Collusion Confusion

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By Jen Sorensen

Cartoonist Jen Sorensen walks us through the four stages of collusion confusion in Trump supporters.

By Jen Sorensen

By Jen Sorensen


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3 thoughts on “Collusion Confusion

    1. Amy Elliott

      Thank you, Glen. This article is well worth a read.

      I’ve noticed that Trumpism is becoming more and more like a cult. His supporters don’t really care what he says or does: they believe in him the same way they would believe in a god. His actions may be hard to understand, but he must be right, he must know more than them, he must have a purpose that he’s hiding for an important reason. The world is not what it seems. And lo, the delusion is complete.

      The beauty of how conspiracy theories work is that our minds automatically want to establish a pattern and arrive at answers rather than keep questioning. I’ve seen someone, I suspect Lakoff, mention that Trump makes vague pronouncements and lets his fans connect the dots. As a result, they’ve invested effort in the process. The article is intelligent in the way it links conspiracy theories with internet memes.

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