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This page contains a collection of writings and broadcasts on Eris by Eric (with occasional pieces by others).

Eris: Facets and Fragments of Self | By Eric Francis | Published January 2007

This is the first monograph (short book) ever written about Eris, which explores the new discovery based on its interaction with the sign Aries, where it’s a long-term visitor. In this monograph, I unfold the idea that Eris is a postmodern influence, the reigning queen of the identity crisis, and a factor that allows us to adapt to the constant changes of the current world.

Small World Stories: Eris | By Eric Francis | Published January 2008

This is a nice delineation of Eris in essay form, from our breakthrough annual edition Small World Stories. This edition is open to all readers, and it has many other useful delineations of the minor planets that, sitting here, look like the beginnings of a solid book on the topic of the new discoveries. For now you can go exploring. Note, I have done some additional work on certain of these points, particularly the centaurs and 1992 QB1, so if you’re curious, start Googling around.

Pluto in the Age of Eris | By Eric Francis | Published January 2008

This is an interesting piece that looks at how we might want to reconsider some of our ideas about Pluto in light of the discovery of Eris. Pluto and all that it represents is not “the end” or “the edge” any more. To go back to the beginning of this story, I suggest you read The Foggy New Edge of Neptune, my first article after the designation of Eris and Pluto as dwarf planets. This article includes the discovery chart of Pluto.

Eris Notebook: Dancing with Discord | By Eric Francis | Published March 28, 2008

This article follows the development of Eris from its discovery by Mike Brown’s infamous team, through its provisional naming after Xena, the warrior priestess. “It was named for a heroic woman, for one thing, apropos of a discovery in Aries. Xena could show up in Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus in one episode and in Egypt the next week. She was bisexual. She killed people. She was a kind of sorceress. I ran this past my writing partner Paloma Todd, and the first words out of her mouth were, “Oh, this planet is about postmodernism.”

Calling Home the Castaway Woman | By Eric Francis | Published April 11, 2008

Women are often expected to act pious and pure — or face being outcast. But what happens when they refuse? This article looks at a number of different feminine archetypes, from the Virgin Mary to Lilith to Eris, asking some obvious questions. I look at the topic of guilt without an obvious source, which places it in the family background, or as transpersonal material.

Rachel Maddow: The Apotheosis of Eris | By Eric Francis | Published April 9, 2010

Rachel Maddow, the first (out) lesbian primetime news anchor, was born during the Chiron-Eris conjunction of the early 1970s. She is in many ways an expression of both, though Chiron tends to bring out the true nature of any planet that it makes contact with. Maddow provided me with her birth data, which I don’t reveal, though I do include samples of her chart.

Saturn-Eris and the Solstice Cluster | By Eric Francis | Published June 18, 2012

I discuss the Saturn-Eris opposition, and some of the apparent effects of Eris to date since her discovery.

Ten Years of Eris | By Mike Brown | Published Jan. 6, 2015

Here the astrophysicist whose team was responsible for Eris’ discovery in 2005 writes about that seminal moment, and what has happened since.

Farewell to Mario Cuomo; Eris 10th Anniversary | By Eric Francis | Published January 6, 2015

Eric’s Planet Waves FM broadcast on the tenth anniversary of Eris’ discovery.

Eris is Spending the Weekend | By Eric Francis | Published April 11, 2015

A roundup of information on Eris, including the approaching conjunction from Uranus.

Uranus Conjunct Eris: On the Way to Self-Mastery | By Eric Francis | Published Dec. 3, 2015

Written on the home run to Vision Quest, the 2016 Planet Waves annual edition, this article explored one of the key transits of 2016 — Uranus conjunct Eris.

The Uranus-Eris Conjunction in Aries, 2016-2017 | By Eric Francis | Published Dec. 28, 2015

Here Eric devotes a full episode of Planet Waves FM to this once-in-a-lifetime conjunction. This aspect is unprecedented for 99% of people alive today, and its effects are as unpredictable as the two bodies involved. Previous conjunctions saw the conceptual birth of the “Analytical Engine” and a breakthrough in quantum physics.

Planet Waves TV: Aries Equinox and an Eclipse in Libra | By Eric Francis | Published March 20, 2016

This Planet Waves TV broadcast includes a segment on Uranus conjunct Eris.

What’s That Sound? Uranus Meets Eris in Aries | By Eric Francis | Published March 24, 2016

Eric explores the possible effects of Uranus conjunct Eris, and compares this exciting astrological moment to Uranus conjunct Pluto, otherwise known as the astrological signature of the Sixties.

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