Four Winds Report for Feb. 9, 2018

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With the Aquarius Sun warming up its square to Jupiter in Scorpio (exact tomorrow), you can use that fixed-sign stick-to-itiveness to persevere in moving toward a goal. Mercury in an interesting aspect pattern today would seem to indicate the ability to stand up for your beliefs or principles for the greater good of those around you.


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Today is Friday, Feb. 9, 2018
Hebrew date is 24 Shevat 5778
Islamic date is 23 Jumada-I 1439

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 8 k’ib’
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2458159

Today’s Birthdays: Thomas Paine (1737-1809), Franz Xaver Gabelsberger (1789-1849), Amy Lowell (1874-1925), Carmen Miranda (1909-1955), Brendan Behan (1923-1964), John B. Cobb (1925), Frank Frazetta (1928-2010), Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989), Johnny Sayles (1937-1993), J.M. Coetzee (1940), Carole King (1942), Barbara Lewis (1943), Joe Pesci (1943), Alice Walker (1944), Mia Farrow (1945), Dennis "D.T." Thomas (1951), Peggy Whitson (1960), Brian Greene (1963), Zhang Ziyi (1979), Camille Winbush (1990).

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet.”
— Alice Walker

On the Beauty of Disrupting Patterns

Dear Friend and Reader:

Amidst all the week’s typical news (White House contentiousness and Congressional budget-wrangling; a large earthquake in Taiwan; the tasteless use of a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., to sell trucks during the Superbowl; war and tragedy, and so on), one story caught my eye for its unique relationship to Aquarius themes. Thanks to cutting-edge DNA analysis, we now know that “Cheddar Man” — Britain’s oldest complete skeleton — had dark skin and blue eyes.

A model of Cheddar Man’s new facial reconstruction, from “The First Brit: Secrets Of The 10,000-year-old Man.” The news sparked a wave of cheesy puns and other related humor on Twitter this week.

Cheddar Man (not to be confused with the Cheeto-in-Chief; and named for the region in England where he was found, not for the cheese) was discovered in 1903. Researchers from London’s Natural History Museum more recently extracted the DNA from part of the skull near the ear, not knowing if they’d get any DNA at all.

According to the BBC, not only was there usable DNA, but “Cheddar Man has since yielded the highest coverage (a measure of the sequencing accuracy) for a genome from this period of European prehistory — known as the Mesolithic, or Middle Stone Age.”

It would seem that Cheddar Man was part of a wave of migrants who crossed into ancient Britain by walking over a long-gone land connection to mainland Europe some 11,000 years ago. This had followed a couple of waves of migration to and from Britain due to ice ages and thaws dating back 40,000 years.

It’s not entirely clear when or why light skin pigmentation developed in the region, but one thing is definitely clear: it’s time (past time, really) for modern humans to adjust our framework for considering skin color and what it means — or, rather, to reconsider whether it truly means anything at all.

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The Art of Becoming: First Sign Excerpts Released!

As Eric works hard to finish the 2018 Planet Waves Annual, we have today released brief excerpts from the first four signs — you may view those here if you have not yet seen them. We’re preparing to publish these four readings very soon, at which point we’ll increase the prices — so don’t hesitate to get your copy. You can pre-order all 12 signs here or choose your individual signs.

Moon Phase: Moon is in Last Quarter phase and enters Waning Crescent phase on Feb. 11 at 10:35 am PST / 1:35 pm EST (18:34:58 UTC).
Next New Moon is in Aquarius on Feb. 15 at 1:05 pm PST / 4:05 pm EST (21:05:07 UTC).
Next Full Moon is in Virgo on March 1-2 at 4:51 pm PST / 7:51 pm EST (00:51:15 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on Feb. 10-11 at 6:21 pm PST / 9:21 pm EST (02:20:53 UTC).
Sun Degree: 21-22 Aquarius.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
No changes today.

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Sun opposite Sila-Nunam at 6:25 am PST / 9:25 am EST (14:24:48 UTC).
— Mercury opposite True Node at 7:29 am PST / 10:29 am EST (15:29:11 UTC).
— Mercury conjunct Okyrhoe at 5:54 pm PST / 8:54 pm EST (01:54:28 Feb. 10 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is Feb. 9
(The Day of Vibrancy) | Aquarius Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
You must use whatever source of energy you can, and tap that for motivation. Whether it’s desire, ambition, urgency or anger, you can turn it to a positive emotion. Connect with how deeply you’re driven to serve others and you’ll discover that you have ideas, support and the freedom to do your work. Remember your roots, and keep them strong.

Current Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Planets are gathering in your sign, welcoming an eclipse of the Sun that takes place in about a week and a half. You have resources. You are moving energy. You are about to take a tremendous step in your growth and your maturity.

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Current Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

You don’t need a conspiracy theory to understand your life. It’s a fact that the elements of your existence have come together by design, most of which was based on your own intentions, choices and actions.

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Written in the Planets
With the Aquarius Sun warming up its square to Jupiter in Scorpio (exact tomorrow), you can use that fixed-sign stick-to-itiveness to persevere in moving toward a goal. Mercury in an interesting aspect pattern today would seem to indicate the ability to stand up for your beliefs or principles for the greater good of those around you. It might not be the popular position, and could polarize others; yet even if that’s the case, it looks like those reactions can’t actually hurt you. So you might as well speak your truth.


Eric is busily working on The Art of Becoming, the 2018 Planet Waves Annual; and it’s shaping up to be an exciting, information-packed edition. You can pre-order all 12 chapter-length signs here, or you may choose your individual signs here.

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      Mutual reception! Yes, Glen! Funny how easy it is to miss some of these details at times. Thank you for the reminder that Jupiter and Mars may be helping each other out, or possible even acting like each other a bit. Definitely adds a layer worth pondering.

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