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Dear Visitor from the Internet:

You have found your way to Planet Waves. For 17 years we’ve provided a warm space on the Internet: a space where it’s safe to consider real topics, look for information about yourself, and communicate with others.

Ceremonial fire in the Chironian, the healing cave in Rosendale, NY. Photo by Eric.

Ceremonial fire in the Chironian, the healing cave in Rosendale, NY. Photo by Eric.

I know you may have come here if you’re curious about astrology, which really means curious about yourself and the world you live in. We won’t disappoint you there. We take an unusual approach — astrology that is a blend of self-guidance and gutsy investigative reporting.

Astrology the way we do it honors tradition and is fully rooted in the modern world. What you read here will be grounded in classical astrology, and yet we’re also pioneers in the use of newly discovered planets (Chiron, Eris, QB1 and many others). In addition to my own work, we have two excellent astrology writers appearing regularly — Amanda Painter and Len Wallick. They are backed by a truly fantastic research team, called the Eco List, because much of what we focus on are environmental issues and the astrology behind those issues.

We have many more topics to explore as well. You’ll find a Tarot article every Sunday. You can read about relationships and sexuality published every Saturday afternoon. We have our own brand of progressive politics, published Saturday mornings. And there are many other features that you will love, and writers you will make friends with.

Whatever part of our grounds you explore, we have what you’ve come here for.

The Chironian healing space in daylight. Photo by Eric.

The Chironian healing space in daylight. Photo by Eric.

INSIGHT. You want to go past the surface and look into yourself and others — and into the global situation. I think these are closely related; more and more, we simply must deal with the world as it is, and that takes insight.

UNDERSTANDING. Think of understanding as the response to the question, “Why?” — but much gentler. We help the process by providing you with tools to penetrate the mental and psychic chaos of the world. Even merely seeking understanding is helpful; the desire to make connections, to see distinctions and to notice the elements that make up change.

DEPTH. How many times have you read something and wished it would go deeper? At Planet Waves, we allow for that, with longer articles and readings that go inside and underneath the story — whatever story we’re telling.

MEANING. Much of what you see and read in the media lacks context. Context is the basis of meaning. Something is meaningful when you can see it within the framework of the reality around it — and recognize the places that it connects with your own experiences. Astrology is a beautiful tool for seeing context and therefore meaning, personal and collective.

Planet Waves is centered in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, with writers and staff all over the U.S., the U.K. and Europe.

Planet Waves is centered in the Hudson Valley of New York, with writers and staff all over the U.S., the U.K. and Europe.

COMMUNITY. Planet Waves has been gathering souls on the Internet since we went online in 1998. We are an island on the Internet, where many wise, old souls have gathered among the wise, young ones. We regularly sponsor community events.

SUPPORT FOR YOUR CREATIVITY. Part of my mission as an astrologer and rabble-rouser is to support artists of every stripe. Planet Waves is high-octane creative fuel. Whether you’re reading the articles you find here, my horoscopes or listening to one of my detailed readings, you will find that what you encounter on Planet Waves nudges, guides or pushes you into your deeper creativity.

SUPPORT FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND FAMILY. From its first days, Planet Waves has taken the position that there are many kinds of family structures, many forms of relationships and an infinite number of sexual orientations. Whoever you are or whatever you’re into, you will find a clear and bold mirror at Planet Waves.

How to Get Involved — And Get the Full Benefits of Planet Waves

The first thing you can do is hang out and visit for a while. Check out our portals, on the top left. Leaf through the past few weeks of archives. Get a feeling for how the website is organized. You might want to pop over to Planet Waves FM for years of past editions of my Internet radio program.

Eric Francis, editor of Planet Waves

Eric Francis, editor of Planet Waves

Or you can get a free Introductory Pass. This gives you access to additional website features, including the ability to comment on articles. It gets you on our mailing list so you receive offers for new readings and upgrades at the best possible price — as soon as they’re available.

Or you can get a Core Community Pass. This gives you access to all written content, including my horoscopes and featured articles. You get other benefits like delivery of short SMS messages with astrology updates, emailing of our premium content, and unlimited use of the Intelligent Archive. Your $14.97 a month goes toward supporting the Planet Waves infrastructure, our content and keeping the lights on. Note, call us at (845) 331-0355 and you can get an astrology reading with your Core Community Pass.

Or you can get an All Access Pass. That includes everything in a Core Community Pass (above), plus all of my audio and written readings. This includes all 12 Sun and rising sign readings, the 2015 Annual Edition (Cosmophilia: You Belong Here, also available separately), my Spring and Midyear readings (Astrology for Artists and Astrology for Lovers), and anything else I cook up.

We’re a place where you’re welcome; a place where you belong.


Founder and Editor of Planet Waves

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  1. Eric Francis

    Here are some thoughts on Core Community by the Planet Waves staff.

    Core Community is more than people commenting on a blog – though that’s part of it. It’s more than getting Eric’s horoscopes as soon as they come out, and his SMS updates on your smartphone. Core Community brings you closer into the network of voices at Planet Waves, writers and readers alike. Once there, you can immerse even further into your own astrology through regular participatory conference calls with Eric.

    Curious about how the Uranus-Pluto square is affecting your relationship? Confused about rising signs, Moon signs or house cusps? Experiencing your Chiron return and want to connect to others struggling with Chiron in Pisces? Core Community calls are where you can ask questions like these, get an answer from Eric in real time, and benefit from the questions asked by others. The Internet maps out how we’re all connected; Core Community actually brings us into contact – real people, real voices, real conversation about real astrology. Planet Waves isn’t interested in molding you into another consumer; we’re inviting you to be a participant in life, and offering a way for you to start small with a great group of people you already have something in common with. Core Community is about you.
    — Amanda

    In the context of Planet Waves, Core Community members are those whose actions make the ideal real and keep it breathing. The ideal is an Internet publication without advertising. The ideal is also astrology brought down to Earth, integrated into your life, and informing your existence. Finally, the ideal is to elevate your purpose from dealing with what life brings to a focus on what you bring to life.

    The Planet Waves Core Community Pass is a ticket to a higher understanding of, and deeper connection to the astrological world around you. It’s a seat in a classroom where the line between learning and teaching is fluid, a place to be both constantly challenged and deeply accepted. This is what our customers love being a part of. The Core Community model is an evolving, interactive learning experience in real time, and a place to access the heart of Planet Waves, Eric’s horoscopes and articles, along with all of our other incredible content, under one roof.

    (You also get astrological texts sent directly to your phone, convenient links to the Planet Waves FM podcasts, daily astrology emails, and the chance to talk to Eric and other members of the Core Community during regularly scheduled call-in events. )

    The theme of our 2015 Annual Reading is, “You Belong Here” …on earth, at this time with a meaningful purpose. Our astrology can help you uncover and actualize your purpose. Our Core Community is a gathering place for you to share what is important to you, with people of similar interests. It is a place of support for you in your own development with the opportunity to be heard, to listen and learn. With Eric as the leader, you may participate in life-changing forums with his untiring commitment to your making the most of your life. It’s an exciting and fulfilling journey! It is even more so when shared in the spirit of community.

    Imagine astrology that addresses every important challenge that you face. What if you could have a horoscope that provides a safe place for you to connect with your own soul — and find deeply satisfying answers to those challenges? A place for you to find daily practical, grounded support from a trusted astrologer with more than 20 years of experience? And a complete package of tools designed to offer you guidance right when you need it?

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