Gemini New Moon Conjunct Magdalena

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Tonight’s Planet Waves FM is ready. I take two different looks at the Gemini New Moon, exact Monday morning at 6:02 am ET. One look involves the New Moon opposite two deep space points; the other takes up the Magdalena aspect of things.

In a political segment of the program, I consider how 2nd Amendment advocates relate to the responsibilities involved in such an unusual right. And then I play the entire statement by Robert Mueller and give some analysis.

In the last segment, I offer a review of Rocket Man, the new biopic about Sir Elton, and the relationship of his life story to the Queer movement that began in Stonewall in 1969. I have some comments about who needs to be included in the LGBTQIA through Z movement, who is currently excluded.

My musical guest is Emily Beck, a local artist I discovered at the Kingston Farmer’s Market Saturday. You may visit her Bandcamp here.

On the program, I mention that we have an “open services” mailing, listing all of our free services. Please share this link.

I mention some new items we’re offering: the Gemini reading, the Taurus reading, Call the Astrologer!, the Mercury retrograde reading and the Awakenings reading (Uranus transits).

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