Harbinger of the Future: Jupiter in Scorpio

This unusual view of Jupiter was created using data from the JunoCam imager on NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which was laying down at the time. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today I’ve got some news for you about Jupiter in Scorpio, a one-year transit that began this week. But first, I have a call to action.

The world is in crisis. We are seeing the effects of global warming manifest before our eyes: as successive hurricanes pounding coastlines and inland areas; as rising sea levels; as droughts followed by massive fires that are brought on by complex groups of conditions that all come back to the planet heating up.

Teaching and learning at Esalen Institute.

There is political crisis from the top to the bottom of society, most of it rooted in greed and lying; there’s a sexual crisis that has belched into the news, and once again, only because it’s happening in the entertainment industry and we recognize the names involved.

News outlets that could be helpful are too busy selling us drugs and luxury cars to care very much.

There’s a spiritual crisis — of meaning, of the value of human life or any life, and of the value of existence itself. There’s a mental health crisis — also related to meaning, and many factors that are driving people insane. There is economic crisis, health crisis, social crisis: it’s all the same thing with many different names.

Your help is needed now. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been called to serve, now is the time to answer that calling. It’s time to rise above your own problems and your own sense of crisis and offer yourself to planetary healing, free of charge, with no hope of getting credit for what you do, and no promise of getting a result.

Then, do what you can to help those who are getting results: offer yourself, your money, your food, your time, your energy and most of all, your love and appreciation. Many have heard the calling and are responding, and they need to be supported. This is easier than it seems.

Many, many of my readers have studied spiritual and healing technologies for decades. Many of you have practiced self-improvement, self-awareness and personal growth. Now is the time to put your skill and training to use. No matter where you look, you will see somewhere or someone you can help.

To be effective, you must offer yourself with generosity, kindness and the willingness to give more than you think you have.

That said, let’s talk about astrology.

Planet Waves
Workshop at the Omega Institute, June 2016 featuring Paul Selig.

Our solar system has the equivalent of a second Sun: a great planet, located about 365 million miles from Earth. It has faint rings, and 69 known moons, the first of which were discovered by Galileo. It’s a mini solar system that’s a small cosmos of its own. This week, that second Sun comes into focus, as it has just entered the tropical sign Scorpio.

At 1300 times the size of the Earth, Jupiter is unimaginable in scale. Once you start exploring the Earth, and get your body to a few continents, it can seem pretty vast, though our little world is a speck next to Jupiter. Were you to have the privilege of approaching Jupiter from aboard a spacecraft, you would be struck speechless and breathless.

Some of that reverence is appropriate for any contemplation of Jupiter, whether we’re talking about in your own chart, or a transit that influences everyone.

Jupiter contains more than double the mass of all the other planets combined and is so massive that the Sun itself wobbles in rhythm with its orbit. Its barycenter (the center of gravity of its orbit) lies off the Sun’s surface. That makes the Sun-Jupiter system a little like a binary system. Jupiter orbits the Sun in slightly less than 12 years, which is one of the primary pulses of cosmic life, and of worldly life, in our little part of town.

Jupiter Has Ingressed Scorpio

On Tuesday, Jupiter ingressed the tropical sign Scorpio, where it will be through Nov. 8, 2018. For reference, Jupiter last ingressed Scorpio on Oct. 25, 2005, and exited Nov. 24, 2006.

This is the first of a series of sign changes of slower-moving planets (sometimes described as transpersonal, because they affect large swaths of society at the same time) that will shift the background environment of our lives. What I mean by that is that the colorcast, the temperature and the type of intensity we experience will shift. New sets of developments will follow these transits, and Jupiter is leading the way. That’s one reason why this transit is so significant.

Jupiter will soon be followed by Saturn ingressing Capricorn on Dec. 20, then next year by Chiron ingressing Aries, and Uranus ingressing Taurus. Additionally, Pholus, a deeply influential centaur, in the family of Chiron, will enter Capricorn.

Planet Waves
Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Tennessee.

In classical astrology, Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius and Pisces (which it’s said to rule). These are the two signs we look to as dependable sources of the notions ‘spiritual’ and ‘creative’ and to a great extent, ‘cosmic’. Jupiter is also associated with the sign Cancer, where in classical astrology, it’s said to be exalted.

The association of Neptune with Pisces is a modern development, mostly a creature of the late 19th and 20th centuries. If you don’t feel the connection of Jupiter to Pisces, you’re missing something about both. In classical astrology, Jupiter is also associated with the sign Cancer (where it’s exalted), so it’s got an association with two water signs.

Scorpio is a field of transformative power. In its most elemental form, it describes the changes people go through by way of growth, personal development, grief, and enforced changes through processes like divorce. It also describes what happens in much of the therapy process when it works, though that’s the kind of voluntary self-examination that seems to be growing increasingly scarce.

There would seem to be a society-wide seizure here. Most self-care and therapy has been reduced to medication, which seemingly excuses people from the need to be open, vulnerable and self-reflective in support of their own growth.

Sex, Death and Change: A Cultural Crisis of Scorpio

Scorpio also describes the mysteries of sex, which are also in a kind of seizure right now. For most of society, sex exists as five-minute videos, property rights in marriage or other similar relationships, or disposable encounters where people use one another’s bodies but intimacy is prohibited.

There are exceptions, though they seem to be growing increasingly rare. For much of society, sex is reduced to a power transaction, whether we’re talking about sexual abuse of young people, forced sex which is known as rape, sex traded for advancement on an airport security squad, or the executive producer of everyone’s favorite films raping actors on threat of destroying their careers and reputations. On the cultural level, this is a crisis of Scorpio.

Planet Waves
People becoming petter people at ZEGG in Berlin.

Other forms of sex, such as for sharing, pleasure, play, fun and creativity, seem to be becoming a thing of the past.

For many people, masturbation is the last refuge of their sexuality, which I would propose is a form of progress on at least two counts: one is that the inner relationships that deep selfsexuals cultivate is often a place where an important form of personal actualization happens.

Second, selfsexuality often manages to extract people from most sex-as-power transactions and relationships, and promotes reclaiming one’s sexuality as one’s own and not as common property. From there, it can then be shared because people feel like they possess what is theirs, and can then offer it to someone else as a voluntary gesture, for free, as a gift.

Of course, part of society’s current seizure is the lack of ability to talk honestly about such a thing. In the current environment, even the discussion of sex can be construed as abusive, which is blocking the healing process.

Scorpio also represents death, regeneration and mutation. To use a simple word, that means change. The world is obviously changing right now, in the form of hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and global temperatures rising, which releases methane and induces more change. This is change through destruction, which is part natural process, and part a last resort of nature (and human nature) when no other kinds of change are left available.

It’s becoming ever more obvious that life is cheap, and that death is promoted everywhere. It hardly gets anyone’s attention anymore, except when it strikes close to home, which in Western society is somewhat rare for most people. Denial of death means that we don’t have a relationship with it, and that’s something vital to have.

Looking at the world every day, tracking news events, spiritual issues and personal issues, there are many times it looks like the world is going down. Most people tag along with evil, and many others seem to lack all strength or willingness to invest themselves in actually making a difference. Why bother, if the world is going to be destroyed by floods and flames, and we’re all going to die anyway?

Planet Waves
A moment in the Pose Yoga 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

As Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote, “It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on Earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up — that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.”

We don’t usually live like that. We tend to live robotically, rigidly, as if every waking minute is spoken for in advance, every decision is already made, and real change is impossible.

Here’s where knowing how to work Scorpio can be helpful, and a tap into life. It represents the fermentation of consciousness, where old forms are dissolved in a kind of putrefaction, from which new life can emerge. This is the regenerative power of Scorpio as a psychological and spiritual process.

For that process to work well, and in a way that’s not devastating, one must bring the small willingness to grow, to change or to heal. As A Course in Miracles suggests, if we bring the small willingness, God meets us with a much greater strength. This is why it’s necessary to practice the small willingness from day to day and hour to hour.

Jupiter in the Energy Field of Scorpio

With so much struggle in the field of Scorpio, it will help to have Jupiter’s presence: to infuse this aspect of consciousness with the concentrated nurturing power of Cancer, the focused spiritual strength of Sagittarius, and the abundant creative, mystical and pleasure-seeking influence of Pisces.

Associated with two water signs (Cancer and Pisces), Jupiter will bring much-needed water to Scorpio. Associated with a fire sign (Sagittarius), Jupiter will help heat up the seemingly cold territory that it’s just entered. This will work collectively and personally; Jupiter in Scorpio is very good news for those who have this sign placed prominently in their chart.

Planet Waves
Dancing with the Heart of the World :: A Movement Medicine Workshop at Esalen Institute.

However, be aware that where there’s been resistance to growth and change, Jupiter will feel like pressure. Where many issues that have been hidden or denied are going to be flushed out into the open — we are seeing this many places and many ways.

What was hidden was hidden because it was, in theory, so ugly, and now it’s being brought to the light, where you can see it — and where healing is possible.

Remember that in healing, we don’t bring the light into the darkness.
Rather, what is in the darkness must be brought out to the light, where it can be seen and offered up.

This will be difficult for some people, since Scorpio is where they hide their deepest secrets and cling to the most toxic shame. You may experience the sense that your own darkness is going to be brought out into the light, which is essential both to your healing process and to your ability to help others.

Scorpio is also the seat of the soul, in that its process, difficult as it can be at times, is about coming into yourself, especially the aspect of yourself that transcends time and actually moves karma.

Jupiter has arrived. Let’s get busy.

With love,


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Astrology Impacting the World is Influencing You

“The truth is I rely on what Eric says. I have always been a follower of astrology, but listening to Eric has been a learning, growing, enlightening experience.”

— Annie Parisella

Dear Friend and Reader:

News events the past month have demonstrated that the Great American Eclipse has had a global effect, and a profound impact on the United States — and that’s apparently not over. This same astrology is having many personal effects as well, shaping your life and presenting you with challenges and options.

We have an easy-to-use tool that will help you suss out what those influences are about: this includes both the eclipse and forthcoming transits extending well past 2018.

Planet Waves
Eric sharing his wisdom in the Virgo Midyear reading.

Astrology happens.

When you have an understanding of its meaning, you’re at a distinct advantage.

When you don’t know, information that could help you is not available. That’s why Eric works so diligently to make astrology clear, easy to follow and easy to apply to your life.

If you have not yet purchased Eric’s Midyear Reading for 2017 — In the Shadow of the Moon — you may find that it’s exactly what you’re looking for. It may even be just the thing you had no idea you needed — especially if you thought this set of readings for the 12 signs was only about the recent eclipse. It is not.

Yes, Eric uses the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse as a starting point. But the 2017 Midyear Reading looks into the next few months and even into 2018 — outlining the major planetary sign changes coming up and what that means for you.

Chiron will be exiting Pisces and entering Aries; Saturn bids adieu to Sagittarius and comes ‘home’ to Capricorn; and Uranus will leave Aries behind and light up Taurus for a few years. No matter what your Sun, Moon or rising sign might be, these shifts to the astrological landscape will have a specific impact in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Louis Pasteur wrote that fortune favors the prepared mind; when you prepare your heart and soul at the same time with the 2017 Midyear Reading by Eric Francis, the door of opportunity tends to open that much wider.

“I purchased the midyear reading for my sign, and it is right on point, especially with both eclipses in August.”

— Gayook Wong

And if things have been rocky for you lately — or if you still feel upended by whatever the recent pair of eclipses brought — a little spiritual centering and grounding and perspective-shifting a la Planet Waves could very well help you to make sense of it all. I hope you’ll give it a try; individual signs are available here — or, you can still order all 12 as a complete package here.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

Planet Waves Astrology Editor


Saucy Transformation, Harmony and You

By Amanda Painter

If you’ve been feeling a need for some energy to shift, you’re in luck. This week sees two major planets changing signs: Jupiter left Libra and entered Scorpio on Tuesday; and on Saturday, Venus will exit Virgo and enter one of its ‘home’ signs, Libra.

Planet Waves
Photo by Amanda Painter.

Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. So if you think back about 12 years, you may get a sense of how this planet’s expansiveness influenced your life.

What grew? What became so magnified that you could no longer ignore it? What benefits (even if they appeared in disguise at the time) came your way? Although the area of your life where this occurred will depend on where Scorpio falls in your natal chart, you can also get more clues by thinking thematically.

For example, astrologer Debbi Kempton-Smith begins her section on having natal Jupiter in Scorpio by writing, “You’re as horny as a three-balled tomcat — people can just tell you’re brilliant in bed.” She adds later, “You love excess in business, religion or love.” Does that ring any bells?

Astrologers Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker initially note that things like “joint or corporate finances, taxes, insurance, and legacies” relate to Jupiter in Scorpio. But they also mention interest in “the occult, mystical aspects of religion, in life after death, and in telepathic communication with those of the unseen realms” — as well as acquiring “secret information regarding the private affairs of others.”

Eric wrote Tuesday that, “Jupiter condenses the creative, spiritual and mystical qualities of Sagittarius and Pisces, and the nurturing qualities of Cancer, and introduces them to the sex-death-regeneration-transformation zone known as Scorpio.” You can hear more of his take on this next year of Jupiter in Scorpio on this week’s Planet Waves FM program.

In other words, you might think of Jupiter as taking the beautifying and balancing tendencies of Libra and simmering them down into a more concentrated form: one with the deeper and darker (but no less appealing) flavors of transformation. Like taking a bright, young red wine and reducing it to the kind of intensely flavored sauce that makes you groan when you taste it.

Continue reading →


Planet Waves

Barney Smith stands with a small selection of his toilet seat art, housed in his garage museum in San Antonio, Texas. The museum averages 1,000 visitors per year. Photo by Dan Leeth.

One Man’s ‘Game’ of Thrones

By Amanda Painter

What to do when it seems like the world around you is in the shitter? As Eric describes above, that’s when you get involved to turn things around, even if just in your corner of the globe. And if you need a laugh or touch of whimsy to help you gear up for that, I present Barney Smith’s toilet seat museum.

Smith, a 96-year-old retired master plumber, started on his curious creative outlet about 50 years ago. At this point, his collection numbers more than 1,300.

According to an article at Atlas Obscura, “He promised his wife of 74 years that he’d stop when he reached 500, but he just kept on going. Creating the collection has largely been a solitary labor of love, with long hours spent in the garage making and maintaining the seats. It was only last year that he admitted that he wanted some help.”

Carye Bye, who relocated from Portland, Oregon, to San Antonio, Texas, now helps Smith ensure that the museum, which has been open to the public since 1992, keeps regular hours — and also assists with special projects such as “Project Reglue,” an effort to restore items that have fallen off of toilet seats. (Presumably she also runs the museum’s Facebook page.) Some of those items now come from visitors from around the world; Smith has made commemorative seats with items from guests from Israel, Brazil, Greece, Japan, and others.

Although Smith is still quite sharp, he realizes it’s time to seek out a new caretaker for the collection. “I want somebody to keep it as a museum,” he says. “I don’t care whether it goes to New York or Kalamazoo, Michigan. Wherever they want to take it, they’ve got to keep it together.”

Perhaps with Jupiter now in Scorpio (the sign that rules the excretion of bodily waste), Smith will get his wish.


Planet Waves

This week on Planet Waves FM
Jupiter in Scorpio: Answers Aplenty in the By and By

Dear Planet Waves FM Listener:

Before I get into the astrology of this week’s show [play program here], all focused on Jupiter in Scorpio and concentrated in the first segment, first a note from the spiritual department: this program is designed to leave you feeling good about life, and about your life. We live in troubled times. Planet Waves FM is a refuge and a healing space.

Next, a note about the music.

Planet Waves
Robert Weir, Donna Godchaux and John Jerome Garcia playing at the Great American Music Hall in 1975, a rare show from a rare year, from which two of tonight’s selections emerge.

When I do a program featuring the Grateful Dead, as I’ve prepared tonight, I design it for people who don’t like the band, or who could never get into them.

I’m not here so much to evangelize (just a little, if only for the lyrics) but rather to open up a universe of musical pleasure, history and tradition, in pure American style.

This week’s songs include one from the country genre (“Dark Hollow“), two from the Celtic-psychedelic genre of the late 1960s (“Mountains of the Moon” and “Saint Stephen“), and then a medley that includes one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, “Eyes of the World,” followed by the Dead’s one and only political song, “Throwing Stones” (cause it’s all too clear we’re on our own, and the politicians throwing stones, singing ashes, ashes all fall down) followed by the instrumental “Sage and Spirit.”

I read the lyrics to three of them, which peel off the page as if they’re being written as I speak.

As for the astrology.

On Tuesday Jupiter entered Scorpio, where it has not been since last exiting on Nov. 24, 2006. Jupiter condenses the creative, spiritual and mystical qualities of Sagittarius and Pisces, and the nurturing qualities of Cancer, and introduces them to the sex-death-regeneration-transformation zone known as Scorpio.

Planet Waves
Stephen Gaskin, founder of The Farm, co-author of The Vaults of Erowid, presidential candidate, and the “answer man” for The Grateful Dead. He’s one possible subject of the song Saint Stephen, presented tonight.

In the middle two segments, I sum up the latest out of Las Vegas, which includes questioning the primary narrative of that event (one lone shooter, no motive, no accomplices) and considers a couple of others.

Then, I air out the controversy brewing over the birthdate of the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, whose birth certificate, or rather, certificates, started circulating this past weekend. Something funny is going on, which is that my research team and I believe the April 4, 1953, birthdate is plausible, while all other astrologers I know of, and the state of Iowa, and the Las Vegas police, and the federal government, are locked down on the April 9, 1953, date.

I do what you might guess I would do: read the whole controversy as a metaphor, keying into the Gemini rising event chart (two versions of the story, two versions of the alleged perp). Then I read both charts, which are presented below and linked to a much larger format.

Please feel free to post this letter (link to web format here) to any astrology group you want, such as the KISS group. Later I’ll prepare a shortened version with just the Las Vegas stuff; that will be posted from my Facebook page.

Planet Waves is sponsored by your contributions to Chiron Return, an organization devoted to mentorship in journalism, preserving historic documents and publishing Planet Waves FM. We are a proper 501-styled nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible if you live in the U.S.

Thank you for listening.

With love,

Planet Waves

Stephen Gaskin, at The Farm.

Planet Waves

Natal and progressed chart sets for Stephen Paddock. The top set (natal and quotidian progressed to Oct. 1) is based on the April 4, 1953, birthdate. The lower set (same formats) is based on the April 9, 1953, chart set. Full width. To see glyph key, please use this link.

Monthly Horoscopes and Publishing Schedule Notes

We published your extended monthly horoscopes for October on Thursday, Sept. 21. Your extended monthly horoscopes for September were published on Thursday, Aug. 24. Your Moonshine Horoscopes for the Aquarius Full Moon were published on Thursday, Aug. 3. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope on the first Friday after the Sun has entered a new sign.

Planet Waves

Your Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscope for Oct. 12, 2017, #1171 | By Amy Elliott


Aries (March 20-April 19) — For you, the year of Jupiter in Scorpio is likely the culmination of what seems to be a long journey of growth, and of psychological effort. This will almost certainly be gradual, and based in information being revealed. Where you might only have been seeing a step or two ahead, you’ll slowly become able to read the map, and all you’ve done and encountered so far would then take a coherent shape. For now, you just need to stay on track and hold to your purpose as you see it. Comprehension and healing should follow side by side. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“The person you thought you were five years ago, one year ago, even yesterday, is not quite the same person you are today, potentially in some profound ways. To the extent that this is shaking up your consciousness and that of the people around you, you simply must develop confidence in yourself.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You may well find yourself beginning to break new ground in your relationships over the next year. Just remember to pay forward whatever blessings you happen to receive; and to show generosity as well as accepting it. The more people you touch with your kindness, the more significant this period will be for you. There’s also some strong potential for healing; in particular, this is likely if you put in effort to resolve any issues involving jealousy or where expectations meet reality. Open your heart as wide as possible. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“If Taureans are competitive, it’s primarily with themselves. You never want to do anything worse than you did it last time. Your next effort has to be better. When this is not driving you a little nuts, it can really work for you; and it definitely works for those who benefit from your devoted efforts.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Over the next 12 months you’ll have an opportunity to turn something you love doing into either your day job or a significant feature of your life. This will probably, at some stage, involve taking some kind of risk; yet letting go of work as a mere method of survival is a key part of living a fulfilled life. By all means, bring in people who care about you for consultation; your ideas might well benefit from an outside perspective. Ultimately, however, you are the one who must make the decisions. Don’t let anyone hold you back. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“Like an aviator or a sailor or both at once, you must study the weather, within you and around you, and have many skills and tools for coexisting with it. You harness your energy from change itself. Knowing yourself is not a matter of having a fixed concept, but rather an honest and ongoing relationship with who you are.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Jupiter entering your house of creativity is like water on a fertile plain. If you feel any urge to hold back from expressing an idea, or taking a project forward, treat it with skepticism. Your mission at this time has to do with bringing something real and fresh into the world, whether that is a work of art, a practical invention, or a literal new life. Where you choose to direct this energy is up to you; though to succeed fully, you’ll have to be daring and lift your head above the parapet. Chances are, the wheels are already in motion. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“Whatever you are doing, the essential spirit of your chart is that you define yourself. You set your mission; you establish your reputation; you are the master of the experiment. If you want to accomplish anything beyond the routine level of success, that also entails the highest level of self-responsibility and inner authority.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.

Attention Leo and Virgo: your birthday readings are available for instant access.
Order your Leo reading here | Order your Virgo reading here | All Other Signs



Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Sometimes people can have a few sessions of therapy and expect that to resolve everything. Others can become trapped in their past, unwilling to let themselves out. Truly moving on, however, often means long-term effort, and seeking out the line where the past meets the present; that is, where your personal responsibility for living your life takes over. To some extent this is about understanding how the two interact. Yet you must also make a firm commitment to live the best life you can, regardless of the past. Believe in yourself. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You are now in a moment where you get to review, rethink and recreate just about anything you want. This may involve any facet of your life. You have the opportunity to work from the roots of your existence upward, and outward. For now, stay close to the ground and work from your core reality.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — One of the potential challenges your sign faces is the temptation to be a little secretive about your true opinion, or your true identity. Yet this cannot hold forever: at some point you must express yourself openly and unabashedly. Jupiter changing signs is encouraging this. If possible, get into the habit of writing more; air your point of view on something that interests you, and try to share it with at least one other person. The more you practice, the easier this will get; so practice away, because the world needs to hear your voice. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“Let everything point you back to you, as the focal point of your existence. This will enhance your capacity for relationships rather than diminish it. The more solidly you are present for yourself, the more solid you can be for others. But that’s really beside the point; focusing your intimacy with yourself is its own reward.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.

A Lifeline for These Times: Your 2017-18 Libra Birthday Reading

“Today I was listening to last year’s reading and I kept feeling that I needed to get this year’s reading; I’m so glad I did. It answered everything, or at least helped me to realize I’m okay and actually very excited.”

— Rhonda Benson

Dear Friend and Reader:

When the entire world seems to be losing its collective mind, having somewhere to turn for solace, sanity and a way to make sense of it all is crucial. Resources that enable you to see how your life fits into the bigger picture — and which give you a sense of your potential, and how to make the most of it — can truly be a lifeline.

Planet WavesTo that end, Eric recently recorded the two astrology sections of your 2017-18 Libra Birthday Reading (the tarot segment will be ready shortly).

This means you can get instant access to an astrological lifeline that has been crafted specifically for you — whether you have your Sun, rising sign or Moon in Libra.

Eric designs these readings as a kind of life-coaching, spiritual healing, cheerleading and strategic problem-solving hybrid. You get a clear sense that you belong on this planet at this time for a reason — and that activating your soul’s purpose is entirely doable, even if you face painful challenges. Eric’s birthday readings address these issues with clarity, sensitivity and an eye to the greater energetic landscape — so you can see your path more clearly and take your next steps with confidence and peace.

With Jupiter now in your house of what you value (including your self-esteem), you’ll be well-positioned to access and integrate two other major planet sign-changes that directly affect Libra: Saturn entering Capricorn in December of this year, and Chiron entering Aries in April 2018. With these planets ringing the bells of your home-work axis and your self-partner axis, the next 12 months of your life (and beyond) are sure to be dynamic.

“Wow, you have just blown me away. So precise with what l am going through Libra Sun and Libra Moon and you haven’t even looked at my chart! Well done, Eric.”

— Judy Newland

I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to order your 2017-18 Libra Birthday Readingbefore the next price increase (which will occur when the tarot segment is recorded).

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. If you’d like to check Eric’s accuracy and review your past 12 months, you’re invited to listen to last year’s Libra reading, as a gift — before you purchase your current reading.



Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Integrity is a word that’s used a lot these days, yet its meaning in context can vary significantly. In part, it’s about knowing your own values, and being secure enough in yourself that you stand by them, even when challenged. Then again, some forms of integrity require you to participate in exchanges and intimacies with others, to show a certain amount of trust, and to be open and sensitive. Doing this facilitates high-level healing and transformation. Being human really means becoming; that means constant development. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You may have been looking to the people you relate to directly — that is, partners of various kinds — for answers about the changes you’re going through. The deeper truth is that something inside you is evolving and growing, and changes to your partnerships are a kind of secondary effect. The sum total is that your circumstances are conspiring for you to be highly self-reliant.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Jupiter has moved into your sign for the first time since late 2006, and will remain there for the next year. For you, this is likely to be a fruitful and transformative moment. To begin with, you might reflect on your life during the past 11 or 12 years, and formulate some plans for the next. One big theme for you will perhaps relate to how you claim your individuality. It can be tempting to conform to convention and appear indistinguishable from the group; yet there’s just one problem: you’re way better than that. It’s time for you to stand out and shine. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“The essence of this message is that you must express your true self in every facet of your being, particularly in the work that you do. The tangible contribution you make to your community and the larger society is your single most dependable way to develop yourself, and to cultivate respect for yourself, and these angles of your chart are coming under strong, creative aspects this year.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — The past few years have almost certainly seen you grow a good deal wiser in terms of self-discovery. Now your ruling planet has moved into your most sensitive area, which promises to enrich and nourish your inner life. There might be challenges in working with this material, though by now this is familiar territory. You really have nothing to fear. This is essentially likely to be a year of preparation: of laying the groundwork for the moment when you can emerge fully into the light and be seen in your true identity. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You will thrive if you maintain a spirit of exploration and play in the work that you do. You might explore the idea that no matter what you do, you’re doing the same thing: expressing your energy and love. If you discover that you don’t feel so energetic or so loving, that’s the time to consider why you’re doing it. However, remember, many facets of your current astrology call for patience.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Jupiter entering Scorpio could well offer you some delightful opportunities, in terms of both expanding your social network and supplying a new lease on life professionally. At any rate, you’re likely to meet some interesting new contacts; so it would be wise to show up where you’re invited, at least sometimes. The important point: all this relates to a mission that’s bigger than you, or any ambition you might have to get ahead. This is about being part of the great collective that is humanity. Stay true to your higher calling, and work to promote the welfare of as many people as possible. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“One thing to remember is that your integrity is not linked to your being unchanging. In fact, your integrity is about your ability to change in helpful ways, and not to resist what you need the most. As well, you must be honest with yourself and with others about your uncertainty. It’s all too tempting, in times of profound change, to attempt to cling to some form of fundamentalism or false security.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Now that Jupiter is in your house of career, ambition and public status, you will surely have the means to manifest some of your goals in the wider world. What will that look like? How far do your plans for the future reflect the truth of who you are? This is something you need to consider. What you bring into your environment will ultimately represent the essence of you. That is to say: let your most ideal, ethical version of who you can become shape your overall aims. If you consider your best self your ally, you will likely make far greater progress. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“If you find some material you must confront, summon the might of Pluto to help you work through the details. When you discover that you’re carrying around material from one or more of your ancestors, notice what it is, and offer it back to them. One thing you have going for you now is a rather hot spiritual fire burning. This is an excellent opportunity to burn off karma.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — One of the reasons expecting certain outcomes doesn’t work is that the human power of foresight is limited. Often, we must make our decisions while seeing only a fragment of the full picture. What appears to be happening for you now is truly extraordinary, opening up your perspective by several orders of magnitude. You’re likely to understand many possibilities in the sharpest clarity that previously were vague at best. This enhanced vision is an opportunity to help you align with your highest calling, and with the fundamental rhythm of the cosmos. Use it well. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“When you look at these years in retrospect, they will clearly be a ‘before and after’ time. There are likely to be focal points of that transition; you may have experienced many ‘befores’ and ‘afters’, which add up to nothing less than a complete transformation in the form of embodying your own existence. This has taken many shapes, and in truth it’s a process that, once ignited, keeps on going.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read hereEric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition, and we’ll have more news about that soon.

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