Crossing the Threshold — and the Latest From Planet Waves

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Whew — you’ve made it through the last of the exact contacts of the Uranus-Pluto square. I say that in all seriousness; the simultaneous creative and destructive energies of these last few years have been a real struggle for many people. As if to underscore the significance of the threshold we’re passing through, this week wraps up with an eclipse.

Moon traverses Sun in a digital composite image of a 2006 total solar eclipse over Turkey. Photo by Stephan Seip/APOD.

Friday’s event will be a total solar eclipse and New Moon in the very last degree of Pisces. This is where the zodiac gathers itself and then prepares to begin anew with the first degree of Aries — the storied, powerful Aries Point. That might sound intimidating, but in truth you’re entering a very fertile space energetically.

Eric will address in Planet Waves FM this week what it means for you to experience both of these significant events — the last Uranus-Pluto square and the Pisces New Moon eclipse — so close together. That program usually posts by about 5 pm EDT Tuesdays.

He opened up the territory in this week’s Monday Diary, where he called this “another of the most astrologically interesting weeks in recent memory,” one that ripples out into the near-distant future. In general terms, Eric suggests you treat this time with respect, and keep looking at both the astrology and the accompanying events for additional information. Tune into Planet Waves FM for more details.

That Friday’s eclipse is happening in Pisces is just one of the many reasons why anyone with a strong Pisces signature in their natal chart (Pisces Sun, Moon or rising sign, or other significant Pisces planets) would do well to listen to the new Pisces birthday reading. It’s getting rave reviews; in fact, a reader named Stacy Katz wrote in recently to let us know she’s so immersed in it, she has already listened to it seven or eight times.

Sarah Taylor’s tarot reading for this week indicates the heat is rising, as she explores the presence of the next two Court Cards in a process that had its genesis in last week’s reading. There are shifts and emergences afoot at the level of how you are expressing yourself as an individual with an emphasis on thought, intellect, beliefs and fire.

In this week’s sex-and-relationships guest-post, New York Times writer Mark Jaffe describes how, when his wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, their sex life reversed polarities in the extreme thanks to one of her medications. Along the way to encountering unique insights, they eventually manage to find some equilibrium — and an unexpected shared purpose. In terms of clearing the ground and building anew, this is a perfect story for the last Uranus-Pluto square.

Amanda Moreno writes this week of standing at the precipice of the final Uranus-Pluto square as she receives hints of many things — from possible avoidance of her deeper purpose to being given an opportunity to revisit and say farewell to paradigms she thought she’d left behind already.

In her latest column, Judith Gayle contemplates what a surprising week we just lived through, as it continued to underline the differences between our sociopolitical polarities “in bold cartoon-like strokes.” Considering our understanding that this last wave of the 2012 energies needed to solidify itself in some final paroxysm in preparation for a new set of astrological variables, you probably were not surprised.

Len Wallick looks ahead to Friday’s eclipse in his column for today (which publishes around noon EDT), urging you to let your awareness and, in fact, your physical body record the astrological threshold we’re now standing in.

We’re all on this wild ride together — thankfully.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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