Dear Hillary: Get Over Yourself!

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here], I read the natal and progressed charts of Hillary Rodham Clinton. After some years of pondering and a lengthy discussion on Facebook with my friends and colleagues, I decided that the Scorpio rising chart was the only truly viable option.

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Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here], I read the natal and progressed charts of Hillary Rodham Clinton. After some years of pondering and a lengthy discussion on Facebook with my friends and colleagues, I decided that the Scorpio rising chart was the only truly viable option.

Jerry Garcia shortly before he died in 1995. This portrait is called Birdsong, by friend of Planet Waves, Robbi Cohn.

You can see the chart set at this link. If you’re wondering why Hillary seems to be obsessed with power, that’s because she is; it’s all she knows, and like her rival Donald Trump, she’s not in a position to change her ways.

First, I cover the current astrology, including a solid introduction to Chiron, on the way to describing the Jupiter-Chiron opposition that happens later this week (and is in full effect right now).

This aspect, Barbara Hand Clow writes, “stimulates occult perception to the maximum.” People born with this aspect, she says, “know about the essence of matter [and] the physical laws of the universe, and their minds are like laser beams into life.”

In Virgo and Pisces, I describe the relationship between the left and right brains; between acoustic space (the primeval forest) and visual space (common-sense organized perception); between intuitive and rational approaches to life.

My musical guest is Jerry Garcia, who died 21 years ago today (his 74th birthday would have been Aug. 1). I play several pieces, including Reuben and Cerise, Stella Blue, Arabia and Days Between. I also read Garcia’s chart and his progressions at the time he died of heart failure while in rehab. You can see his charts here.

At the end of the program, I respond to a reader query: “Eric, I want to hear more about this idea of women needing men to initiate them as teachers of men. Hoping you will elaborate on this in the coming weeks/months.”

Thanks for listening and thank you to our Planet Waves members, subscribers and customers who make this program possible.

With love,

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Another awesome photo by NASA GSFC, titled “Earth at Night.”

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This Week on Planet Waves


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Planet Waves TV: Focus on Jupiter and Chiron

This week, Jupiter is opposite Chiron. This aspect has a way of tapping into the invisible — the dimensions we cannot see, and knowledge without a dependable source. Eric suggests that all information, whether from a newspaper or a past-life reader, needs to be subjected to multiple sources of verification.

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What’s Up With Trump?

For this week’s edition, Eric courageously entered the murky world of Donald Trump’s astrology. He discovered that the dubious Republican presidential candidate was due for a rare event on Saturday — namely his progressed Sun changing signs to Virgo. Hold on to your popcorn — this could get interesting.

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Shifting Direction Like a Dragonfly

The inner landscape has shifted from last week, calling on you to embody your inner dragonfly. Amanda Painter describes the potential effects of three personal planets in mutable signs, and how getting some perspective on your thoughts and emotions can lead to surprising new options.

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UpToUS: Spotlight on Reader Responses

The Democratic National Convention is over, and so is the UpToUS caravan. Now back home in Colorado, our field reporter Amy Jacobs addresses some of the insightful reader comments she received. She’s planning a final article on some of the themes of the journey and what was learned, so look out for that.

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Lovin’ Leo Lions*

Amanda Moreno considers Leo as a developmental stage and the roots of its shadow side. Leo energy is pretty darned incredible. We’re being called to express our identity amid the necessity of owning our need for validation and recognition, and to understand how those needs might have been shut down in the past.

Planet Waves

Strange Dreams

Just in time for Trump’s progressed Sun and Ascendant to lunge from Leo into Virgo, with the abyss awaiting on Election Day, the Republican National Committee was compelled to take @realDonaldTrump out to pasture. Fe Bongolan reports on the shifting tone of the candidate and the campaign.

Planet Waves

An Ear To The Ground

When Mercury in Virgo enters its shadow (or echo) phase tomorrow, both its timing and position will imply an advantage for anybody who keeps a metaphorical ear to the ground. Len Wallick describes what an especially productive period this could be for gathering information that will help you make changes in your life.

Planet Waves

What the Eye Doesn’t See, the Feet Can Trip Over

These days a sense of unreality is pervasive, and this week you might need to abandon the notion that anything can be true, in order to disperse the fog. Amy Elliott teams up with Eric to suggest that if you dig deep enough, you’ll eventually find a solid truth at the root of every question. It’s worth the effort.

Guest Series: Marcy Franck on helping refugees in Greece

Planet Waves

The Helpers Are Helping

Amanda Painter’s dear friend from high school, Marcy Franck, has been on the island of Chios, Greece, bringing supplies and a heartful of human caring to Syrian refugees. This post contains two of Marcy’s early updates from her two-week volunteer stint, detailing her amusing challenges with kids’ crafts and giant pants.

Planet Waves

Warm Fuzzies and Cold Realities

Marcy Franck has been on the island of Chios in Greece, volunteering to aid Syrian refugees. In this installment, she describes a visit to a refugee girl who needs dental care, the currency of stickers, and the art of power-shopping for groceries for a hungry family from a government-run camp.

Planet Waves

Clandestine Milk Operation

Marcy Franck, volunteering to help refugees on Chios, Greece, launches a clandestine one-woman mission to get milk into the hands (and bellies) of children at the deplorable, government-run camp Vial. Also offering baby vitamins and wipes, she’s humbled by the honesty of the mothers and children.

Planet Waves

Field Trip

One of the most vulnerable populations in this whole Syrian refugee crisis is unaccompanied minors. They are exactly what they sound like — children traveling alone. There are several on Chios, Greece, all between the ages of 11-17. Marcy Franck describes taking this group on a small — but much appreciated — field trip.

Planet Waves

Wounds That Won’t Heal

“‘No! Me! My Friend! Me!’ he said. It was too close to begging. In his eyes I saw that he needed this game. In his desire I felt a wound deeper than the one on his knee.” Writing just before leaving Greece, Marcy Franck understands there is so much more need than one person can fill; yet she will keep trying, and writing.

Planet Waves

Tiny Miracles Happen All the Time

The mission was to buy one stroller and one suitcase for two particular refugee families. Suddenly Marcy Franck is trying to buy every stroller at the one store on Chios, Greece, that has them — plus 20 more from Athens. And as luck and timing would have it, a family from the terrible government-run camp also gets one.

6 thoughts on “Dear Hillary: Get Over Yourself!

  1. Bette

    Eric, thank-you for working through the likely correct chart for Hillary Clinton. I recall seeing what would have been the 8 p.m. chart in a periodical many years ago (probably Dell Horoscope mag), & feeling that it wasn’t right – I hadn’t yet seen a lot of her public persona as First Lady, but what I had seen made a cluster of 5th house planets (her Scorpio placements) feel somehow wrong. I could see nothing soft, lover-ly or maternal in her.

    Yes, she may indeed live so within her long history of power playing that she has no way to see herself with any objectivity. And it seems to me that she is exceedingly dangerous in part because of that.

    Some may take great umbrage to your analysis. For me, it felt validating of what I have been seeing for some considerable time. It’s squirmy stuff, it’s heavy, it’s troubling, but nothing has yet arrived to change that.

    I think I’m going to revisit Bill Clinton’s chart, too. It would not surprise me if they’ve been playing with power together in one role/gender or another, for a very, very long time.

    1. Amy Elliott

      I’m pretty sure I read somewhere on Jonathan Cainer’s site, many years ago, an interpretation of the Clintons’ charts that suggested they had some form of agreement (presumably unconscious) in which one would succeed the other. I can’t find it now, but it struck me as intriguing at the time.

      Whatever might be her other virtues and faults, there’s no denying Hillary has wanted to be President for a long time, and would probably not stick at very much to secure that wish. Yet that in itself will not make her an absolutely terrible president. Trump’s glib charm and dubious views are much more dangerous.

        1. Amy Elliott

          Well, power does tend to corrupt. There are exceptions, but they are rare. And given what you said before about how glib lying is an integral part of politics, I fear that will not change until we become more honest as a culture.

  2. Sus'n

    Eric, thanks for sharing your insights and for reeling Smile Markers onto my inner-space walls of my initial “intro to Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia” in 1996 (as became a 36-hr-sleepless-marathon). “All good occurs In right-perfect timing…” One I’d neither met nor known existed (until asked to ‘intervene’) treated me to my first Ben & Jerry’s. He chose Cherry Garcia. I chose Funky Monkey.

    Sitting across a low table, lifting his second spoonful, he said, “We’re not alone… One with white, scruffy hair is saying to not give his name; to see if you remember… ” Einstein? He’d “left this life” in my youth… Twixt bites of Cherry Garcia, I’d be told of Mark Twain, of his entourage of authors he said “we’d” known. Hours flew warp-speed as more, more, more was being relayed to me via one who’d flown to DC (hoping to “jazz-up” one score of music). Sadly, its owners told him “No.”

    Stuck in DC, return flight days away, two he’d flown with would be in NJ with my room-mate who called my workplace. I agreed “to dine with a stranger” so he’d not eat alone (or, be alone in DC). Vibes he’d been flogged with (as flight-mates’ guest) had depleted him — until our paths crossed.

    My car balked on the beltway so I’d pulled into a Roy Rogers (chicken place) to let car cool, reset, as we went inside. Once alone, within moments he’d ask, “Do you know how many times you’ve been here?” My, “I didn’t know this place existed until car balked so I’d let her engine cool…” got his, “Not this place… This planet… Are you comfortable discussing your lifetimes on this planet?”

    At my insistence (walking back to my car) we drove to where they’d said to stay. Got his things in my car, drove to my (low-rent-apts) DC area… He’d have its king-size bed — I’d sleep on its couch. We’d stopped for Ben & Jerry’s, expecting to rest, relax, reset (Fri/Sat), so he’d be “set” to return home (Sun). Perhaps Mark Twain and entourage set-it-up so I’d be shown in Real Time I’d “been hacked” to “firewall.” Potentials I was shown in 1996 sequentially continue to bless me, in 2016 — quantum leaps at a time. No longer skeptical, I say this: “Life is an ART form. Ask. Receive. Trust.” Some I remind: *All Ways Choose Wisely* (esp in what they’d ask for — jest in case they’d get it??)

    For not filling reams with sequential events on this site, “You’re welcome…” May ALL be blessed!!

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