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During the 2008 Presidential campaign, some of our European friends asked if they should come to California to help do phone banking for Obama. Fe Bongolan requests the help of our global network to remind the US of the way forward.

In the fall of the 2008 US Presidential election campaign, some of our European friends emailed to ask if they should come to California to help do phone banking for Obama.


It was an amazing and touching communication to receive, and so much in the spirit of Jimmy Carter’s global democracy project, which monitors freely held elections in countries around the world. After eight years of Cheney-Bush, the rest of the world — not only the US — needed change. They helped so that we could do the right thing and kick out the neo-conservatives who ruined the country and de-stabilized the world.

Therefore, in 2016 I politely ask that if you are interested in saving America from itself, can you come over and do this again? I am sure there are a lot of sensible Americans willing to put you up, in thanks for the help. Me included.

I am not certain that we are capable of having a reasonable debate in 2016 as to who will replace President Obama and sit in the catbird’s seat of the free world. Not while the center-left and far-left of this country are in a raging battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, and the far-right is battling to sell the soul of the entire nation to the devil.

I’d say we’ve qualified as bat shit crazy right now, before the nominees are even selected. Even reporters from — a conservative news website — are being attacked at Trump rallies. In Chicago, protesters forced the Trump campaign to cancel its event. At a Trump rally in Kansas, a young Muslim student was assaulted by Trump supporters.

We are not helped by the fact that Trump’s chief rival, Ted Cruz, is only slightly less worse. Although his rallies lack the Nazi book-burning fervor of Trump’s, Ted Cruz is the 21st century’s Tomas de Torquemada. A real Bible-thumping Dominionist. And he is so despised by his own party that some of his Senate Republican colleagues stated off the record they would vote for Clinton if Cruz was the nominee.


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Once the primary process is done and the nominees from both parties are clearly identified, the steep path towards the convention and the general election will be fraught. How do you reason on political issues when your opposition is willing to come at you with pepper spray, racist taunts or a pair of fists?

This seems more like the 1816 general election instead of 2016, and with more advanced crowd control and surveillance devices. And I think the 1816 election — still so close to the Era of the Enlightenment — was far more civilized, or so history books claim.

But what this plea for help really is about is a call for us to remember what we’re doing, as we look through the lens of history. What are we becoming in this phase of our development? How do we respond to our country’s social and economic crisis, as well as the crisis in our relationship with the rest of the world? How did we lose our way, and when will we find our way back?

If you have any thoughts on getting us out of the dark woods we find ourselves in, please write, email or give us a call.

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Fe Bongolan

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Planet Waves writer Fe Bongolan lives in Oakland, California. Her column, "Fe-911," has been featured on Planet Waves since 2008. As an actor and dramaturge, Fe is a core member of Cultural Odyssey's "The Medea Project -- Theater for Incarcerated Women," producing work that empowers the voices of all women in trouble, from ex-offenders, women with HIV-AIDS, to young girls and women at risk. A Planet Waves fan from almost the beginning of Eric's astrology career, Fe is a public sector employee who describes herself as a "mystical public servant." When it comes to art, culture and politics, she loves reading between the lines.

9 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. DivaCarla Sanders

    Rachel Maddow makes a good case that Trump planned to set up the situation that transpired in Chicago. He is consciously and deliberately creating a violent atmosphere between his supporters and opposition. OR, he is doing it for the thrills, the satisfaction of the cheers from the crowd when he yell, throw him out! Beat him up! I’ll pay your legal costs.” with no regard for the potential destruction to life, and the political, democratic process.

    The first half hour or so of this episode tells the whole story:

    One could wish that if we all withdrew our attention, ignored him, he would disappear into oblivion. He’s like a fear that grows bigger and more terrifying the more you imagine it.

    Good call. If someone needs a space in Maine, I have a big house. We’ll be making calls here.

  2. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan Post author


    I have been so wrapped up in rehearsals I haven’t watched the news as much as checked the web on my mobile.

    Its disheartening to say the least. I feel sometimes like I am a foreigner, a stranger — this country I live in and have lived in for all my life — I don’t recognize it, yet, I have thought we might come to this. Something about it is still all too familiar.

    We’ll continue to monitor the situation here at PW. Its already a wild ride!!

  3. DivaCarla Sanders

    Fe, I limit my Trump news consumption for my overall mental health. I did some catching up on my news last night, and I am horrified by this. It is irresponsible. Never mind the mob! There are delusional individuals with guns who could be incited to murder by his shenanigans.

    I am not usually such a pessimist, but here I sit with eyes wide open, and horrified.

  4. Barbara Koehler

    Hey Fe, let us know if your European friends think the USA is worth saving, but don’t tell any of your neighbors who are scared of any and all foreigners if those Europeans take you up on your offer of a place to stay! Could get ugly.

    Seriously, we may be seeing the down side of too much digital connection. Like Diva Carla, I must take my Trump exposure in small doses. Just found out that his progressed Black Moon Lilith is at 12+ Sagittarius and conjunct the U.S. Sibly chart’s ascendant, our Window-to-the-World. He also has his progressed Orcus (family resemblance to Pluto) and Vulcanus (forger of fine metal, esp. noted for weapons) in the same degree as our country’s natal Mars at 21+ Gemini. This progressed symbolism is right between his natal Sun at 22+ Gemini and his natal North Node at 20+ Gemini. The man is fully aware of what he is doing.

    But I saved the most interesting progressed symbolism of Trump for last, although you are the first I’ve shared this info with; Trump’s progressed Phaethon is conjunct the U.S. Sibly chart Uranus at 8+ Gemini. You remember Phaethon I’m sure but here’s what Ariel Guttman and Kenneth Johnson in their book Mythic Astrology say about the lad. . .

    “This illegitimate ‘son of the Sun’ journeyed to the farthest eastern horizon to confront his father the sun god Helios. He had only one request: he himself wished to drive the chariot of the Sun. His father tried to dissuade him, but Phaethon insisted. Reluctantly, Helios allowed the boy to mount the solar chariot. But driving the horses of the Sun was beyond young Phaethon’s skill; the chariot careened wildly through the sky, burning up the earth when it came too close. At last Jupiter, in anger, sent a thunderbolt to slay Phaethon. The meaning of myth is clear: TOO MUCH will-power and purpose leads us to arrogance, which can have destructive consequences.”

    Now Phaethon is a very minor asteroid but his story is so pertinent to Trump’s progression to this point in his life, and this particular progressed asteroid that shares the same degree as the U.S. Uranus can’t be overlooked. The U.S Uranus has been spotlighted by transiting Saturn in opposition, and by transiting Neptune in square last year, and this September the eclipse at 9+ Virgo will square the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini and Trump’s progressed Phaethon. It will also square transiting Neptune at 10+ Pisces and oppose transiting Saturn at 10+ Sagittarius.

    Trump’s arrogant little progressed Phaethon also is conjunct the Pluto-Neptune cycle’s starting point at 8+ Gemini. At the time of their conjunction in 1891, they were sextile the Sun at 10+ Leo as well as Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo. Trump’s natal Pluto is at 10+ Leo. I’m saying that the energy going back more than 124 years (when transiting Neptune and Pluto were sextile transiting Sun-Mars-Chiron) will be tapped into when the solar eclipse in September (and its T-square with Neptune and Saturn) squares the U.S. Uranus, the degree of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction, and Trump’s wee little progressed Phaethon.

    At that time – the September 1st eclipse – Saturn at 10+ Sagittarius (and square the eclipse in Virgo) will trine Trump’s Pluto at 10+ Leo, while Neptune at 10+ Pisces (and opposite the Virgo eclipse) will be quincunx Trump’s Pluto. These are patterns set in motion before any of us were born and what Trump is doing and being is part of the divine plan (unbeknownst to him) to reach a goal of some kind. I say who are we to question the gods and goddesses? Let us just observe the alchemy of these ancient and transiting energies and keep the faith that they know exactly what they are doing.

  5. LizzyLizzy

    Fe – was thinking that it was not so much a problem with the US, as the fact that the Trumps of this world get in through the cracks whenever there are times of chaos, insecurity and fear. Indeed, Merkel is now losing ground in Germany because of her courage and humanity – not popular qualities these days. Though I am also reassured by the immense waves of human kindness and sense of compassion that is also very these difficult times.

  6. DivaCarla Sanders

    Be, the Phaethon connection is astonishing: a presidential campaign as the Sun’s chariot. That story upset me when I first read it as a child, that the boy had to die because he didn’t have the strength or the sense to manage the horses pulling the Sun. It will be interesting to watch, and who will play the role of Jupiter if it comes to that?

    1. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan Post author

      Jupiter could be the Church or the Republican Party which is ruled by Jupiter.

      Your post reminds me of a comment you made over a year ago mentioning that the nextCongress will be a far cry from the obstructionist ones we’ve had during the Obama Administration. Any further thoughts on that?

    2. Barbara Koehler

      I agree, it will be interesting DivaCarla, the fact that the “parent” let the “child” do this dangerous thing is appalling by today’s standards, but as I recollect, in the story the Sun god wanted to make up for the child’s illegitimacy; for his lack of fathering I suppose. By giving in to the child’s pleading he was assuaging his own guilty conscience. Had the Republican Party been more “parental” with Trump would the outcome have been different? My guess is the Democrat party’s ticket will play Jupiter’s role and shoot him down.

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Well Fe, that was about a comment that a fan at Starlight News made, but didn’t want to go out on a limb when pressed for more info. As time has gone by though it is not a stretch of imagination to see the Republican party disintegrating. Many in that party’s base have deserted them (the old guard) for Trump and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a new party spring up from its ashes. I see no path in the stars for that to happen but then I don’t go by party charts like the fellow who made that call last year.

    What I do see is transformation and an emphasis on the U.S. Uranus (radical change) and the U.S. Neptune (dissolving, spiritual) , and next year on the U.S. Pluto (ultimate power) at 27+ Capricorn. In September 2017, transiting Jupiter at 27+ Libra will square the U.S Pluto at the same time transiting Uranus at 27+ Aries opposes transiting Jupiter and squares the U.S. Pluto. Transiting Neptune at 12+ Pisces then will square the U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, morphing the Face of America, as transiting Saturn at 22+ Sagittarius squares the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

    All that will follow a total lunar eclipse (in August 2017) opposite the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. That eclipse will conjunct Donald Trump’s ascendant at a time when transiting Uranus stations retrograde after spending a long time in sextile with the U.S. Moon and will trine the lunar eclipse and Trump’s ascendant. It doesn’t necessarily signify that Trump is what is symbolized here, but it probably does symbolize what he stands for. I don’t know if there is any voting going on at that time of the year, but might it mean that if Trump loses the candidacy (and the Republican candidate loses the November election) that he would then start his own Trump party?

    All planets transiting at 27 degrees or thereabouts in any sign will aspect both the U.S. Pluto and the U.S. Moon as they are shown in the Sibly U.S. chart, so the energy of the lunar eclipse in August 2017, the transiting Chiron in Pisces, the transiting Jupiter in Libra and transiting Uranus in Aries will all be affecting what these U.S. placements represent. That would be the power structure which I see as not just government but big Pharma, Wall Street, oil companies, etc. in the symbolism of natal Pluto, and the People and their rights and concerns as the symbolism of the natal Moon. What I want to believe it means is that in 2017 a new supreme court justice will have replaced the late Justice Scalia and they all will be deciding to repeal the Citizens United amendment.

    By the end of December 2017, transiting Pluto will have reached the degree of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction at 18+ Capricorn. Multiple cycles going back decades are contributing to the transformative effects we are seeing everywhere these days. Even the Saturn-Neptune cycle that started in 1989 had centaur Pholus conjunct the U.S Uranus and centaur Nessus conjunct the U.S. Neptune. The transiting Pluto-Uranus squares (the 1st since their cycle’s initiation back in the ’60’s) have been doing their part to break through to the global consciousness we are all part of, and show us what has happened on this planet because of the abuse of power and the greed of the powerful.

    We may not get to see it all transformed in our lifetimes, but we can be part of the revolution that gets it started just by voting smart. Without Pres. Obama to aim their venom at, Congress members could be feeling less pressure to obstruct. The wrath of the People will have made it clear that Congress members must Do Their Job as Elizabeth Warren says.

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