Everyday Miracle

Renewal of days through Earth’s rotation is an everyday miracle, as are the other cycles of life. Now that the Moon is moving towards renewed visibility in Pisces, and now that the Sun has passed the mid-point of a season once again, it’s appropriate to honor just such miracles.


Some will be celebrating this point in Earthly cycles joyously today. Others will be observing with solemnity. Perhaps the most important thing, however, is to acknowledge your part in it all.

Unless you live in a hermetically sealed space, everything you do makes a difference. Furthermore, the difference reliably shows in one way or the other, sooner or later.

For the most part, the difference you make has been for your own good, or you would not be here to read these words. There is also little doubt that you have made a crucial difference for the better in the lives of many others. In other words, you participate in keeping the cycles going. One question, however, is whether you give yourself enough credit for the good you do.

If there is anything indicated by the sum total of the astrology this week, it’s that you are a special kind of everyday miracle. Rather than just being an exhibition of the world’s reliably repeating cycles, you are something more. You have free will. With your free will you make choices. Over time those choices reliably add up to form your character. The nature of your character (and not your astrology) adds up to be the single greatest determinant of what your life is like.

No planet has as much power over your life as you do. What’s more, simply acknowledging that simple, grounded fact is probably one of the best ways you can be in the flow of the astrology this week.

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One aspect that symbolizes the currently appropriate nature of just such a confession of your effect in the world is the earth trine from Venus in Capricorn to retrograde Jupiter, 120 degrees away in Virgo, which will be exact tomorrow (and is functional today).

Among other things, trine aspects represent the type of flow that efficiently brings things together by almost effortlessly overcoming distance and difficulty. Since ancient times, for example, people have known that travel by water is frequently easier and faster than travel over land. 

Such manifestations of flow represent much of the attractive quality of a trine for astrologers; and there is nothing like an earth-sign trine to indicate a suitable time to be grounded in what flows from and for you, through the everyday miracle of your existence.

So here’s to you, with a sincere appreciation for what you are. Here also is an earnest wish: that you will come to realize (make real) more than ever before just how worthy, powerful and amazing you are as this week progresses. Whether greater or lesser, the lights in the sky have got nothing on you.

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12 thoughts on “Everyday Miracle

  1. Deborah

    Thanks for the most timely affirmation ever. More than ready to embrace some New Moon/ New Year/ trineful energy that catapults us forward (at least past New Hampshire). We appreciate you too, Len, and btw, I still want to bear your children.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    I got a head start on that trine last night Len. I realized that for the 1st time in a long while I felt completely relaxed – and nothing was hurting! It helps that transiting Jupiter is once again conjunct my natal Neptune, and no I wasn’t high. I was just “in tune” with the cosmos. There is another miracle happening now that affects us all; transiting Saturn’s conjunction to the Great Attractor.

    It’s one of those magnificent mysteries we astrologers seek greater understanding of, the Great Attractor (GA), the Galactic Center, the Pleiades, you name it. I think we humans are fairly predicable in our physical growth and in some psychological and mental attainments, but there are certain threshold arrivals that remain purely individual. What the GA, right now as Saturn joins it, provides a mass movement on the physical/conscious level, of being on a threshold.

    Part personal, part political and part universal, that threshold requires understanding (Sagittarius and Jupiter) and patience (Saturn and Capricorn) and love of humanity (Venus and Virgo) to get across. We are there now – looking across the abyss – and we can choose to retreat from the invitation to move forward, or we can join with others and take that leap of faith that we DO make a difference. Could we know that without Jupiter in Virgo trine Venus in Capricorn as Saturn in Sagittarius conjuncts the GA? Perhaps, but it would take much longer and apparently we need a push to get things moving!

    Thanks for being so special Len, you provide a certain joie de vivre in your offerings that makes you a miracle (every other day I suppose) here at PW that can’t be found elsewhere. Hope you too are feeling no pain my friend.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara: Thank yo so very much once again for sharing your astute observations and teachings as regards to the sky from our perspective. i’m encouraged to joy knowing that the trine rang up for you in advance (and in such a tuneful way as to provide relief and relaxation to go with your astrological insights). May this be the threshold of your best (and most productive) Spring season ever.

  3. P. Sophia

    Back atcha. I am honoring the miracle of you.

    I am somewhat down in the dumps today. Big part of the environment over here anyway (bay area) is getting denser it seems, in greed. I can’t keep up, and need to find another way. Until it changes..It can get to you tho. Feeling that energy while keeping your differnt way. Is hard to move through, everyday. All for a reason, and a part of the shifting cycle I think. In the meantime, strengthening my personal understanding, patience and more patience and overcoming .. i can do this, yes!

    Len the Sabian Symbol of our New Moon was, Aquarius 20+ Degrees. “A large White Dove Bearing a message”. I am keeping this, your treasured gift here today, as my literal, message recieved!

    Glad to see you, Deborah, and Be are all shining so brightly today! 🙂 Appreciating and reminding us. We’re all needed here, and for a reason we came. Hope my natural enthusiasm returns quick. A little cosmic lift never hurts, Tr. Venus Trine Natal Jupiter and Tr. Sun Trine Natal Venus, bit more earth and air tonight.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      P. Sophia: Thank you so very much for once again taking time (as you move through and with some heavy times) to share the miracle that is you and your own exceptional insights (along with the New Moon Sabian symbol). Your messages are likewise always received with sincere gratitude.

  4. Mary

    Yes! I am feeling it, too!! No other word to describe this “place” but miracle. Thank you, Len … be, Deborah & P. Sophia. I feel in such wonderful company.


  5. Dorothy Rodriguez

    Len, so glad I found this tonight. You came bearing gifts I see. Yesterday, I was just driving along, and felt a sense of bliss and reverence and well, it was incredible – thought maybe it was the canyons that I love. At the market, I had an exchange with the young man at the deli that felt almost like a benediction of sorts, and now, I find your treasure. It’s looking good; thank you for your gift.

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