May Eclipses and Inner Space Horoscopes

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Your Inner Space horoscope is back and available at this link, after a one-month break. In this edition Eric looks at the eclipses of May — a solar eclipse in Taurus and a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. These are the second two eclipses in a three-eclipse series.

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In addition to discussing the eclipses and Beltane (the Pagan celebration of fertility and sexual pleasure) on Planet Waves FM tonight, Eric will be speaking with a very special guest: sex educator and filmmaker Tristan Taormino.

Eric has nominated Tristan to be a keynote speaker at the next United Astrology Conference (UAC). Planet Waves FM posts by about 8 pm EDT, often earlier.

We’re between the first two eclipses in the series now, and the astrology is moving us along. In Monday’s Daily Astrology post on the Planet Waves blog, Eric looked into the Capricorn Moon as part of the Uranus-Pluto square, and the subtly cumulative effects of the eclipse-like events the Moon and Pluto have been engaging in for over a year.

Today’s Daily Astrology features Mars in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio: two opposite planetary energies that could generate the sense that things are ‘coming to a head’. Also, be sure to check back later today for Len Wallick’s post on Mercury entering Taurus, which will bring the total of major astrological bodies in Taurus up to five as we approach Beltane.

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PS from Eric: I am looking for stories from the second Saturn return at age 58-59. What did you go through and what are the ‘before and after’ versions of events? Also if you’re around age 29 and going through your first Saturn return I am curious about what you’re experiencing these days (re: relationships, sense of purpose, employment). This is all for a possible article; lease provide a first name and your age to identify you in print.

Please send to Thank you! — efc


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