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Some consider grace to be an elevated state exhibited only rarely. As Len Wallick sees it, grace is instead an ability to levitate the condition of others. Beginning with Mercury today, the cosmos is now indicating how you might find your own unique way to do some graceful lifting of your own.

Long ago in the 20th century, live television brought the weekly blessing of Gilda Radner. One of the recurring characters Ms. Radner brought to life in the early days of Saturday Night Live was Roseanne Roseannadanna, who proved that a sufficiently perceptive and fearless “nasty woman” could be a very good thing indeed.


One of the summary lines regularly repeated by Ms. Roseannadanna was the resigned yet cheerful declaration that “it’s always something.” Crafted as only Gilda could, that “something” reliably took the form of a hilarious (if dissonant) grace.

For what is grace if not a sense of being levitated by your perception of someone? Often, such an example is the result of refining discipline. Exceptional cases, such as that of Gilda Radner, go a step farther to show grace in unexpected ways. The elegance is hidden. Patterns of expectation are broken. New possibilities are revealed. Delight prevails, and gratitude results.

Earlier today, Mercury broke a nearly three-month pattern of astrological sign resonance by entering Aquarius. At the end of this week, the Sun and Moon will depart from a pattern of almost five months, with the first of a pair of eclipses — a lunar eclipse at the Leo Full Moon.

Then, well before this year grows old, the two perpetually opposing zodiac points called the lunar nodes (near which eclipses always take place) will themselves initiate a new motif. The lunar nodes will change signs for the first time since 2015: from the Virgo-Pisces axis to Leo-Aquarius.

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Given its correlation with all things mental, it’s appropriate that Mercury is implicitly leading the way. After all, nearly anything achieved (including grace) must first be conceived.

To have the Sun and Moon fall into step with Mercury so soon after Mercury moves on to Aquarius is a demonstration of how the connection between mind and consciousness can indeed be a two-way street.

The nodes are the two locations where lunar and solar emblems of consciousness align in eclipse. When they follow with a sign change of their own, a crucial further step (with the new perspective it provides) will almost certainly be available for you to take.

To be among those taking the next step would require some grace of you. Based on the astrology, you would not have to be exceptional to show some of the same finesse with which Gilda Radner found her way into so many hardened hearts. Indeed, you would only have to consciously take exception. Rather fall into lockstep with an accepted pattern, you would at least have to initiate an exploration of other ways to be — ways that would also serve to lift others.

Then, should you choose to do so, you would need to go only one step farther than refining (but not necessarily revealing) the elegance of that special “something,” which has always been yours to share. Ultimately, you could do more than just make a difference for others. You might even find a way, to the liberated delight of everybody else, to enjoy being a bit more nasty yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Claudia Dow

    Oh Len, I LOVE this piece… Ultimately, you could do more than just make a difference for others. You might even find a way, to the liberated delight of everybody else, to enjoy being a bit more nasty yourself. I love dancing to the liberated delight of everybody else……here’s to the nasty self!

  2. LizzyLizzy

    Yes – thank you, Len. Amazing. I felt the shift so strongly – and I used that very word, grace, to describe what I was feeling . Except that it was quickly clouded by thought and the daily grind again – so thank you for bringing me back to it.

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