You made it. If you are reading this you lived to see the Sun enter Taurus again, which it did at about 11:30 am EDT (15:30 UTC today). The Sun in Taurus matters because you matter as matter. The implication of solar Taurus is to proceed with the flow of the seasons to confirm your tangible self.


No matter where on Earth you are, there is now no denying the reality of the season that started about a month ago. Because the seasons of Earth are synchronized with the cosmos, there is also no denying your connection with the universe.

Furthermore, because you are part of both the Earth and cosmos, there is also no denying your physical existence and all that goes with it. Among other things, that’s what solar Taurus is about.

Now you can implicitly diversify your life beyond conforming to the requirements and expectations of others, at least a bit, and at least for a while. The best way to do so is to give your body some equal time to tell you how to confirm as well as conform.

For it is from the realm of physical needs, desires and understanding that the teaching of solar Taurus are best received. Being a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the Taurus season functions to confirm your special place in the universe. While it is entirely well and good to search for life elsewhere in the solar system and beyond, it is also essential that such explorations be grounded in the daily miracle you are a part of.

You are representative of a miracle: sentience grounded in and interacting with the physical. It is no small thing that you can move about from one place to another at will and with conscious intent. It is significant that you can ingest parts of your world and integrate those parts into a meld of body and mind that is continuously changing and exchanging with its surroundings while at the same time remaining a distinguishable continuum of identity.

Yet, in an age when digital connections often serve as a proxy for physical contact, it’s easy to take your body for granted. It’s the path of least resistance to live in and for what is abstract. So far as we know, however, your physical existence remains the necessary requisite to your mental existence.

One planet with a firm correlation to your physical existence is Mars, which stationed retrograde over the weekend in Sagittarius. Mars retrogrades are not exactly rare, taking place roughly every other year. It has been much longer, however, since a Mars retrograde has symbolically moved from one state of existence to another by moving from one sign to another. To have such a retrograde happen now is thus excellent timing, because it can serve as a metaphor to help get you get more fully and consciously into your body during the season when it is most appropriate to do so.

Fortunately, Eric has you covered. The work Eric has put into your Spring Reading for this year is focused on providing you with an awareness of how you can interact and exchange with the Mars retrograde much as you do with your physical environment. Eric’s approach will allow you to ingest information about what would otherwise be an abstract celestial event, so you can tangibly improve the quality of your physical existence.

As regards to both the bigger picture and longer term in which both the Mars retrograde and the current season exist, Planet Waves has you covered there as well. During a time when the often pernicious influence of campaign financing is a hot topic of discussion, it is also an appropriate moment to contemplate the degree to which financial support of any kind holds sway nearly anywhere.

 Find out what the Mars retrograde will mean for you in Eric’s 2016 Spring Reading. You may Order all 12 signs here at a value price. Includes video readings!

Find out what the Mars retrograde will mean for you in Eric’s 2016 Spring Reading. You may Order all 12 signs here at a value price. Includes video readings!

It has been said that money talks. If that is so, then it can also be said that big money from corporate interests screams so as to drown out any competing or divergent message. The hegemony of corporate funding is at least as pervasive as the digital environment, and an alternative grounded in the truth of your physical existence is just as necessary.

Becoming a member of the Planet Waves Core Community is one of the few ways you can avail yourself of an alternative to always hearing what the corporate plutocracy wants you to hear. The information, perspective and tools that continuously flow to Core Community members are financed only by subscribers. What members get in return is content focused on your priorities, and presented so as to further your interests. As a fringe benefit you receive a continuous connection with others of like mind.

So take advantage of the season. Avail yourself of the connections less often made. Whether through your own body or through tangible participation in the Planet Waves Core Community (and hopefully both), there are options available to you. From those options you can choose. With your choices you can confirm that you are indeed a miracle manifested in matter with the power to make a difference for yourself, for others, and for the world in which you live.

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  1. Barbara Koehler

    When transiting Saturn returned to Sagittarius after making a necessary retrograde back into the sign of Scorpio last year he was sextile transiting Juno at 0+ Libra who was conjunct the transiting North Node at 0+ Libra. So today, when the Sun entered Taurus it made a connection to that sextile in the Saturn ingress chart as the apex point of a Yod, activating what Saturn’s sojourn in Sagittarius symbolizes. Saturn’s sextile to Juno suggested partnership and her conjunction with the transiting North Node suggested a path leading to opportunity for such things. Today’s transiting Sun in Taurus as the apex of this Yod denotes a shift or adjustment which might refer in part to the NY voting process now taking place.

    Transiting Jupiter at the time of the 2nd Saturn ingress into Sagittarius on 9/17/15, was in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces retrograde. Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius would have quite a bit of input into how Saturn would fulfill his intention as described by his ingress chart. Jupiter’s opposition to Neptune at that time is T-square today’s transiting Mars in Sagittarius, freshly stationed retrograde as you noted Len. Of course, transiting Mars is presently in a degree he will occupy for a total of 24 days and it exactly opposes the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

    Considering the ingress chart’s Saturn sextile to Juno (partnership and supporting the disenfranchised) along with the North Node (move forward) suggests to me that today’s Taurus Sun will embody and make visable those values (Taurus ruled by Venus) the registered voters of New York State hold dear, with a little adjusting (as required by the rules of Yod) of course.

    This coincides with the U.S. Sibly chart’s Vesta Return (trans. Vesta conjuncts U.S. Vesta exact this Friday). Vesta symbolizes investment as well as focus and the sense of safety one gets when one is with loved ones. Vesta is also symbolic of the inner fire and in the sign of Taurus that inner fire would take a form, quite possibly a beautiful form. The Saturn ingress chart also holds the ruler of Taurus, Venus (beauty, love, value) in Leo trine Uranus (unexpected, breakthrough, nonconforming) in Aries trine Pallas (warrior goddess, strategist) in Sagittarius.

    Venus also participates in another multiple aspect in the Saturn ingress chart; a Yod with Mercury in Libra whom she sextiles and Chiron in Pisces whom they both quincunx. This Yod has Chiron at the apex, that place where adjustment must take place. Finally, Venus in the Saturn ingress chart (the 2nd ingress that took place on September 17, 2015) squares the Moon of that same chart in Scorpio who was trine Chiron in Pisces at the time. This being part of the Saturn “intent” for his stay in Sagittarius, suggests to me that the Ingress Moon in Scorpio, squared by the Ingress Venus in Leo but trine the Ingress Chiron in Pisces (at the apex of a yod with the ingress sextile of Venus and Mercury) will provide the where-with-all that Chiron needs for adjusting. At least in the U.S. that could very well be the NY voters today.

    That the Ingress opposition between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces is T-squared by the U.S. Uranus in Gemini hints at an unexpected event in the U.S., contrary to what one might think a Saturn in Sagittarius might be inclined to provide. But there is a lot of Venus in this picture and that along with Jupiter’s rulership over Sagittarius, the sign Saturn (and Mars, and at the time of the Saturn ingress, Vesta) travels through, plus the Ingress Mercury in Venus’ sign of Libra is semi-square the Ingress Saturn at 0 Sagittarius, making a compelling case for loosening restraints.

    Transiting retrograde Saturn is only 1 degree from re-connecting with the Great Attractor (14+ Sagittarius) too and no doubt he feels the irresistible tug of evolution because of it. If he can do it, through tried and tested forms such as afforded by Primary elections in the U.S., he will likely accept incremental change. All good things in due time.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Ooopsie. . . make that transiting Pallas (not Vesta) in Sagittarius at the time of the Saturn ingress in the next to last paragraph above. So sorry./be

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Thank you so very much for your contribution to fill in the gaps on the solar ingress to Taurus. Some occasions of that particular ingress earlier in this century have made the anniversary a bit ambivalent for me, and i’m hoping to reclaim the joy that used to accompany the beginning of Beltane (and lose the cringe that now creeps up on me as the Sun returns to fixed earth). Speaking of Pallas, perhaps your “Oopsie” is instead a stroke of genius intuition regarding something we should pay attention to. For Pallas is on the verge of what will eventually be two ingresses to Pisces. The first ingress of Pallas to Pisces will be in less than a week (April 26). Later in the year, a retrograde will return Pallas to Aquarius on August 12. After a significant re-incursion extending to the middle third of Aquarius (station direct at 18+ Aquarius on October 17) is finally over, Pallas will enter Pisces in direct motion a second and final time on December 28. All of this as the much slower moving Salacia is beginning a very long oscillation on the cusp separating Pisces from Aries. While the focus of my writing must necessarily prioritize sign-ruling planets and the support of Planet Waves initiatives, that does not mean the so-called minor planets are off my radar. Pallas is close to my heart. Salacia, on the other hand, first caught my attention with its proximity to the Pisces Sun just as Uranus was returning to Aries for the long run
    just over five years ago (you remember that). With Salacia now having started its “long dance” on the Aries Point while Pallas slowly but surely catches up, i’m sensing what Eric calls “a proving moment” which can be put to use to refresh perceptions of the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring season so as to assuage both weariness and wariness of the world.

  4. Barbara Koehler

    Hey Len, I’ve missed trading tidbits of astrology comings and goings with you, but I know how busy you must be these days. Thanks for the heads up on the Pallas transits to and fro Pisces this year and really glad to know she will again conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon-Pallas conjunction in Aquarius. Also hope to gain some positive pronouncements regarding Salacia and her meaning in charts. Her meaning eludes me much the same way she eluded Neptune! Take care Len.

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Thank your being so kind, supportive and tolerant as i work to get my rhythm and stride back. There will be more tidbits traded more often as my feet get under me.

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