Finding the Solar Feminine in ‘My Body’

By Amanda Painter

With Venus conjoining the Sun in Leo today, ask yourself: where do you find the solar feminine within yourself? Is it in your sense of receptivity and goddess-ness? Is it in your ability to assert yourself, female-warrior style?

Is it simply in embracing your body, reveling in its many rich senses and the fact that it is your body? Do you find it in sex or love?

Watch spoken-word poet Kelsey Warren deliver her poem “My Body” in this YouTube video (embedded above), part of the Button Poetry project. I see the poem, in part, as a love song to her bright, unconquerable inner feminine. Though on its surface, it is a proclamation of her wheelchair-bound body as perfect — despite the odds — in ways that a random, nosy stranger will never understand. She begins:

“I get a lot of questions from strangers who think that because my wheelchair puts me at a lower height, the walls surrounding my personal life must be lower too.”

After a few of the more common intrusive questions, Warren gets to a turning point in the poem: the time someone actually asked her, “So do you, like, let your partner have a side relationship so they can have normal sex every once in awhile?”

You’ll have to watch the video for the answer, and to see Warren’s solar feminine shining forth, hot enough to burn the ignorant, and triumphant enough to make the rest of us cheer with gratitude.

3 thoughts on “Finding the Solar Feminine in ‘My Body’

  1. Michael Mayes

    Dope. Lately as I go about my daily activities, I ask myself “how are you feeling?” or “how do you feel right now?”. For example, I asked myself probably 50 times throughout today & tonight. I find the solar feminine in my gut, a couple inches below the naval, and it is quite often my guide.

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