Democracy Now! — Oct. 21, 2016

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New York Mayor Apologizes for Police Killing of Mentally Ill Woman, But Will Accountability Follow?

New Yorkers are protesting yet another fatal police shooting after 66-year-old African American Deborah Danner was killed by a New York Police Department sergeant Tuesday. Danner had mental health issues, including schizophrenia. Police say she was shot and killed in her own home in the Bronx, after a neighbor called 911. When police arrived, they found Danner naked in her bedroom holding a pair of scissors. Authorities say Sergeant Hugh Barry fatally shot her after she picked up a baseball bat. Mayor Bill de Blasio said her death “should never have happened.” We get response from Shaun King, senior justice writer for the New York Daily News. “It wasn’t just a mistake,” King says. “A woman who deserved treatment and compassion was shot and killed. We’re talking about a crime.”

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