Finally seeing the (torch)light

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What will it take for some people to recognize that condemning white supremacy isn’t a matter of debate? Jen Sorensen breaks it down.


By Jen Sorensen



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3 thoughts on “Finally seeing the (torch)light

  1. Glen Young

    Here, in the Capital of The Confederacy,Richmond, Va (RVA), we have a 60 ft. statue of General Lee on Monument Ave. Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill’s statue (on Laburnum Ave and Hermitage Rd) is 6ft taller than General Stonewall Jackson’s statue (on Monument Ave). In 1891, General Hill’s remains were moved a third time to be buried under this statue. The war continues here in RVA, as the Sons of Confederate Veterans protest the unveiling of a life size statue of Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad on April 5, 2003. Behind them are the words:`TO BIND UP THE NATIONS WOUNDS’. The synastry of President Trump chart (Gemini Sun conjunct North Node and Uranus), with the USA chart (Sagittarius rising) is fascinating, and perhaps the only way to rationalize how destiny has brought us to this day. As Saturn has stationed direct at 21 Sagittarius (right on his Moon sign) opposite the USA Mars in Gemini; the applying conjunction with the Galactic Center, and traveling the long arc of the moral universe that bends towards justice. How Virginia became the only southern state for the president to lose in the election, and now in his personal moral stand for justice. The synchronicity is everywhere; hopefully Lt. Gen. A.P Hill will again, soon find his final (proper) resting place in American history, and end this war of hate.

  2. Sue Edwards

    Gen. Lee is my nth degree cousin. As Steward for my family’s heirlooms I have a copy of a Will, where slaves were given their freedom upon the death of both husband and wife. They were also given the property and livestock as well. I’ve kept the document to show my kids how far we’ve come and that no family’s heritage is without shadows of darkness.

    I grew up in the Northeast and was 9 years old before I ever heard the “n” word. I asked my father about it. He explained that poor uneducated white folks had relied upon the designation of “slaves” to feel better about themselves. At least they weren’t on the bottom rung of a social ladder. By freeing the slaves, it threatened their already insecure egos, which led to the “n” word and Jim Crow Laws.

    In Eric’s broadcast his intro is people speaking about how they felt their heritage, history, culture and religion were under attack. The first thought that came to my mind was that Neanderthals might have felt the same way. My point is that no culture, no religion and no civilization has a RIGHT to survive. We evolve or die out. Living and holding on to the Past makes us incompetent when it comes to dealing with the Present.

    With the alignment of our galactic core, I don’t expect any culture, religion, government, etc. to survive that is not to the benefit to the Whole of Humanity. That means all forms of bias, prejudice, racism and delusions of supremacy are currently being wiped off the face of the earth.

    Once those who live by the sword end up killing and being killed by others that live by the sword, then Peace will rule the earth because there will only be Peaceful Beings left alive on it.

    One of our major problems is that of upward mobility. There used to be ways to rise out of circumstances of ignorance and poverty that are no longer available, which has left those on the ‘bottom rung’ fighting one another for scraps.

    Another problems is that Denial is part of the culture itself and so long as it is, necessary changes cannot be implemented.

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