Flip and Win

There are always two sides to any coin. Otherwise, no coin could exist as a tangible entity. If you are sensing that there must be another side to the sweeping, mutable scope of today’s Sagittarius Full Moon, you probably need look no farther than Venus. For as Venus rises towards its highest point in the West, it is also on the verge of flipping like a coin in at least three ways.


Even if you are among those who find change to be a challenge, the impending ‘flips’ of Venus are not bad news. With Venus, it is always possible for you to win whether the result  is ‘heads’ or ‘tails’, because both sides can realistically be bright.

When it comes to Venus, the most likely problems involve either excess or passivity. Excess can bring imbalance. Passivity can foment disorder. Think of people with the neurosis commonly called hoarding, and you get one picture of a Venus downside. 

Fortunately, astrology gives you a good look ahead and provides you with timeframes to work with. That way, you may eschew the excesses of attachment, and head off the consequences of being passive about doing some flipping yourself.

The first flip comes on Friday. Don’t worry, it’s enough simply to be aware. The second flip will be on Saturday — likewise, not to worry. The third flip (which will probably involve some work) will not take place until late next month, which is plenty of time to prepare.

On Friday, following today’s Sagittarius Full Moon by almost exactly 72 hours, Venus will flip from Cancer to Leo just before 11:33 am EDT (15:32:46 UTC). Your appropriate response will be to go with the flow. Flip into a more conscious awareness of Venus and its manifestation in the world. It will be easy; just observe with greater intention and take note with perception.

Notice how the truth can be a majestic, beautiful thing, even when it’s challenging for you. Observe how beauty in any form also expresses a great truth.

Additionally, make a resolution to become more conscious of your own values, thereby allowing what may have been difficult decisions easier and more clear. Finally, begin considering how you might release sentimental attachments to excess that weighs you down, or to passivity that holds you back.

Your resolution to be more consciously aware on Friday will allow you to catch the next flip of Venus while it is still subtle, and ride it like an expert surfer timing a wave. That flip will come on Saturday when Venus reaches its highest point in the West — what astronomers call its greatest eastern elongation.

Most people won’t notice at first, but from our perspective here on Earth the distance between Venus and the Sun will begin to gradually narrow next week. Soon, that bright and romantic beacon, which has been lingering with you (and perhaps a loved one) later and later into the night, will follow the Sun behind the horizon earlier, heralding the third and final flip next month.

That final flip will be Venus stationing retrograde on the doorstep of Virgo. It will then retrace the latter half of Leo two more times before eventually returning to Virgo in October. That is when the awareness of Venus you begin building on Friday and Saturday will come in handy. Should you elect to undertake the Venus retrograde project of becoming more deeply and truly aware of your valuable and brilliant self, what you learn beginning this weekend will make all the difference.

But that can wait. Start easy and enjoy the ride. Look for truth and beauty on every side of every thing. Get to know and value Venus while you also learn to let go of what it was, so you can better embrace what it will be. That’s a flip you can win, no matter which side of the coin shows for you.

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22 thoughts on “Flip and Win

  1. Barbara Koehler

    How lovely Len, something to not dread but look forward to; the best kind of “heads up”. I’ve already got Venus on my mind because this morning on TV, there was a ceremony in the White House awarding the Medal of Honor to 2 heroes from WW1. These men didn’t receive the recognition they should have at the time due to skin color prejudice and religious prejudice. As the ceremony ended, transiting Mars entered the Gemini 15+ degree, where Venus occulted the Sun in 2012. Talk about timing!

    The two events (ah Gemini, I’m gonna miss you) I’ve written about that connect to the U.S. Sibly version chart Uranus – the 1891 Neptune Pluto conjunction, and the1898 Chiron Uranus conjunction – both happened before the start of WW1. Both charts had Mars at 8+ Leo and both charts held Yods that included Mars in a quincunx to the U.S Uranus at 8+ Gemini (and the north node in the Chiron-Uranus chart, and Pluto and Neptune in the Neptune-Pluto chart). We can probably thank U.S. Uranus for breaking through another barrier today, the belated recognition, due to less-than-loving reasons, of two old warriors, long deceased.

    The U.S. Uranus took his cue from the transiting retro Mercury (belated recognition) conjunct transiting Sun (consciousness) over the weekend, which happened to conjunct U.S. Uranus. The outer planets do have a way of bringing us around don’t they? Now transiting Mars is right there in the place where Venus met Sun, a degree he was square at the time of that event. I never cease to be awed by how the universe’s intricate and unbroken line of trajectory brings the past up to the present and on into the future with such perfect precision.

    And aren’t we lucky to have you to follow that trajectory with such insight and wit; 3 sides of the coin, or 3 coins tossed in the fountain, heads up, it’s all good Len!

  2. Barbara

    Thank you Len…………love this…………”just observe with greater intention and take note with perception”………..great guidance……………………thanks again………..

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara (be): Timing indeed! Your correlation of the Venus Transit of 2012 (anniversary on Friday) current events, your authoritative understanding of the USA “natal” (Sibly) chart, and the benefit of your extensive research on historic transits really does bring all of us around to appreciate the full richness of what you so lyrically describe as “the universe’s intricate and unbroken line of trajectory.” And yes, from the way solar Gemini is going, it will be missed, but not nearly as much as you would be missed if your erudition, wisdom and insight were not so generously shared here. Please keep chiming in so adroitly knowing that you are loved and treasured by many.

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    marilyn: Please help me to understand: (1) are you referring to main belt asteroid 318 Magdalena, currently about to enter the 26th degree of Virgo? (2) what do you mean by “here”?

  5. Racquel

    So good to know this whilst ‘riding’ through the inner landscape of Life.

    I have been somewhat distracted by Venus recently (know why now!) & had been surprised by the physical aspects of the planet; (I have only basic astrological & astronomical knowledge unlike most of PW followers) that it is a terrestrial planet whose surface is refreshed by volcanoes, it is the hottest planet (I would never have guessed) & it’s dense atmosphere almost all carbon dioxide… I had already felt the urge to ‘get to know Venus’
    Within the inner landscape I have been focusing on Love of Self & filling my heart with Love & my helpful mantra is the song Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie

    The timing is Perfect & I therefore will embrace the retrograde project and in the meantime will..

    “Look for Truth and Beauty on every side of every thing”…
    Sincere, heartfelt, thanks Len!

  6. Len Wallick Post author

    Racquel: You are very welcome. Yes, Venus does definitely have a physical dimension. After all, Venus rules ultra-physical (fixed earth) Taurus, in addition to Libra. Thank you for the link to the song – love it. Now that you have the conscious awareness you did not have before, you are ready to begin working transiting Venus like a pro. Now that you have time frames to work with, you can make plans and take action. Now that you know the relatively limited downsides of Venus, you know what not to do. Consider yourself an astrologer!

  7. Bette

    Sigh of relief that the Sagittarius full moon (conjunct my sun) is over, considering that Mars, retro Mercury & Neptune have also been in the mix. I had made a conscious choice to go slow, be patient with myself & others, & steer clear of people I know who run ranting when there’s discordant energy around. So far, so good.

    Venus energy is most welcome indeed; she’s been touring my 1st house (which may have helped me maintain mellow), trining my moon, then natal Venus. She threw me a curve a few days ago, when I found myself longing for someone long gone from my life (as a result of my choices at the time, which left the relationship irrepairable) – had to smile when I saw that Venus was crossing my Saturn, though it was a bittersweet smile, I admit. A little more letting go was needed there.

    As for other kinds of “releasing attachments” – amen! I’m in the process of assembling (to give away) surplus books, clothing, & other things which have cluttered my house & created extra work instead of benefit. It’s time to simplify, sort out what really, really matters, & let the rest go. If it fails the test of either-useful-or-beautiful, it has to go. I’m trying to stay tuned for any more inner “stuff” which needs to go also.

    Hence, thank-you, Len for the little push. I needed that!

    1. Pisces Sun

      Reading your comment made me think of the Comedian George Carlin and his routine, “talk about stuff.” I went back and watched it on Youtube and attach it here:
      R.I.P. George, we all still need to get rid of our “stuff,” and still worry about our “stuff!” Interesting that even back then George pushed the envelope as to what constituted stuff…you’ll see what I mean (in case some of you forgot) at the end of the routine, been sort of a theme around PW…

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Bette: Thank you for being such an excellent example. We would all do well to emulate your approach to making astrology work for us. You may want to consider how the “longing for someone long gone also has to do with the Mercury retrograde concurrently going on in Gemini. As for transiting Venus encountering natal Saturn, Robert Hand opines that it is good for “…reflecting about the state of your life and what relationship means to it.” In other words, you have caught the astrology amazingly well and are riding it with admirable mastery!

    Pisces Sun: Thank you for contributing to support Bette and to bring the late, great George Carlin’s wise and humorous perspective into the conversation.

    marilyn: Thank you for the clarification. Your question is bigger than my ability to answer it. Although, it must be said that many astrologers have noticed evidence that the Divine Feminine in all of its forms is indeed being revived since the two Venus transits of the Sun (what Eric averred was evidence of the “solar feminine”) which we were privileged to see earlier in this still-new century. Hence, i would not be surprised to know she is present among us. i just can’t say for sure. If my answer was not satisfactory somehow, please let me know.

  9. Bette

    Thanks, Len, for pointing to the Mercury retro as a contributing factor to the missing-someone feelings. I’m not sailing quite smoothly, though – I’ve discovered I’m having a major sulk over the prospect of spending the rest of my life alone – maybe a bit of Mars stirring up the Mercury transit? – & Venus transiting natal Saturn surely does reflect the Robert Hand quote you kindly provided. Natally, my Venus’ only major aspect is a trine to my Saturn, so they should be well acquainted. They do get heavy, though.

  10. Pisces Sun

    Right now I feel as though I am in the attic rummaging through things (“stuff”) of my present and pass, painful, deeply painful, all the while praying that my sister will continue to heal as she faces yet another procedure after procedure, related to her stroke of last month. She has responded well to therapy, her limbs that is, but her heart and lungs have suffered from being immobile and bed-ridden for so long and continue to require draining of fluids. And we face yet another one, in the morning upon news of yet another clot found in her fragile system.
    This same time, distant relatives, unaware of her physical ailments reached out and found me and a cascade of contact and communications have ensued with me over the past few days. My sister has no desire to visit that part of her past and so I must remain the shield, for now and explain this to our relatives.
    Yesterday I had contact with relatives we knew when when we were children 40 years ago., these were our closest relatives and the ones that bring the most memories. Emotionally, I am trying to stay positive for my sister and, because I know nothing about my sister’s chart and the “cosmic dust” that Eric has described, the activity of the cosmos and how they may affect outcomes or not, as it relates to my sister’s health, I can only go with the flow and trust, trust in knowing that she can get through this, emotionally and physically, as can I emotionally.

    But I am learning, I am learning about family dynamics that shaped young children into their adulthood, I am learning about the effects of passivity, not mine but my sister’s and praying that she will ride the wave too. And, that by October when stronger, the children of the generations before us, can brush the cosmic and karmic dust from their shoulders and meet again and begin really healing the inner wounds and shedding all that stuff, I am so ready to lighten the load as I know my sister is too.

  11. Barbara

    Pisces Sun……………..quite a load on you…………being the SHOULDER can be lonely…….I wish you love and peace in your heart…….and light for your way…….prayers for you and your love ones………

  12. Bette

    Pisces Sun, Barbara has said much of what I’d been thinking. Blessings to all of you during this difficult passage. There is nothing quite so complex, often delicate & painful, yet essential, as working through family histories & current issues. Please remember to take care of yourself also.

  13. Pisces Sun

    Thank you Barbara and Bette. I had an epiphany late last night when I contemplated family relationships that bore so much pain including that between my sister and father. I realized that I was so empathetic that I was carrying their pain and that I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it any longer, it isn’t healthy. I didn’t have that relationship, it was theirs. Same with that between my other relatives in their relationship with my dad. It was not my relationship. It occurred to me that perhaps this was the flip and the flop referred by Len. I don’t know sometimes when you “learn” things, you perhaps “preordain things…”
    Also, only recently have I been exposed to astrology and only recently have I learned that there are different aspects of astrology. I believe it was sometime last month or the month before when I was listening to a PW by Eric who mentioned the Sabian symbols that I began to explore what that meant. I learned that yesterday Saturn is retrograde on 1 degree Sagitarrius, the sabian symbol is retired army veterans reawaken old memories–how interesting it is that I have reunited with people who have a sense of family cohesion, some who I have never met others who I knew well, all during this time. Also, Venus was on Cancer 27 A furious storm in a residential canyon filled with valuable homes. To me, the rifts of my life, that is the deep veins of memory where the family runs deep, the memories are stirred–my sister’s life too, as she is enduring another surgery. I am witnessing her battling in a completely different light.
    Thank you again for your very kind thoughts and expressions of love and community. Namaste’

  14. Lizzy

    That is a huge epiphany, Pisces Sun. Something has been happening to me along similar lines in these days. Has been very tough and painful, as core wounds have emerged, but ultimately very liberating. Think you’ll find that things will really change for you with your family dynamics now. Much love and light to you all.

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