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Len Wallick considers Mercury and Mars changing signs as we approach next week’s Pisces New Moon and total solar eclipse. It’s more like a “count up” than a “count down,” suggesting you work towards gaining something rather than fear losing something.

Shortly before 6:11 pm EST (23:10:38 UTC) today the Sagittarius Moon will square the Pisces Sun. At that time the Moon will be in its last quarter phase, which many see as a countdown to when the Sun and Moon next share the same degree of the same sign to begin a new lunar cycle (a New Moon).


In the case of this particular last quarter Moon, however, you might consider yourself to be counting up. That’s because the next week, leading up to the Pisces New Moon and solar eclipse, will be quite auspicious astrologically.

Perhaps the two most significant events taking place before the Moon eclipses the Sun next Tuesday will be Mercury and Mars changing signs. Mercury will leave Aquarius behind to enter Pisces at about 5:24 am EST (10:23:25 UTC) on Saturday.

Following Mercury’s ingress to Pisces, Mars will leave Scorpio behind to enter Sagittarius at about 9:29 pm EST Sunday (02:28:32 UTC Monday, for those of you on the other side of the pond).

Two sign-ruling planets changing signs during the last week of a lunar cycle is a big deal. When you consider that the successive ingresses of Mercury and Mars are leading up to something even bigger (the first eclipse of the year), the net image is more of accumulation than attrition. It is as though a table is being set before a meal, rather than cleared after dining. Thus the perception of counting up.

We have a hint from the sky about how to approach the Pisces New Moon and solar eclipse, which occurs at about 8:55 pm EST on March 8 (01:54:26 UTC on March 9). Think of it as a right of passage you have earned, like a college student accumulating credits toward a graduation and a diploma. That way, you can spend the next week in an ambitious and productive state of mind, working your way towards what you want to achieve as you go into the next lunar cycle.


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Far better to be ambitious and productive than to waste the next seven days worrying about things that will probably never happen. More healthy to work towards gaining something than to fear losing something.

Let Mercury and Mars show you the way. Move forward toward something new during this next week. Don’t withdraw with an anticipation of defeat. Enter a new part of your life that you have (in one way or another) been working toward, and looking forward to, for a long time.

That way, even though you may not be positioned to see next week’s total solar eclipse (visible mostly over the Pacific Ocean), you will be in the best possible place to feel that where it will be taking you is where you want to go. It’s a new month, everybody knows that. Why not also make it an ascending path towards a new life?

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Len Wallick

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6 thoughts on “Counting Up

  1. Barbara Koehler

    How many times have you led me down the garden path Len, and here we go again! I just had to see when and where little Mercury and Mars started the cycle that presages the square they will make just before they enter their new signs this week, which will lead us to that 1st solar eclipse of the year. That square takes place in the wee hours of Saturday morning while Mercury is in the last degree of Aquarius and Mars in the last degree of Scorpio. These anorectic degrees as they are called are considered the final stage of something pertaining to the signs they are leaving so when the solar eclipse arrives they will both be in their new signs. Interesting enough already.

    Before this square in anorectic degrees of fixed signs Aquarius and Scorpio though, Mercury and Mars squared each other last December 29, 2015, with Mercury at 27+ Capricorn and Mars in Libra. These are cardinal signs known for doing stuff – taking action and Mercury was conjunct the U.S. (Sibly) Pluto while Mars was trine the U.S. (Sibly) Moon. That square came shortly after the Full Moon that was conjunct the U.S. Venus at 3+ Cancer.

    Before that square they made in December though, there was a conjunction last July on the 15th between transiting Mercury and Mars in Cancer and they were both exactly opposite transiting Pluto at 14+ Capricorn. Little Mercury and Mars were initiating (Cardinal sign and new cycle) something that would trigger the U.S. natal (Sibly) chart square between Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra, and transiting Pluto would appear to have been the one that called this meeting to order. It was when we were first seeing close up pictures of Pluto coming from the NASA space probe and saw the big heart. THE BIG HEART!

    But there’s more. . . on July 15, 2015, there was a New Moon at 23+ Cancer which was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Mercury. Transiting Uranus at that New Moon was conjunct the U.S. Chiron in Aries and opposite the U.S Juno in Libra which formed a T-square with the New Moon conjunct U.S. Mercury. There was even a square between Saturn and Venus to add to the drama, and transiting Jupiter was approaching Donald Trump’s ascendant while transiting Chiron was square U.S Mars. Little did we know the excitement that was to follow. The World watched and waited to see how the Iran Nuclear Deal would pan out and held its collective breath to see if Greece would get bailed out of its financial crisis.

    This leads me to believe that little Mercury and Mars have been in the process of shifting our thinking and action toward more universal goals on a global scale. We feel it here in the USA through the nation’s natal chart squares and oppositions and it has sometimes been painful and/or infuriating to the point that we all must conclude that nothing can be taken for granted ever again. We can rail against the gods for upending our lives in some way (a Mercury thing) or flail our arms in fury for changes we are forced to make (a Mars thing) but sooner or later we must accept that it is a new world being birthed and get over it.

    I expect to see/hear about such fury as fixed sign Mercury and Mars square from their anorectic (final stage) degrees but then move into their mutable signs and quietly accept what must be accepted in order to move on. It helps me understand this Pisces solar eclipse (that is also a super moon moment when tectonic plates shift and tides increase in size and emotions take over common sense) a little better. Something smallish in size that I can grapple with better than the plethora of spaced out patterns the planets are engaged in right now. In gratitude to you once again Len,

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Brief followup: Okay, so trans. Mercury conjunct the U.S. Sibly Pluto last December 2015 would bring out communication that came from the depth of our (U.S.) reptilian selves. As trans. Mercury squared trans. Mars who was trine the U.S. Moon (a combination which would encourage the expression of our most feeling (U.S.) natures) they were just doing their jobs. All that has come to fruition, i.e. Trump and Sanders. I see that as a result of the Mercury-Mars conjunction opposite Pluto last July, five and a half months before their square in December; and it would become the guiding principle of their cycle.

    From last July, 2015’s conjunction to the U.S. Sun in Cancer, transiting Mercury and Mars set upon a new model of their combined energies, one that would reflect (opposition) the unconscious depth (trans. Pluto) of the U.S. consciousness (Sun) while also challenging (square) the structure (natal Saturn) of its very being. Transiting Pluto was providing the dynamite, transiting Mercury and Mars lit the match and the implosion began. Was it meant to level the whole structure or just enough to take it down a notch or two?

    We know that builders now take into consideration that shift occurs and they build flexibility into their new structures. They learned from the mistakes of their predecessors. Now, will the U.S. natal Saturn-square-Sun follow suit? Will they build their future structures with enough ‘give’ to allow some leeway in case of shifting ground? This new square on March 4 between transiting Mercury at 29+ Aquarius (2 degrees from the U.S. Moon) and transiting Mars at 29+ Scorpio (square the U.S. Moon but sextile the U.S. Pluto) could lead to an answer, but they will share many, many more aspects before they meet again at 15 Cancer in June, 2017. In the meantime the ground continues to shake, but never mind, we are gaining something and moving upward.

  3. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Lovely Len. It’s very much my mentality and initiative these days and particularily this week. I know my truth, and I am actively following it! :)

    Best thoughts to you!

  4. Mary

    Ah, yes! Just as you say, Len. Yesterday I made my way from B-more to work phones for Bernie in the DC HQ. There I was juggling electronic equipment and software apps like a millennial, as I watched the tube for election results and checked my texts (I know!!) … OK, so Hillary took the south. Bernie and I, though, were amazing! :)


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