Double standards much?

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By Matt Bors.

Matt Bors considers the selective use of the word “terrorist” by media and law enforcement.

By Matt Bors.

By Matt Bors.


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4 thoughts on “Double standards much?

  1. Amy Elliott

    Same thing happened with the murder of Jo Cox. Lots of people are wondering why this guy with alleged connections to far-right groups, who apparently yelled “Britain first” during the shooting, is not being called a terrorist. It’s a pertinent question with a troubling answer.

  2. Geoff Marsh

    Pertinent and troubling indeed, Amy, although nothing really surprises me these days. Even in this quiet and respectable neck of the southern English woods, I’ve been called a terrorist for supporting LGBT rights. In reality, of course, it’s the establishment which is terrorising young gay people for not conforming to standard sexual norms.

      1. Geoff Marsh

        Odd you should say that, Amy. I was in my local library one afternoon and a smart young Tory lady came in, saw me and pointedly asked if they had a copy of 1984.

        I always liked the fact that John Lennon’s middle name was Winston and Morrissey’s band was called The Smiths.

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