Four Winds Report for Nov. 5, 2016


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Today is Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
Hebrew date is 4 Cheshvan 5777
Islamic date is 5 Safar 1438

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 2 Men
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2457698

Today’s Birthdays: Vivien Leigh (1913-1967), Ike Turner (1931-2007), Armin Shimerman (1949), Bryan Adams (1959), Tilda Swinton (1960), Sam Rockwell (1968), Alexa Chung (1983), Kevin Jonas (1987).

“Music is just such…it’s not therapy, but it’s a release, it’s a joy, it’s a pleasure. And it’s a job — which is weird, because I don’t think of it as a job.”
— Bryan Adams

Planet Waves FM Schedule Change
Owing to the forthcoming election, the next episode of Planet Waves FM will be posted on Monday, Nov. 7, instead of Tuesday, Nov. 8. Don’t forget: if you have a question or comment for the show, you can leave a message on our new voicemail number, (845) 977-3091, and it might just be played on the air!

Moon Phase: Moon is in Waxing Crescent phase and enters First Quarter phase on Nov. 7 at 11:51 am PST / 2:51 pm EST (19:51:03 UTC).
Next Full Moon is in Taurus on Nov. 14 at 5:52 am PST / 8:52 am EST (13:51:59 UTC).
Next New Moon is in Sagittarius on Nov. 29 at 4:18 am PST / 7:18 am EST (12:18:09 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Capricorn and enters Aquarius on Nov. 6 at 5:55 am PST / 8:55 am EST (13:55:08 UTC).
Sun Degree: 14-15 Scorpio.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
We can’t be having with that sort of thing.

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Venus trine Uranus at 11:23 pm 11/4 PDT / 2:23 am EDT (06:23:18 UTC).
— Mercury conjunct Mean BML at 2:14 am PDT / 5:14 am EDT (09:13:48 UTC) and Ceto at 3:07 am PDT / 6:07 am EDT (10:07:16 UTC).
— Venus opposite Chaos at 7:48 am PDT / 10:48 am EDT (14:48:26 UTC).
— Mars square Rhadamanthus at 8:48 am PDT / 11:48 am EDT (15:47:44 UTC).
— Mercury square Pallas at 7:19 pm PDT / 10:19 pm EDT / (02:18:56 11/6 UTC).

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for November
It’s time to make contact with your drive for social justice. This is a real value that you hold, and it can transcend many other distractions. You believe in the truth, and deep in your heart you want the truth to prevail. You believe in the right thing, and you want the right thing to happen. Taking action on this in small, tangible ways would be more helpful to you and the world than, say, texting money to a charity. Take any opportunity to make the right thing happen. Look around you anywhere and you will see people who need help, who need someone to stand up for them, who need any small advantage. Many times a day you’re in a position to offer that. Make it your business. One benefit of doing this is that it siphons energy from the jealous, competitive and needy side of human nature. You are drawing power from some of the most toxic personality traits and social conditioning and reinvesting it in making yourself a positive force in your environment. Another advantage is that by positioning yourself to be only helpful, you will discover how abundant you are. Notably, much of that abundance is in the form of ideas. Let them lead to action, which will lead to more ideas. Let that ripple out into the world and count it as progress for humanity.
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If Your Birthday is Nov. 5
(The Day of Actuality) | Get Your Scorpio Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
Let integrity be your watchword. True, it gets thrown around a lot these days in New Age circles, and its meaning seems to be slipping. One way to look at it is, ‘judge not lest you be judged’. Another approach is to think in terms of bridges: for a bridge to retain its integrity, one must start with solid materials and a good design; construct it without cutting corners; then maintain it regularly — which means noticing when you need to work on it. Approach your relationships the same way, and they’ll be stronger for it.

Written in the Planets
Surprises can sometimes throw a person off; today, see if you can look at any unexpected events or ideas that pop up as ‘fertile chaos’. You know, the kind of state where — since anything can happen — you might as well get creative with the unusual that comes your way. Turn the weird into the positive. Anytime you feel like your thoughts are transforming into wild beasts or you’re not sure if you can believe the truth of your emotions, come back to stillness; reorient on your deeper values; then take aim. With Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries (and with some other interesting bodies also in aspect), you have many options today. So when serendipity occurs, take that as a sign and go with the flow.


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