Give and Let Die


By Jen Sorensen

(This article from 2017 explores the perils of crowdfunding medical bills, while examining the context of “mutual aid” charitable giving in the U.S.)


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3 thoughts on “Give and Let Die

  1. Amanda Painter

    I wish I could say this horrifying prospect is impossible, but we’re already seeing it happen. Maybe not to the degree in this cartoon, but I personally know people who have had to crowdsource funding for major healthcare — even in addition to their insurance. Our system in the US is insane.

  2. Bette

    As a Canadian who has the benefit of universal healthcare, I can only agree, Amanda – the for-profit-private-insurance system in your country makes no sense whatever for the patient. Yes, we have waiting lists, but efforts to shorten them are ongoing. And no one, whatever their circumstances, is denied care. For that, we do feel blessed.

    And, contrary to what some fearmongers may say, we are not taxed to death to pay for it.

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