Dare To Be Happy!

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by Britta Dubbels

A few weeks ago, a client looked at me and said: “You are so lucky, you are so light and so happy!” The truth is, while happiness is our birthright, it has nothing to do with luck.

I’ve worked my butt off for my happiness. Happiness is a choice.

Photo of Britta Dubbels courtesy of the author.

Photo of Britta Dubbels courtesy of the author.

My name is Britta, and I’m in the happiness business. I don’t belong to any religion or belief group, but honor them all. I’ve been a channel for Light information my entire life.

As a channel, I hear, feel, sense, know and see guidance and information from Source. In my truth, happiness is 100% your birthright.

However, no birthright is just given to you; it has to be earned. I have learned the hard way that happiness is directly related to the intimate relationship with oneself.

There was a time in my life when my happiness depended on what I was getting from my boyfriend, my work or my friends. The moment my expectations or attachments weren’t met, happiness flew out the window.

Of course I don’t mean to downplay the fact that it feels real when the shit hits the fan in your life. I get it, and it’s perfectly normal to get sucked into the drama. But it is possible to relax when facing outside challenges. This may seem counter-intuitive, but my experience leads me to believe that you will benefit if you give it a try.

But how? Most of us continually seek approval from the outside: from our lovers, spouses, kids, the boss or our environment. When outside circumstances please us we’re happy, and when they don’t, we aren’t. But the pursuit of happiness only prospers when the search begins within. Our happiness is entirely up to us.

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4 thoughts on “Dare To Be Happy!

  1. Lizzy

    So beautifully expressed, Britta. Thank you for this great article. It’s what I’ve been working with for a while now – and it isn’t easy. But when I’m able to relax, as you suggest, my whole perspective changes, as does my body and breathing – and it also allows other people to be themselves. Would say much more, but right now I really do need to relax.. and cook some dinner!

  2. StrawberryLaughter

    “The more you learn to stay relaxed with life’s challenges, the more your energy will continue to flow and the solutions will appear.”

    This is my new mantra. Thank you!

  3. Carolynkc

    My new mantra is “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Very relaxing in life’s challenges.

    Excellent article, Britta,

    Carolyn k

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