north node conjunct it), and my feeling is that we should give Juno some credit for this – let’s face it – rare accord.

    At 4 Leo 36 she not only is in the 10th house of accomplishments, she forms a grand trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Aries (who conjuncts Kerry’s Pallas). Many who study astrology and the events that coincide with interesting aspects like these suggest that Juno might be the actual ruler of Libra, what with her emphasis on partnership and Venus’ unquestionable emphasis on comfort and pleasure associated with Taurus.

    I say we give her, Juno, a chance to prove her equality with the goddess of beauty and love and see if she can pull this one off. We’ll know by the end of June when she squares Saturn (she will be at 29 Leo, he at 29 Scorpio) after she has conjoined Jupiter mid May at mid Leo, whether she can walk the talk.

    Just learned (thanks Rachel Maddow) that there are 2 categories/kinds of nuclear bombs; those made with plutonium and those made with uranium. Am I naïve in thinking this agreement has something to do with the completion of the exact 7 squares between Pluto and Uranus yet their still-in-orb-of-square transiting through this year and part of next year lingers on?

  6. Jere

    I’m gonna project here for a second. Lifting of the Iranian sanctions will allow the Iranian folks to gain more power and prosperity. This in turn will allow the Iranian people to engage the wider world as friends, and let’s face it, I have Iranian friends and they’re just like you and I, people. Hell, my dad was born in Tehran in ’43.. somebody was cool enough to allow Russians passage out of Stalin’s fist.

    I think Iran will be instrumental in facilitating the peaceful organization within the Middle East. (Not to be a dick but, now if Israel could fathom the art of compromise..)

    Here’s to Peace… maybe we’ll get to Love later!?!


    1. Jere

      …Have to amend this, “If the Israeli Gov’t, and the U.S. War Brokers, could fathom the art of compromise, and sharing… oh, and Peace??”

      I’m pretty sure your average folk around the world is fairly tired of war, pain, suffering, and all that other bull-shit.


  7. Len Wallick

    Barbara: Thank you for correlating the Juno factor (still validated by aspects if not by houses in the corrected chart) and the apparent nominal correspondence of Uranus with Uranium and Pluto with Plutonium – both very provocative insights containing clues as to how things have developed toward this tentative agreement breakthrough.

    Jere: Right on, great poet. Of course, theocracy and plutocracy is a problematic mix. Nonetheless, with Pluto in Capricorn, there is great symbolic momentum to favor what’s good for business as the pragmatist’s guideline.

    1. Jere

      Len, I just hope to doG it will sell!

      And I thank Buddha that Pluto got the fuck out of Sag., ’cause that shit sucked.

      ..And yeah, when we collectively realize that ‘energy’ not money, (even though energy does constitute money, sometimes).. is the true value within any and every form of interaction, I think we’ll all find a little more similarity, perhaps cooperation, and just maybe… a global space that I can kick back in with a whole bunch of other cats from around the world and it’s all cool….

      And that’s my projection.

      (My smile is natural, but it’s almost painful!)

      I wish us the best of Luck!


  8. Barbara Koehler

    oh dear, just realized there are 2 charts here. . . missed it because I only scrolled up from comment box and got the now obsolete chart. So never mind, neither Venus OR Juno rule the REVISED chart; that would be Mercury at 5+ Aries (still conjunct Kerry’s Pallas) and Ceres at 29+ Capricorn who trines the new ascendant at 29+ Virgo. Now the corrected Moon is exactly conjunct Obama’s Mars and the U.S. Sibly Neptune, and quincunx Eris at 22+ Aries. Makes sense, what with Neptune conjunct U.S. Ceres and square U.S. Uranus.

    Also, gets me to thinking about the two perspectives in our polarized world, the yin-yang energy and our attempt to balance them. I might never have caught that Len, thank you! Anyway, now I can see the Ceres perspective of concern for the planet itself (think Fukushima effect on the ocean) and her position in this new chart in the 4th house of home planet, square Mars. Mercury (who swings both yinwise and yangwise) still in a grand trine with Juno and Saturn (all now in air houses), seems capable of balancing the yin (Juno) and yang (Saturn) properties of this initial agreement between parties without getting hung up on any ego sticking points.

    I’d like to also mention the conjunction between Pholus and Pallas as they begin a new cycle at the time of this agreement, and the fact that they are on the IC and near the GC, square the ASC and opposite the MC, probably making them the most potent source of energy in the whole chart! From the somewhat unconscious root (IC) of this undertaking to the far reaches of the Universe (GC) these two symbols of overriding the normal rules (Pholus) and preferring to solve differences through negotiation (Pallas) will greatly influence the results (10th house) of this particular pact. We must keep an eye on them during the next year or so.

    No longer does the Agreement chart’s MC match that of the U.S. Sibly chart’s Sun, rather it more closely mirrors a degree area Eric noted as having to do with nuclear activity as I recall. If so, and if we give Mercury full responsibility for the MC (outcomes) rulership, then this little god is perfectly positioned to cover all bases; trine Saturn (caution) and trine Juno (equality) in the 7th house (partnership) and conjunct John Kerry’s Pallas (negotiator). I will sleep better knowing this.

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