Following the Eclipse — Mars and Neptune

After the monumental confluence of events centered on today’s Scorpio solar eclipse has peaked, there will be no letdown for astrology if Mars and Neptune are any indication. So don’t let yourself down. Take the time to take care of yourself. Also take care to follow through. Honor transitions and commitments equally, and you will be one with the celestial flow.


The flow begins today. Because today’s Scorpio solar eclipse stellium constituted by the Sun, Moon, Venus and asteroid 2 Pallas are already within orb of a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

A few hours after today’s eclipse, the Scorpio Moon will have moved on, into and out of an exact water trine with Neptune.

Over the next week, Venus, the Sun and Pallas will follow the Moon. One after the other, each will move on, deeper into Scorpio and into its own precise water trine with Neptune. And it starts today.

The functional continuum of water trine aspects from the Moon, Venus, the Sun and Pallas to Neptune may well evoke a majestic and uninterrupted flow of emotional, intuitive and deeply felt energy, but not a letdown.  

Meanwhile, the planet of energy — Mars — will be moving on as well by entering tropical Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, at 6:43 am EDT (10:43 UT) on Sunday. With ingress to Capricorn, Mars will be taking on some substantial majesty of its own, invoking the sheer power of intent, but not a letdown any more than the continuous flow of trine aspects from Scorpio to Pisces.

Implicitly, the continuous flow of trine aspects from from passionate Scorpio to the profound depths of Pisces will be a caring flow, not a destructive one. Not with the sensitive Moon, followed by receptive Venus, followed by the conscious Sun and, finally, steadfast Pallas conducting the current.

Nonetheless, you should respect the implicit power of symbolic water as you do actual water.

You should also respect the power of no less than the Moon, Venus and the Sun — the three brightest objects in the sky.

With the Moon, Venus, the Sun, and Pallas closely following each other in one trine aspect after another to inestimable Neptune, you should exercise care in all things, beginning with not letting yourself down. Take care of your emotional needs. Respect your own feelings. Give the water someplace to go, and something to do.

Having something to do should be no problem. Not following a period of eclipses concluding with what appears to be an unprecedentedly focused flourish of having the three brightest objects in the sky occupying the first degree of Scorpio today.

Nor should the will to do something be lacking with Mars entering the cardinal Capricorn kingdom ruled by substantial Saturn. A kingdom where Mars is accorded uninhibited expression of its power to follow through on commitment with manifestation.

Yet, even Saturn’s formative influence through ruling Capricorn is no guarantee that Mars in its exaltation will not exceed boundaries to manifest recklessly. Especially because Saturn remains in Scorpio where Mars rules, galvanizing both with the alternating current of what astrologers call mutual reception: two planets, each simultaneously traversing the sign ruled by the other.

Mutual reception sets up a flow of its own. A flow quite unlike that of trine aspects connecting signs that share the same archetypal element in their separate identities.

Rather, mutual reception sets up an unpredictable flow wherein the planets involved could exchange identities at any time. It’s a flow to be handled with care, and the only place that care can reliably come from is you.

It’s not as though you will need to wrestle with the gods and the elements like some mythical hero. In the final analysis, planets (like Mars and Neptune), and the symbolic elements of astrology (like water) manifest most meaningfully, and happily most easily, through you.

So keep it simple. Keep caring. Care for yourself. Care enough to keep your commitments and follow through as to manifest them. Above all, don’t let yourself down after being privileged to live through today’s unprecedented astrology. Rather, care enough to live up to it. It’s part of the reason you are here.

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14 thoughts on “Following the Eclipse — Mars and Neptune

  1. Bette

    There’s a lot here to “live up to”, Len. It gets ‘personal’ for me, in that Saturn is closing in on my natal Venus (Scorpio is intercepted in my 5th), while Mars will cross my South Node as it enters Capricorn (6th house).
    Meanwhile, the Pisces occupants are in my 9th. With Pisces on my MH, I know that many people aren’t quite sure how to see or understand me, & with all natal placements below the hjorizon except 12th house Uranus/NN, I guess that doesn’t matter as much as it perhaps “should”.
    I suppose the tradeoff for all that privacy is sometimes loneliness, but so it goes.

    The eclipse energy has lent a surreal feeling to the past few days, a kind
    of intermittent fog which I shall be glad to see disappear. Mercury slowing to station is a factor also, no doubt. I’ve noticed that people seem to feel a bit rattled, or withdrawn, sometimes argumentative. It’s as though the shifting energy is felt (but, in most, not consciously named/worked with) & a great uneasiness hangs in the air.

    Yes. Self care takes priority. As one who experiences Seasonal Affective Disorder as the daylight grows short, I have learned to be extra kind to my Self, eat well, seek the sun whenever it’s out there. And I count down the days until Solstice, when I can celebrate the return of the light.

    There are commitments to keep, mostly small ones, in support of causes which matter to me, & they shall be kept. It will be a while until I can get back to painting, but now’s the time for gestating ideas. It’s
    a quiet time for me, a gradual turning indoors/inward, Scorpio time indeed.

    Thank-you, Len, for guidance in navigating the days to come.

    1. Jan Rosgen

      I hear ya, Bette. I have Pisces Rising and I’m like a blank slate for people to see me as whoever they need me to be. A life-time of just letting that be whatever it is—-with a few moments of frustration and hopeful attempts to fix misperceptions. The attempts to do that don’t work out either, as the character of the person they think I am is other than where I’m coming from. So the attempt is misperceived also.
      This Eclipse of the Heart has just delivered news of a major event involving a dear companion I’d hoped to “fix” things with, and which now requires that I let go completely and surrender to my own “Highest Good”. Who knows what will become of the big picture? This coming month does hold amazing astrology. The commitment of Pallas could be significant here.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Hey Len, I was just thinking as I read your offering today that it would be a perfect weekend to hold a carwash for some charity. At least in these parts, the weather is perfect for it, free of rain, not too hot, not too cold . . .juuust right.

    Thanks for noting the mutual reception between Mars and Saturn (joining the one between Pluto and Saturn) too. It’s all juuust so meaningful. I said goodbye to my family a while ago, honestly wondering how much would change for us all before the next time we meet 6 months from now. That would be at the total eclipse of the Pisces Sun on the same day as the Aries Equinox (Ephemeris Time as opposed to Universal Time). Oh well, the blessing of having a Gemini Venus is that you can “lightly” discuss things like astrology’s eclipses and Earth’s/Mankind’s evolutionary speedup to those who have their defenses ready regarding such topics, and still impart a bit of understanding (or preparation perhaps). Whatever, we are all on our own paths by now and with all the endings and beginnings associated with this season, I just wanted them to know how much I love them. No pressure.

    I also appreciated your nod to Pallas as “steadfast”. Nerves of steel that girl has; not only as a war strategist but as a weaver. You have to have some kind of a plan before you begin to weave in your chosen patterns. Her presence within the Sun-Moon-Venus entourage, all trine Neptune, seems to encourage us to utilize the patterns found in beautiful and deeply felt dreams.

    Mercury’s station direct, so close to where the Sun was at the time of the Aries Full Eclipsed Moon-conjunct-Uranus, reminds us to also include into any beautiful dream pattern those non-traditional, ultra-modern and unique touches that have come to mind since that event 2 weeks ago. You remember those, don’t you?

    It is a work of love, inventing your dream patterns, and with Venus so recently sextile Mars, he who now will be in mutual reception with Saturn, makes a seemingly seamless transition from fiery Sagittarius to earthy Capricorn where the work begins and the dreaming continues to expand. Whose afraid of the big bad eclipse, huh? Just those afraid to dream of their future.

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Bette: Transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Venus can be a discouraging time. As Robert Hand put it: “Even under the best of circumstances, you are likely to withdraw from others.” during transiting Saturn conjunct Venus, which is also potentially a “period of austerity.” The bright side (and there is one) is that eclipses and transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus serve much the same purpose – pruning what no longer has purpose (including relationships) from your life. As Amanda’s eclipse blog implied, it’s mainly a matter of being able to release attachment to what no longer has purpose. You have my empathy at this highly personal time, especially with Mercury slowing to station revives so much from the past. You are not alone. We are honored to have you sharing your wisdom and experience here. i am grateful to have you here.

    Barbara: Speaking of gratitude, thank you so very much for taking time from the demands of your own life to remind me to remember the Uranian “touches” that have fount their way to mind since the Aries total lunar eclipse. Yes, i remember, thanks to you. As for a car wash, Seattle is not as dry and pleasant as where you are right now – the autumn rains have begun in earnest, even before may of the leaves have changed color or are ready to drop. Than you so much for sharing your touching perseverance to share your transcendent wisdom and erudition with those you love (and who do not love or understand your profound insights into astrology), it was enough for me to shed a tear of empathy borne of my own experience. Your own work of love is deeply appreciate here, and we love how you share it.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      Thanks Len. I see your astrology concept working through this Ebola event as it unfolds in the U.S. Even now, as usual, Mars is acting ahead of it’s own aspect (in this case his ingress into Capricorn) with the mobilization efforts over the newest case located in New York City. Not surprising then is the response via the media apropos of Moon, then Sun and Venus trine Neptune, as well as the trans. Saturn sextile U.S. Neptune (and the President’s Mars) and their subsequent yod formation with transiting Eris.

      The Eclipse Juno’s conjunction to the U.S. Leo north node suggests the understanding of the equality principal is taking root in our country; no one is immune to Ebola. Eclipse Vesta (8+ Sagittarius) opposite the U.S. Uranus (and trine Eclipse Juno) reflects this “understanding” (Vesta in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter) via a shock and awe technique (Uranus) that never fails to get attention.

      Transiting Jupiter himself today squares the U.S. Vesta (19+ Taurus), prompting us to ask just what are we “invested in”? Shortly, trans. Jupiter will trine the U.S. Chiron in Aries and sextile the U.S. Juno in Libra, just in time for the national elections in 2 weeks. Wouldn’t surprise me to see this drama affect the values of many voters – even making dramatic reversals to the present polling forecasts.

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Thank you, Jan, and welcome. Please allow me to offer something of an astrological suggestion regarding the discrepancy you describe between how others see you and you see yourself – check the midheaven of your natal chart, transits to it, progressions of it, and (what may be most telling) what whole sign house it is in. From what you have written, the key is not your Pisces ascendant, but your midheaven. Worth a try.

  5. Zerozity

    Thank you, Len, for the reminder of self-care. With the day’s stellium clustered in my 2nd house, it is material things that have demanded my attention, when I want and need grounding. Tr Mars is square (exact today!) N Mars, so that energy should ease as Mars moves on. Ah, yes, keeping it simple will be the key to that needed self-care.


  6. Bette

    Thank-you, Len, for the Hand quote & your encouraging words. The last time Saturn transited my Venus, I had begun a relationship which was clearly heavily karmic. We both struggled, worked hard, & seemed to have things balanced after 10 years or so. Then I blew it up (while Pluto crossed my sun), caused him great hurt, & now, so many years later, he remains closed to any re-connection. So that will have to wait for “another time.” I guess it’s not surprising to have that surface now.

    One positive is that the only aspect natal Venus has is a trine (within 22′) to my rising Rx Saturn in Cancer, so this is not unfamiliar energy. If not for my fire sun & Mars, I might be rather a cold person, but I’m not. Just often hesitant, & needing a lot of alone time. It’s no surprise that my social-butterfly daughter (Virgo sun conj. Jupiter/11th, Mercury/Venus on her Libra ascendant!) calls me the “queen of solitude”. It just gets to be too much solitude sometimes.

    Jan, I agree with Len re how we are perceived. My experience says that most see my Pisces MH more than my Cancer ascendant – unless they run smack into my Saturn if they intrude or push too hard.

  7. P. Sophia

    Len, you nailed it.. Living it up -Perfect! This is such great energy. All day the creativity, synchronicity of events, clarity and integration of purpose..feeling the love. If this is a glimps of the up coming Mars Neptune trine.. I’m in. But I always Love anything Neptune brings!! Pulling on Cardinal MC 4,41 cancer, it is a force to be reckoned with!

    Be: as to Pallas the weaver.. you are the incarnate! I had a feeling yesterday responding to Len’s Tuesday post, Saturn had a hand in this eclipse sequence. New dream patters instilled! Thank you for this: “..reminds us to also include into any beautiful dream pattern those non-traditional, ultra-modern and unique touches that have come to mind since that event 2 weeks ago. You remember those, don’t you?” YES I do!

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Jann: Thank you. May you find that grounding now, after the eclipse. If, as you intuit, transiting Mars square your natal Mars is indeed operative in your challenge to be grounded, your impression that “this too will pass” is almost certainly correct. While waiting for Mars to pass on to its own greater dignity in late Capricorn, please take grounding from your own substantial personal dignity (which all of us have grown to appreciate deeply), and you will implicitly know how to handle the situation in any of its manifestations.

    P. Sophia: Please accept my thanks to (and for) you as well. You are right about Neptune, especially in Pisces – a force in a sense both transcendent and pervasive during this, our time.
    Thank you also for giving props to Barbara – she’s a force too.

  9. Kelly Karalis

    Hi Len
    I feel like I have temporary guests staying in my home with my natal sun at 2 Scorpio.
    Thank so much you for your healing balmy words.
    Highly appreciated

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    Kelly: You are most welcome.

    Crystal: Congratulations!

    Barbara: Thank you for the additional correlation to the US chart (of which you are a true master) and The President’s astrology. As ever, your perspective enriches ours beyond measure.

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