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  1. Elizabeth

    Astrology for Artists:

    I don’t know how Eric does it, but yet again he’s produced readings that speak to me in a very specific, pertinent way about my innermost feelings and current state of mind and development, whilst simultaneously positioning my personal quest and questions in the broader context of the times we live in, the ‘bigger picture’, if you like.

    How can his readings, written for the many, be so uncannily true for me? He somehow puts into the perfect words my unexpressed but very much felt awareness that my life purpose is not something separate from who I essentially am, but integral, essential – I and my creativity are (ideally) one seamless expression.

    Because he’s so accurate, so spot on in his portrayal of my life right now, I know I can trust and be inspired by the guidance, the tools for living and growing he also offers as part of the reading – I see my life, and my available resources, with greater clarity; I see how I might move forward, be bolder about my choices, experiment more, develop bigger ideas, manifest and embody the best, the creative aspect of myself…

    He’s an exceptional astrologer, and I have experienced real, tangible benefits from the mid-year readings – I’m not ‘there’ yet, but the fact that I’m even on the journey is very much thanks to Eric’s skill and intuition: timely, specific, mind-expanding analysis and advice.

    A great gift for a friend or partner, or a great gift to oneself, the Astrology for Artists readings are incredible value for money – there’s a wealth of soul nourishment and life-enriching sustenance here that you simply can’t and won’t get anywhere else.

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