Double Standard Much?

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By Matt Bors.

What’s the difference between an unarmed black teen getting shot by police versus an armed militant meeting the same fate? Matt Bors has an idea…

By Matt Bors.

By Matt Bors.

One thought on “Double Standard Much?

  1. Len WallickLen Wallick

    Matt: Thank you. This is utterly spot on, pitch perfect and brilliantly rendered. I must add that it makes me sick to my stomach when anybody gets shot aby anybody. Guns are only one thing, and that’s bad. The recent Federal Court decision which supports the right of private citizens to own weapons of mass destruction (otherwise known as assault rifles) gives me a bad feeling that i’m going to be feeling sick to my stomach a lot more before things get better. But thanks to you, Matt, i’m feeling hope that sanity will prevail and levity will tide us over.

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