One thought on “Empathy 2018 — Gemini

  1. JeanMarie

    Thank you Eric for another “message from beyond” that feels so timely. I feel bolstered by the guidance and suggestions for helping to keep an “even keel”.

    I particularly loved your riff on the importance of having “tools” to help us navigate any moments of “rougher sailing”’; both within our own mind-body system and when in concert with others.

    I always love suggestions like, keep it simple, keep it is small, less is more, go slow at first, let the experience unfold in its own time. They really work!

    For years I’ve taught a “threshold” practice called Yoga Nidra, and other conscious embodiment tools, and am also thrilled at that moment when a student or client shares a story of a particular rough patch of thier lives and a practice I gave them helped them through it.

    So thank you for being another voice in the importance of learning some skills to help us navigate the rougher patches of life. We’re all going to get them so why not learn how to navigate them with a sense of presence.

    Thanks for being a great “O Captain! My Captain!”

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