Cosmic PMS? Both Women and Men Ride This Wave

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter.

At the risk of appearing to reinforce dismissive stereotypes about women, the following image might help you to get a handle on some of the current astrology, which is still in effect after last night’s Cancer New Moon: the planets seem to be indicating a kind of ‘cosmic PMS’ that you might be noticing in yourself or others. Amanda Painter explains what she means by that, and looks ahead to the weekend astrology.

At the risk of appearing to reinforce dismissive stereotypes about women, the following image might help you to get a handle on some of the current astrology, which is still in effect after last night’s Cancer New Moon: the planets seem to be indicating a kind of ‘cosmic PMS’ that you might be noticing in yourself or others.

Photo taken at Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine, by Amanda Painter.

Even when the waves are small, riding them takes skill and awareness. Photo taken at Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine, by Amanda Painter.

Or, at least, the potential for that sort of experience is there, especially if you (or someone you interact with) ignore inner reactions before they get expressed.

Now, before you write off the current astrology as not applicable to you because either ‘you’re not like that’ or you’re not a woman, please consider a few things. First: according to astrology, we all contain an inner feminine and inner masculine, thanks to the archetypes of Venus and Mars. We each also contain an inner androgyne (androgynous self), thanks to Mercury.

Second: one of the prevailing aspects today involves a Mercury-Mars conjunction in a feminine (or receptive) sign, Cancer. They’re exactly opposite Pluto (named after a male god) in another receptive sign, Capricorn.

Third: we’re all ruled by our hormones, to some degree. We associate testosterone with men and aggression (there’s Mars again), but women have it too: for both sexes, it’s key to libido. Estrogen and progesterone regulate women’s menstrual cycles (associated since ancient times with the Moon, which rules Cancer), but men’s bodies also produce those two hormones.

Hormones also have a strong link with Pluto, which makes sense. Not only do Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio, which represents our generative (sexual) system, but Pluto represents what is invisible or underground, as well as undeniable power. If you’ve ever had any kind of hormone imbalance, you know what havoc it can wreck on all kinds of biological process in your body, in addition to your emotions.

So what does this all add up to for you? As Eric mentioned in his Monday Astrology Diary, Mercury-Mars-Pluto describes a seemingly external confrontation. There’s a power imbalance, but “most people will not pick up on where the power really is.” You’ll need to pay attention and think to get a clear picture of what’s going on below the surface.

That could be tricky. The Mercury-Mars-Pluto configuration describes the potential to be courageous (which is awesome), or overly sensitive, hasty in judgment, reactive to turbulence in others, and blunt or forceful. Some people get sensitive and weepy with PMS; others — like me — tend to get easily frustrated and intolerant, and have a hard time expressing those reactions gently. (I have natal Mars in Cancer.)

Being direct makes for clear, honest, efficient communication; but being direct while in an emotional, hormone-fueled pique is likely to undermine an interaction by putting the other person on the defensive. And if you’re being swept away by emotional reactivity, you’re not actually in a position of power.

It might feel powerful to express all that strong emotion, but you’ve actually tipped your hand that you’re not in control of yourself or the situation. The person with power is the one who can keep their cool, while the other person rants and reacts.

This is not to say that you should never express strong emotions in strong ways — far from it; that’s often healthy and necessary. But this astrology is describing a certain type of situation where a power balance is involved beyond simply getting something off your chest.

On a related note: simultaneous with Mercury-Mars-Pluto, the Cancer Sun is exactly square minor planets Eris in Aries. In addition to Eric’s advice Monday to “Be mindful of the ways you experience being divided against yourself,” including through subversive agendas, I’d add a question. Do you feel more compelled to identify with your emotions, or with your ability to compartmentalize them?

Through the weekend, the emotion/power dynamics begin to dissipate. Additionally, Venus leaves Leo for Virgo at 6:38 pm EDT Saturday (22:38 UTC), and the newly waxing Moon enters Virgo about two hours later.

Give yourself a project — something to plan or organize, especially if it’s in service to something larger than you. Channeling any of this week’s less-pretty emotions into criticism (of self or others) won’t help; giving out some of what you’d like to receive, however, will.

12 thoughts on “Cosmic PMS? Both Women and Men Ride This Wave

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

      I know what you mean, Pam! Just a few short hours after I wrote this, I found myself reacting in just the way I described, unable to stop myself and only realizing what had just happened a moment after. *sigh* We’re just so human!

  1. Amy Trafford

    Dear Amanda,

    I woke this morning all stirred up. I could feel it all before I even opened my eyes. Though some of this unease was because trauma was opened in my dreams (which I welcome and which I feel is part of the gift of what Pluto offers), the edge of panic that was wanting to swoop in and take me away was definitely reaction and an attempt to throw me from the present moment and the pain, sensuality, and vastness of the love that I was feeling, and still feel here, as I write this.
    Reading what you wrote and feeling it for myself within me was very grounding and helpful.

    Thank you.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

      Amy — I am gratified to know that this piece was grounding for you after such stirring dreams. My own dreams seemed to be trying to tell me something, but my efforts to remember them this morning simply led to falling back int o sleep. :) But dreams are so amazing for showing us what the edges of our consciousness are only barely ready to acknowledge.

  2. abc123

    As I’ve watched these transits and reflected on my work and family relationships, it has become impossible to deny that the way I truly see these transits manifesting in my life is in road construction. In my city, at least four of the main arteries I (and thousands of others) use on a daily basis are undergoing major construction. This is doubling the drive time to get anywhere, yet most of us are not free to leave our starting points, such as work, so early.

    Alternate routes require not just a few miles extra, but perhaps 20-30 miles extra, and the overflow of traffic from the construction areas is clogging those, too.

    It’s a real headache. Last week, I left early, yet still arrived late to a very important destination at which I had several people waiting specifically for me. I have to go back today, and after having reviewed maps and routes several times, am still at a loss. In this case, what should be a 20-35 minute drive is certain to now take 1.5 – 2 hours.

    Yes, this feels like war in my 10th house. (to me)

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

      abc123 — I do feel your pain there. Summer where I live is often jokingly referred to as “road construction season,” though I have yet to encounter a situation as maddeningly immobilizing as the one in your community. I wish you luck!

      And I appreciate your observation also because it made me realize that in my city, these transits could be seen in the closing (or impending/potential closing) of several cherished artistic/educational/local business institutions — undoubtedly due in part to the rampant development here of “luxury” condos, hotels, restaurants, etc. Property values — and therefore taxes, rents, etc — are skyrocketing.

      There are other factors individual to each thing that is or is closing, of course; but the common thread seems to be a restructuring of what, for many long-time residents, is the cultural foundation which has made this city so wonderful for a long time. And the emotional reactions to these closings are completely in line with this week’s astrology, too.

      It’s rather heartbreaking; and I’m not the only person I know who has noticed that in just one short year or so, this city has gone from one that we love to brag about, to one whose near future we fear. Most people would say that “urban blight” is the evil cities must be wary of. But I find the reverse to be true, too: when only the very wealthy can live in a community, and their economics dictate what else can afford to exist there, it seems perhaps the soul of a city fragments and migrates out and away…

      Oh, my — I fear all my Cancer is showing. ;) Yet, did I just kind of describe Sun in Cancer square Eris in Aries? Substitute “identity” for “soul” in that last sentence above, and I think perhaps I did… Hmmmm. I’ll be pondering that. Thanks, abc123 for getting me going on that train of thought!

  3. DanielHugging Scorpio

    Great article Amanda. And thanks for your being an example of awareness and self-awareness, even if you found you might have missed an opportunity recently.

    Something in the background I’ve also felt: Venus square Saturn. It seems there’s work for Venus too, not just Mars. I’d love your thoughts on this concurrent aspect. To me, it feels like a check in point and reality check. Applying some kind of longer term objectivity. It’s the first of its three squares so we get to have more access to info over time.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

      Ahhh, Hugging Scorpio, thanks for asking about Venus square Rx Saturn; it had kind of slipped under may radar, thanks to everything else going on. But I think Len’s post today, though he does not mention Saturn, points to some excellent Venus themes at work.

      Also, a friend of mine who’s a Leo posted on FB today about needing to slow down even more, despite some people saying she’s already moving too slowly, because she’s feeling like she’s been missing or overriding too many messages from her internal guidance recently. I’m not 100% sure if it’s related, but it seemed to ring a little bell for me.

      I’ll have to give Venus-Saturn a little more thought, HS. Maybe someone else has some ideas/sensations at the ready? At the very least, Jupiter is close on Venus’ heels. Jupiter square Rx Saturn might amplify whatever Venus is now receiving; either way, Jupiter-Saturn is a big aspect — one we’d all do well to utilize consciously, and good to have things in motion already. Philip Sedgwick has had quite a bit to say about that in recent weeks.

  4. Jennifer

    Perfect. I have been planning, an organizing a long distance (60 kilometre) hike, and trying to get on-trail accommodation set up, and calculate daily kilometres, and where to leave cars. The little details are a better place to put all my PMS energy, stretching me out into the future, rather than bitching about the present.
    Thanks Amanda

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

      :) Jennifer, that just made me smile! Good luck with your trek — it sounds fantastic. May the weather gods smile upon you as you walk.

  5. Mary

    All this Cancer energy has me conscious of my roots and pondering wether a visit back east to visit dear old mom and the sibs is in the offerings. Mercury-Mars-Pluto, and ha! Eris aspecting natal 3rd house Saturn in Capricorn, I am definitely compartementalizing my emotions. Time to re read Eric’s Monday post

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