Global Madness and the Capricorn Full Moon

In this edition I look back at the past two weeks of global insanity, and put it in the context of the current astrology. The first chart I look at is that for the Nice, France, incident. Then I look at the Capricorn Full Moon chart, an event exact Tuesday.

10 thoughts on “Global Madness and the Capricorn Full Moon

  1. Stella von Thun

    Thank you Eric, this is a terrific collection of insights. I liked the analogy of making a jigsaw puzzle and not knowing for sure how the image will come together.
    As this crazy fast forward period steams along it is easy to feel fearful as we are forced into base chakra mode of sheer survival. Maybe by becoming more childlike taking simple pleasures such as exploring nature or watching the sunset knowing something much bigger is out there enfolding us will bring some calm. A kind of return to purity that will move us along with Vesta in the mix how can we be otherwise?

  2. Fe Bongolan

    Brother e:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Been so NOT feeling leaving the house today. My landlady has installed the new water heater for my apartment and it has challenged me to get my kitchen and house in order this weekend. I have taken some pie crust out of the freezer and going to do some baking this afternoon.

    If I wasn’t clear about this before, my kitchen is my sacred place. Cooking and baking are my form of prayer and meditation. It helps me ground.

    I’ve also cut away all the dead leaves and watered and fed my plants. I feel like my nest on the second floor of a building, overlooking an 80 year old spruce tree is the right place to hang out, read and color in my coloring book.

    The airwaves and my texts have been loaded with communiques from my Turkish friends–some of whom have been cut off from Facebook by the moratorium placed on them by the government. It’s painful to think of them right now. These are people with whom I have spent the last eight years connecting with through music, food and when we’re apart — the Internet.

    I am using my weekend to put some familial love into what I cook and bake tonight. Something I can do to center myself for them. We need each other to stay calm and alert.

    1. Lizzy

      Such terrible things happening in Turkey, dear Fe. The lovely girlfriend of a colleague/friend of mine is from Istanbul, and lives in the UK – but all her family are there. My heart goes out to them all. Thank you for your lovely comment, and for Stella’s and Rob’s, too.

      And thank you, dear Eric. (((())))

  3. Rob Moore

    This is an important video you have put together, Eric, during such powerful astrology. I feel inclined to put out there a couple of intense experiences that back up the collective angst you discuss.

    A couple of days prior to the Nice, France situation, I began experiencing irrationally aggressive behavior from people crossing my path.

    A constant problem in L.A. is the traffic and people can be aggressive on any given day. Midweek a guy rolled through a stop sign and attempted to wedge in front me. People do this all time. They hold out a hand, indicating, “I’m coming through”, and expect to get their way. Myself also being in no mood to be steamrolled, I maneuvered my car so as to prevent this rudeness — not to mention law-breaking. Long story short, I got a rock thrown at my windshield.

    It didn’t shatter. But believe me, I realized immediately that could have easily been a gunshot.

    Next morning, I was first in line to have routine blood drawn. As I proceeded to tell the phlebotomist the problem areas on my arms, she came totally unglued at ‘being told how to do her job’. It so rapidly escalated into an unwarranted battle of wills that I sat down, laid my arm in front of her, told her to do whatever she needed to do, and dropped the whole thing. But she wouldn’t let it go and kept trying to provoke an argument the whole time. The entire room was tense.

    Having come off a relatively quiet and productive Mars retro, as it turned direct, so many things went haywire. Add to that altercations as I have described, and I really start searching my karma tally list to try and figure out what evil deeds could possibly be coming back around for me.

    But sometimes it’s the astrology. And we’re definitely in it now. Which is why subscribers to astrology in particular would do well to see this video.

    Thank you –

  4. Amanda Painter

    Also, if you are looking for a way to get involved with some of what’s going on in the world but you’re not sure how to have a direct, tangible impact, I’d like to share this fundraising page set up by my friend Marcy Frank. She and I go back to middle school together, and she has become so beautifully someone who acts when she sees a need that she can help to fill.

    Right now, she is still intending to go through with her plan to travel to Turkey and Greece in a few days to bring specific supplies and funds to Syrian refugee children there — even despite the fallout from the attempted coup in Istanbul, assuming things do not get worse:

    Marcy writes:


    “Your father probably died in the war. Your mother can’t afford to feed you if you don’t sell tissues on the street. Sometimes you have to cross the city, alone, to sell your tissues. You endure random beatings from strangers. School is too expensive and, besides, you have to work. Most of the time, you are hungry. And you have lice.

    “This was Zucco’s life before he met Rory, a Canadian expat, and Mohamad, a Syrian refugee, who have unwittingly found themselves caring for 11 kids, aged 4-10, in a Jewish ghetto in Istanbul. They founded Refugee Garden Kids, which provides a safe space, food, education, medicine, clothes, love, and bottomless vats of lice shampoo to Zucco and his 10 friends.

    Rory chronicles their daily lives in The Garden Diaries, which is hilarious, heartwarming, and totally binge-worthy. “

    And this is Marcy’s update on her fundraiser page:

    “Hi Everyone! I am totally floored by the response to this fundraiser. We are more than halfway to my goal, and so many things came in via my wish list that I have temporarily taken it down so I can make sure it will all fit in my suitcase! THANK YOU!!!!

    “A slew of awesome items arrived late last week, and I’m pleased to say that I have connected with a friend of Rory’s (from the Refugee Garden Kids) who is going to Istanbul next week. I met her in Connecticut yesterday with two boxes of wish list items that she will take over for us! I hope to post photos of the kids playing with their new Curious George matching game and English books, as well as a few other items! Rory, a self-proclaimed Jewish Mother Worrier, is delighted for the bandages and allergy kit. And Mohamad is over the moon excited for the barber kit/lice shampoo a friend of theirs sent from PA. They’re going to have a head-shaving party and I hope to post photos of that, too.

    “And all 20 water bottles arrived as well. What a lovely thing to provide the simple pleasure of a cool drink in 104 F weather.

    “Additionally, a very generous donor gave me several technical devices that will hook up to the internet, and I am working to find ways of getting them into the hands of refugees in France, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria. This gift is a giant blessing to many people who don’t have access to the internet. Internet is essential for being in touch with family back home and also learning your legal status.

    “The love pouring in is fantastic. It is proof that we care, and want to do something to help. You are ALL helping in a meaningful way, and I thank you for that!”

    More soon,

  5. Michael Mayes

    Get outside! Soak in mother nature; I say this coming off a weekend camping trip along Lawn Lake Trail, in Estes Park, CO. Casandre (my partner) & I ate mushrooms one day, and for me it was quite a sad trip. I reflected on what you mentioned in one episode of planet waves fm; about all the ghosts that have died on this land, all the natives, settlers, slaves. Cass reminded me to soak in the abundance of the nature around me. Still, I felt sad about the current state of mother earth, and her inhabitants, as a whole.
    I also felt & became aware of something I share with my dad, deep down inside our cores. I described it; “like a disease…something destructive”. It was like I actually came into contact with it, and reflecting on it now I know it holds just as much creative potential as it does destructive. I guess I just had to discover how much power it actually holds.

  6. Lizzy

    “I described it; “like a disease…something destructive”. It was like I actually came into contact with it, and reflecting on it now I know it holds just as much creative potential as it does destructive.” That’s incredible, Michael. Such healing work you’re doing, both for yourself and others, as well as the planet.

  7. this one

    This mars station is right on my venus, and having been born during the Cuban missile crisis, I cannot but reflect on the nature of these spectacular political events of today and the echoes of times past. I am one of the Libran weirdos who can thrive despite crisis and can manage the weirdest of circumstances. Next venus will go right back over my ascendant, and sure enough I am remaking my corporal body through a renewed commitment to yoga. This summer i will take up running again and continue the re-envisioning that the mars rx has prompted. A lot of strange sad and awful stuff is happening, but one still can thrive and hold hope for peace.

  8. gumbybug2014

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences and insights.

    What’s been helping me navigate through these times are the tiny jewels in the link posted below. The Medicine Cards book by Sams and Carson use “Joy” to describe Hummingbird medicine and if you turn on the video and just let it run for a while, I’m hoping you’ll get glimpse of their magic! Our west Texas mountains are pretty special.


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