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We live in times that test our capacities. Our physical capacities are tried by a physical environment different from that in which our species has spent most of its history. Our mental faculties are likewise subjected to an intellectual climate defined by information overload.


From a spiritual perspective, even just the basic facts of modern life are enough to challenge the strongest aptitude for belief. Finally, and perhaps most of all, current events are proving to be an emotional test for anybody paying attention.

Yet, if there is one proficiency that distinguishes nearly any individual human, it is the ability to endure. Your expected lifespan exceeds that of most animals. Time and time again you have demonstrated amazing resiliency.

While there may be no scientific explanation of your abilities to persevere in a functional way, you probably know the answer. It’s heart. Both in terms of the muscle that circulates your blood, and in a metaphorical sense, the heart that gets you through. Consider the final testimony of the late, great Muhammad Ali.

In his final moments, Ali’s organs failed one by one. Yet his heart kept beating. To the astonishment of loved ones who were there to witness his transition out of this mortal coil, Ali delivered one final demonstration of his greatness — and your own. Nearly half an hour after his mind and body had otherwise shut down, he sent a message from his heart to yours.

That message is to follow your heart. No matter what your mind may tell you, at least listen to your heart as well. No matter how you choose to believe, only your heart can vindicate your faith. No matter what you set out to do through the means of physical body, unless your heart is in it, it won’t get done. Of all the things you trust, you know that your heart is the most reliable.

Those who distinguish the bodily energy centers called chakras discern that the heart is the center of them all. It is the place where earth and sky come together. It is where all other complementary principles and phenomena are reconciled.

Similarly, astrology’s zodiac may also be said to have a heart. It is the cusp where the single sign ruled by the Moon (Cancer) and the solitary sign ruled by the Sun (Leo) come together. Late tomorrow (or early Thursday, depending on your time zone), Mercury will cross that cusp.

Among its many earthly correlations, versatile Mercury corresponds to the mind, thoughts and intellect. In other words, capacities of your brain. It is customary to assume that the brain is the boss. As a matter of fact, that assumption goes so deep as to be almost (and ironically) unconscious. Yet, as Muhammad Ali proved after losing consciousness, the heart — and all it is associated with — can and does go on even when the mind does not.

Interestingly, the planet perhaps most associated with the heart’s highest capacities has led the way. When Mercury enters Leo tomorrow, it will be following Venus. For the time being, at least, the planet most properly associated with the heart’s ability to love is out in front of Mercury. It is not an example to be ignored.

During these times when your capacities are being put to the test, you could do a lot worse than to follow the example Mercury and Venus are now setting. For the time being, at least, let your heart and its capacity to love lead the way for you. To be sure, it would be wise to follow up with some sound and consciously aware thinking. For, just as Mercury and Venus are but parts of a larger system, so are your heart and mind.

For the sake of your own system, however, rely on your heart. At least until Mercury catches up to conjoin with (and then pass) Venus this weekend, depend on your strongest part — your heart — to get you through any confusion, any challenge, any trial. If there is indeed any harmony between what’s above and what’s down here below, you won’t be sorry for letting your heart lead the way for now.

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12 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Lizzy. Thank you for the video link too. From the mouths of babes to everybody’s heart. Let us each do our part so kids like him can live, and love, as only kids can.

  1. rachael harrod

    thank you for reminding me of the blessing of having a loving heart that I can rely on on days like today when I feel like I’m losing heart. :), and for always lifting me up with your positive loving essays

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Rachel: The luminaries, planets and stars show us the way up. As an astrologer, I take it as my sacred duty to do the same. Thank you for your comment. May your heart not only go on, but prevail.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    I always love how you catch these nuanced messages from the Cosmos Len, I would even say it is one of your specialties. Here today you say “. . the heart is the center of them [chakras] all” and that astrology locates that center at the cusp between Cancer and Leo. I’ve never heard anything put so succinctly about astrology sign meanings. This 6th sense of yours about the meanings of the symbols of signs, planets and aspects goes to the heart of astrology’s purpose.

    Mercury too has so many ways to be interpreted and that he follows Venus crossing that cusp – so appropriate for the times we are experiencing now – would be missed by 99% of us who are devotees to the art. Thank you for this gem.

    You might be interested in the words of another astrologer . .”The fire which burns at the hearth of every village household is the visible center of the family universe. Vesta’s Greek name, Hestia, literally means ‘hearth’. The hearth-fire as the central point, was also symbolic of the life-giving aspect of the Goddess, the focus of domestic life. The fire of the hearth was never allowed to be extinguished, and was always a source of inspiration and renewal.”

    Those words are from Ariel Guttman and Kenneth Johnson’s book Mythic Astrology. Your noting that the center of the chakras is the heart chakra, and the cusp between Cancer and Leo is where the heart of astrology is found reminded me of that quote about Vesta. As a transiting asteroid she’s conjunct my Venus today and she’s been very much on my mind. So has Mercury. And Venus too.

    Vesta’s importance at this time is becoming more clear since reading your offering today. Her participation in the Summer (Cancer) solstice, which I alluded to in Fe’s column, seemed like one of those nuanced gifts from the Cosmos. Her position in the degree where Venus most recently occulted the Sun, a rare and somewhat obscure aspect in itself, put her in a position to participate in the mutable grand cross (with Mercury whom she was conjunct) in that solstice chart.

    Thinking of Vesta now as “the center” or as the above quoted authors put it, the “indwelling spirit” or even “the inner motivation which gets our best, most focused attention” speaks to the possibility she is, for the period of time the summer solstice is in effect, asking us to “follow” our hearts.

    The U.S. Sibly chart’s Vesta experienced a Vesta Return not long ago, which was followed by another rare aspect, the Mercury-occult-Sun. That took place in the same degree as the U.S. Vesta, 19+ Taurus. This alone would suggest a working relationship with Mercury in his spectacular role of passing before the Sun. The fascinating U.S. Vesta Return chart holds a conjunction between Venus and Uranus at 21+ Aries, aspecting the U.S. Chiron, Mars and Neptune. Sounds like love that heals to me.

    As transiting Mercury follows and then passes over transiting Venus he will start his brand new cycle with Jupiter (the 1st of 3 conjunctions) a few days before Venus starts her brand new cycle with Jupiter. The emotional tests we have been experiencing due to current events could be portrayed in some of the aspects found in the old cycles coming to an end in August.

    While Vesta follows her own agenda, it’s interesting to me that during the days transiting Mercury and Venus initiate their new cycles with transiting Jupiter, transiting Vesta will be conjunct the U.S. Sibly Sun. After that she will make her own crossing over the heart of the zodiac just before Halloween which is just before the U.S Election. Perhaps following our hearts may just lead to following our bliss, n’est-ce pas?

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara: i learned from the best (Eric, among others). i’m also inspired by the best (YOU, among others who so kindly comment to add value to my meager offering of service here at Planet Waves). Your citation of Vesta is especially well taken as it moves through late Gemini, applying to oppose the heart of our Galaxy in Sagittarius. And (as always) thank you so much for lending your world-class expertise regarding the U.S. natal (Sibly) chart. Speaking of which, i do hope your birthday was every bit as grand as you are!

  3. Glen Young

    I met Ali at the tender age of 4 or 5 yrs old. My Mother was trying to introduce us, as he patiently waiting for me to turn around. He was a natural with kids. Thanks for this heart felt moment he left for us. I didn’t know.

  4. Bette

    The heart, yes, & the hearth. Thanks, be, for adding Vesta/Hestia to Len’s wonderful & heart(ening) post today. Hestia has long been the goddess/archetype with whom I most deeply identify. I’ve read that there are no known depictions of Vesta/Hestia in the ancient art so far discovered. Perhaps that was Her preference.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Bette: Identifying with Vesta as you do connects you with the heart of humanity. It is a heart, as consistently expressed in your comments here, that we here at Planet Waves have always welcomed and appreciated. While i’m no expert ancient art, i agree with you that Vesta would prefer that we see her in the flames of the hearth and in the unfathomable depths of love and the human heart.

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