In Quest of Comfort

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According to how Len Wallick reads the astrology for this weekend (Gemini Moon; Mars and Mercury aspects), true and lasting comfort has nothing to do with what you have. Gifting yourself with something meaningful to do (and even something to be) is implicitly the key to real comfort in our time.

All men want, not something to do with, but something to do, or rather something to be.
— Henry David Thoreau

Today is the last full day of the Moon in Taurus. Early tomorrow (less than an hour after Venus stations retrograde) the Moon moves to Gemini. Typically, a Gemini Moon means a lot of conversation. Add Mercury and Mars also making several meaningful aspects before the Moon enters its Cancer domain on Monday, and this weekend looks to be busy, one way or another.


For this reason, at the very least, give yourself something specific and constructive to do your best with over the next few days. It would be even better if you find a way to physically show up among others with an intent to be something specific as well.

The alternative to a self-directed and intentional weekend looks to be the energetic equivalent of being all dressed up with nowhere to go. In other words, there is nothing to fear. There is nothing intrinsically harmful about wearing an evening gown or tuxedo while remaining at home to binge-watch your favorite television series, for example. The prospect of doing so, however, seems like it would be a bit uncomfortable.

With Mercury moving through Pisces to catch up with the Sun early next week, an unoccupied mind at this time would likely be a restless one. Similarly, Mars laboring through the final degrees of its Aries domain over the next six days (and in the context of the rest of the zodiac) implies a distinct potential to be unsettled in an idle body.

It need not be complicated for you to enjoy the comfort you can make for yourself over the coming week. Everybody has something coming up that would benefit from a bit of planning and preparation. If your residence would benefit from some spring cleaning, for example, now would be a good time to occupy your mind by planning and scheduling whatever that would entail.

Occupying your body so as to find physical relaxation can be simple as well. If you are a parent of young children, being present just to play with them could do wonders for both of you. Even calling up a friend and arranging to go for a long walk would go a long way towards covering all the bases being implied by the sky.

Should your ambition be greater than simply finding comfort through doing and/or being, you could look to break some personal precedents. Take the captioned quotation from Thoreau as one instance.

Both the world and the English vernacular have changed a lot since Thoreau’s time. Were he alive and writing today, there is little doubt that he would have made the same observation regarding “all people” rather than “all men.” The gist of the quote, however, still rings true. The same broad principle applies to you.

Even as much as the world has changed in your lifetime, the fact that you are still here is a strong indication you belong here. You have something to do, if only to think through and schedule future actions. You have something to be, if only somebody a little different. Just as the language and earthly realities have changed with time, so can the ways you make yourself comfortable. Recognize only that, and you will make this next week a lot easier.

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2 thoughts on “In Quest of Comfort

  1. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    What this sort of engagement in mind & body does for me relieves the anxiety of not knowing how my life will pan out. So, instead of worrying, I just get on with it. The anxiety is in the anticipation. This is especially difficult for me to deal with in the realm of love. I’m one to want to know exactly where I stand with partners, and for things to always be kosher. Yet, in the past, not questioning, not engaging in a real way limited the depth of my understanding of past partners.
    As I engage with future partner(s), I think the curiosity & drive to engage will be an active asset whereas before it was subconscious.

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