Fulcrum Moment: Full Moon, Northern Solstice, Mars Stationing

The astrology of the moment is a beautiful trifecta. The Moon is full on Monday morning in Sagittarius for the second time in 29 days. The Sun is at northern solstice — it’s the beginning of summer season up above, and the beginning of winter down below.

And Mars is stationing direct (that is, the 10-week retrograde is soon ending). Currently Mars is moving just a few arc minutes a day, and will be going a little slower each day for the next week; nearly as slow as Pluto. Of the three events, I think that the Mars station is the most relevant to inner focus and alignment. So let’s go over that one first — and there will be more details in the short video linked above.


Position of Mars day by day as it approaches the moment when it goes direct. Notice that it’s only moving a fraction of a degree each day.

Mars in Scorpio is a potent symbol of aligning with what is so. It’s like stacking your awareness, your intentions and your motivation to action in one place. That place can be experienced physically, emotionally or psychologically.

Often the three levels or experiences are intertwined, though you might want to check with each of them individually.

The purpose of this Mars event seems to be about connecting with your desire honestly. Mars and Scorpio are involved. There is a subtle or not-so-subtle reminder that time on our plane of reality is finite; Mars is about making up your mind and taking action while you can.

This could be about anything, any topic of life, though there is something biological about this combination of factors. By biological I mean that it’s physical down to the level of scent, of hormones, of pheromones. It’s about that distinctly human contact point between the emotional realm, physical attraction and a sense of your own psychology being fulfilled.

Were you to skip all the rationales about what you are and are not supposed to do, and what is supposedly appropriate, how would you answer the question: who do you want?

Remember that Mars stationing direct is directly connected to the now triple conjunction of Ceres, Uranus and Eris — some vast cultural process that is affecting every single person. There is something here about claiming true identify back from the Internet. Think of it as down to earth as connecting with your own body odor as your absolutely unique identifier in the universe.

As for this Full Moon into solstice maneuver: we get an odd Full Moon in that it’s the second consecutive one in Sagittarius, and it happens right at the end of a pair of signs (Gemini and Sagittarius are involved). Then both luminaries rapidly enter cardinal signs.

This Full Moon has momentum, it has the power to resolve anything that’s currently at loggerheads, and it is promising to lead to fruitful action. The Sun joins Venus in Cancer, and this is about loving what you do, loving existence, loving who and what you nourish, and taking care of yourself. By that I mean the usual food, rest and recreation — though really, I mean seeking the pleasures that you want, and calling that life.

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