Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for March 2015

ARIES –- You’ve known you’re the originator and the innovator for years, though you may not have been recognized as such. Events this month describe a series of breakthroughs. Yet you must be humble about your talents and ideas. Rather than singing your own praises, allow your brilliance to speak for itself. The less you say, the more people will see.

TAURUS — Faith in yourself will pay off, if for no other reason than saving all that energy on worry. Anxiety is just creative energy that has not found a home. The ‘big thing’ you feel approaching is you waking up to how talented and visionary you are. Stay one step ahead of your doubts, and put your ideas to work immediately.

GEMINI — If anyone is trying to convince you of something, take your time deciding if it’s right. All the logic and reasoning in the world is less intelligent than your own intuition, which is currently on the level of clairvoyance. That is a physical response more than a mental one. Your intuition speaks softly and calmly, confident of its truth.

CANCER — You’re a natural artist in everything that you do, even the most ordinary tasks. Apply that idea consciously and you cannot go wrong. Now is the time to be the creative force in your own life. Your long-term ideals not only come into focus, they do so in a way that’s attainable. With love and beauty, you can manifest anything you want.

LEO — You crave justice; you want to help the world, and the truth is you can. The only catch is you must attend to your basic needs first, including cultivating the art of asking. Don’t let any resentments fester. Learn how to speak up for yourself and you will be a much more effective advocate for those who need your assistance.

VIRGO — You must hold others to a high standard, and to do that, you must set a shining example for them. Rather than emphasize human imperfection (of which there is an abundance), tell people what they are doing right, and encourage them to do more of it. What you focus on will increase rapidly; so keep it positive, as a daily devotion.

LIBRA — To be free, you must allow others to be free. Suddenly this may seem like an easy lesson, compared to many times in the past. The thing to focus on is everyone’s common interest in being able to make their own choices. Love can express itself best in an atmosphere of emotional independence, which proves that trust is more important than love.

SCORPIO — You must honor your need to be deeply introspective, and also to be a pillar of the community. Rather than contradicting, these necessities are in perfect harmony. Your inner strength is why you can take a leadership role. Your deepening self-respect is why you can afford to be positive. You are setting a vital example for those around you.

SAGITTARIUS — The theme of this year above all else is getting organized. This is the month you accomplish that. Yet this is more a question of priorities than anything else. Make clear choices and stick to them. Be absolutely confident that you have the energy to make any changes you need to make, and you will be able to move mountains.

CAPRICORN — You’re rapidly developing new verbal talents. Yet underneath that is mental clarity that’s closely related to your intuition. The innovation is that you have the power of words available at all times. Do not hesitate to say what you mean. Use language rich with imagery to make the point. Others will actually get the message that you mean what you say.

AQUARIUS — You have discovered the beauty of not being so self-critical, which has done wonders for you. Take this further and you may discover that forgiveness has a kind of metaphysical power. This goes far beyond tolerance; in forgiving yourself and others as a conscious and intentional act, you’re freeing up precious energy and allowing healing to take place.

PISCES — Pisces has a well-known clairvoyant gift, yet what is less well recognized is its creative nature. You can see the future, but better still, you can weave the future. The visions that you want to manifest will have an easy feeling. Ignore or shy away from all the others and invest in what feels good.

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