Client and Reader Feedback


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your kind offer, I’ve just renewed my subscription to PW, I was about to anyway, but I had lost your first e-mail (that was before Mercury turned retrograde, though!). Money is a bit tight right now, but I can’t imagine living without my Planet Waves subscription.

I’ve been following you since 2012, but I also took advantage of your pre-2012 archives, and what I found was so astounding I’ll never find enough words to describe the accurateness of your depiction of the passage of Saturn over my Libra sun, for example. I could not have been more precise.

I haven’t had time to go over your Vision Quest writings in depth yet, but what I read was already quite impressive. I’m looking forward to downloading your audio contributions so that I can listen to you while walking, it helps me think!

With love from Brittany


I wanted to say thank you for this incredible reading! Your interpretation is 100% the translation and the reflection of what is taking shape in my life this year! Same thing with the Capricorn reading. Together, they speak the story of my life.
With love, and cheers to Pluto,
Leana Delamotte – Jul 14, 2015 [awaiting approval]


Great feedback:

Welcome back from the edge!!! Your work is of the very highest integrity and continually stands out in my  life as an example of the finest personal/professional/planetary ethics, discipline, joy, adventurousness, mastery, an attuned and creative consciousness, and accountability. Thank you. It’s like nothing else.  Megan Matson, May 2015 [approved]


Dear Eric, As Len wrote, your distillation of the Kamapa’s messages in endearing, understandable, and relevant terms to folks just trying to live their lives here on Planet Earth is so crucial for these tempestuous times. Thank you for the inspired and spiritual journalism you publish here on PW, as always. It is a great service to all, of any age.

I so love the thread that ties all your writing together that warps from the stars and wefts from the material plane, and helps your readers to walk a little higher on the path, and to be a little more grounded at the same time.

Love always, keep on keeping on, and may the force be with you!

  ~Elizabeth Hardwick  (Planet Waves Core Community member since 2014) April 2014 [awaiting approval]


Eric and staff:  I gain so much from your readings.  And I want to thank you for that. I my chakras have been totally out of balance and I have been experiencing deep financial problems. Otherwise I would be happy to order my birthday chart. Keep faith in your vision. Asante, Diana April 2015


I would just like to say I am fairly new to your website just joining last summer and upgrading to all access last fall, I have truly found it to be worthwhile and a good value.  Kathy Fraser,  April 2015 [awaiting approval]

These quotes do not have documented authors and were pulled from past letters…

Your reading provided me with great insight into my present state of evolution, which has been intense to say the least.”


“Thank you so much for sending this wonderful birthday report. It is fabulous and I was so astounded at Eric’s completely intuitive and amazing ‘feel’ for a much more deep and meaningful explanation of the approaching transits.”


“It is like you are sitting in front of me and speaking about my experience of the last three years. Amazing!”

absolutely mind blowing and beautiful”


“It is not easy to find the depth and insight you offer for people who are consciously embracing their journey,”

Your ability to apply what is happening in the heavens to understand various ways in which we may be affected, and provide objective guidance of how one may use it to wake up, grow, develop and recognize opportunities, is truly unsurpassed.”


One listener has already told Eric, “This reading correlated to my experience on the ground, pretty much exactly,” adding that she is  continually impressed with both the depth you are willing to go and the high quality material you consistently deliver.”


As you can see, everything you said in this reading was completely and absolutely spot-on for me. I have followed other astrologers, had readings done and still keep one in particular as my personal astrologer, but no one, even her, as much as I love her has been able to better articulate the past, present and future possibilities as clearly as you have. I am astounded by your passion and talent. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me. It has been a tremendous help to me over these last few years of very difficult decisions and changes.

-Debra MacFarlane,
Feb 4, 2015 [approved]

Core Community feedback:

Dear Eric

This may not be the conventional channel to approach you but I wanted to thank you for providing me with a Core Community membership pass to Planet Waves. I received an email from Anatoly to tell me that this had been activated and I thanked him. I feel that I should also thank you.

Planet Waves is indeed a special place. It’s special because it not only takes astrology seriously but also takes life seriously. It is a place of political acuity and may, perhaps, provide the shelter needed by many folks to weather the storms of our current “interesting times.”

Thank you for allowing me to be among the Core Community whose views I respect and admire. It is an honour and a privilege to be allowed access to your website.

With all best wishes for continued success and greater influence.  Geoff Marsh,  April 2015 [awaiting approval]


Amanda, thank you. The reason why I joined planet waves as a core community member was because I no longer wanted to sit by on the sidelines but also wanted to meaningfully engage with this like-minded community, having listened to Eric’s material (mostly) for about two months prior to joining.
-Pisces Sun
Apr 19, 2015 [no contact data]

Cancer feedback;

Dearest Eric,

Just read my Cancer horoscope – it is really totally amazing. It makes so much sense to me – and is so very helpful – could say so much more (things are opening up with my work with refugees in Rome – though right now can’t see it going beyond voluntary work, and it may well not be ithat that’s beckoning me). Also want to comment on PW – but have to run right now.

Thank you, you dear dear man – you have such a lovely heart and soul. Much love, Liz Glanville  April 2015 [awaiting approval]

Gemini feedback:

Thank you for reaching out. I am planning to order this year’s Gemini reading and may be able to provide feedback since last year’s reading is not fresh in my mind.  If I sent any comments last year then please use them on the site.

I love Eric’s insight and he blows me away with the accuracy and overall fresh and creative presentation.

I hope that this is helpful.  Feel free to contact me for more! Best, Leslie Dungee, May 2015 [approved]


I was thinking of not renewing as often the Friday offering very much concentrates on US and I am in UK but I have been so impressed by Eric’s Gemini birthday reading and now the midyear report and

also the grateful fact that there is no advertising that I definitely want to continue to support Eric and you all and of course know what his take is on current happenings. Please pass my comments on to Eric and add that I feel just listening to the midyear report that I am deepening my knowledge and understanding of astrology.   Before I go I am delighted that over the years Eric’s renderings have moved more and more onto a practical spiritual basis which is where I want to be. Love and blessings to you all. Carol Erlund Aug. 2014  [needs approval]




It is a privilege to be a long time reader and supporter of Planet Waves and Eric Francis.

Just finished the Gemini reading, there is so much content to digest. Listening to an Eric Francis reading is very much like
having an intimate conversation with a valued friend and mentor. This gemini reading sent me into the attic of mind for very early memories that needed to be dusted off, acknowledged and let go of. The seven years between mercury retrogrades sent me to the time in my life when I was widowed, a major event that sent me along a path that seemed to not be of my choosing. The reading had me looking at the now and the need to create. It showed me a future that can be of my own choosing. This gemini reading is a neon sign showing me the way.

Good Job Eric and thank you.
– Nora Connaughton
Jun 4, 2015 [approved]


“I’ve been having few astrologers read my chart but it all seems fluff. I am amazed at the accuracy you brought into my Gemini reading this month even though it wasn’t based on me personally. But I do feel that a lot of the things you are sensing seem to be realistic for my current events.”
– year/reader unknown



Unsure what product this is in response to:

I cannot tell you enough how Planet Waves has helped me through so many events in my life. I cannot tell you how much your work and dedication means to so many of us.  I cannot tell you anything, really, because it is time to show it.
– RueZalia Watkins


Feedback from Art of Asking:

I was so sorry to read that you are having these difficulties. I have had nothing but incredible kindness and generosity from you over the years
– Liz Glanville
Apr 28, 2015 [approved]

I am in Dublin, Ireland and came across you back in 2012. I have religiously listened to Planet Waves since then. You are extremely talented as an astrologer and I love that I am hearing about the new planets, centaurs etc. You are certainly progressive, open-minded and I personally have learnt so much in listening to you.
I wanted to write to say thank you for your tireless work, you have been like a friend…
All I can offer is encouragement and gratitude as you are an amazing being, we all are!
– Michelle Bibby 4/28/15 [awaiting approval]

Once again, I thank you for your honest presence in the world…Best of luck with this – for both our benefits!
– Jacqueline Staples 4/28/15 [awaiting approval]

Can I say that I think access to personal readings for something less than $1000 was a great part of your service when I first stumbled upon Planet Waves.
– Lesley Waters
Apr 28, 2015 [approved]

You and your team have brought me untold amount of help and support.
I have received a lot from you and PW. still do, thru free membership.
I also feel what you have to give, the people sorely need.
– Biren Shah 4/28/15 [awaiting approval]

I’m happy with the emailed horoscopes, which I really do not want to lose.
– Merry Pearson 4/28/15 [awaiting approval]

I want to see Planet Waves succeed. I absolutely love reading your emails. I absolutely love hearing about the news through a mundane astrological lens. I am so moved by your deep research and your years of journalism expertise that you bring to your column. I wish I was as great a writer as you are. I have dreamed about and wished I could come and work for you.
With the written emails I can skim and get to the places that I want to read about.
– Angelica Rehkugler 4/29/15 [awaiting approval]

I’ve gained so much from you and Planet Waves has become part of my life over the last few years. The work you put in is hugely appreciated. Sending good thoughts your way.
-Michael Stephenson
May 3, 2015 [approved]

Feedback from “Back from the Edge”:

I’m a big fan, and your audioscopes have helped me and my 18 year old son immensely.
– Maggie Curran
May 5, 2015 [approved]

Eric, You are such a spot on thinker and your writing style, et al – beckons. I like how forward thinking you are. And the photos are always lovely!
– Jeanne Natré
May 5, 2015 [approved]

Taurus/Sagittarius/Sagittarius and also a business owner, so I understand the concept of evolve or die, but the Taurus in me just wants Your deeply connecting horoscopes… Your weekly and monthly horoscopes are like oxygen for me in the smog of life and I will continue to pay for them as long as I am able.
I am profoundly grateful for you.
– Diane Sullivan 5/6/15 [awaiting approval]

I’m enjoying my core community horoscope access. You are so right on about Sagittarius needing to trust self, to allow a sense of time and patience with a relationship.
…you had a wise and in-depth perspective that was so right on (for the May monthly horoscope).
I guess I am very impressed by your forecasting skills.
I love your youtube videos… It was like a creative meditation…
Fan since 1999 :D
– Ana Perez 5/6/15 [approved]

I’ve been reading your column for a long time, not sure how many years! I have always enjoyed your articles…I so enjoy reading whatever I can access. Not sure what caused you to be upset or to keep you up at night, but suffice to say you are doing everything right.
I look forward to all of your knowledge and to maybe someday meeting you.
Thank you for everything you do and the love you spread…
– Theresa Brooker 5/6/15 [awaiting approval]

I am a subscriber to Planet Waves, and have been for years. I subscribe for the very reasons you mentioned here. Making sense of the times we are living in. Wow, have I said that over and over. It has been a great deal of assistance to me.
Thank you for the work, and for keeping the candle lit.
– Christine Gamache 5/6/15 [awaiting approval]

I am an avid supporter & enjoyer of your astrological gifts. The info is outstanding, relevant and well done…
I am a full access member, primarily interested in Tues & Friday horoscope and monthly reading.
– Megan Gordon 5/6/15 [awaiting approval]

So glad to hear from you on both counts – the original email from last week, and this one. Both demonstrate the transparency, vulnerability and integrity that I appreciate from you and Planet Waves.
Many thanks for all you do.
– Jennifer Jackson
May 6, 2015 [approved]

Eric, you are the best!
Keep up the interesting and good work.
– Susan Andrews 5/6/15 [awaiting approval]

You are an inspiration to all of us and i greatly appreciate your work and all the people that are a part of Planet Waves.
– Hilary Kennedy
May 7, 2015 [approved]

As you can see, everything you said in this reading was completely and absolutely spot-on for me. I have followed other astrologers, had readings done and still keep one in particular as my personal astrologer, but no one, even her, as much as I love her has been able to better articulate the past, present and future possibilities as clearly as you have. I am astounded by your passion and talent. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me. It has been a tremendous help to me over these last few years of very difficult decisions and changes.

-Debra MacFarlane,
Feb 4, 2015 [approved]

Over the holidays when I was really at rock bottom. But when the Cosmophilia arrived it was the greatest gift I could have hoped for. A treasure. And it was a gift that kept on giving and giving and giving with each sign. Like a generous cornucopia of beauty with your insights and your words and the music. I never felt so spoiled. Thank YOU!
-Christina Caudill
Apr 29, 2015 [approved]

Just want you to know I truly appreciate your work, your standards and your passion. Very rare these days…
-Steve Guettermann
Apr 15, 2015 [awaiting approval]


[Suzana Silva] wanted to thank you so much for your work. She is a CC member & bought the Cosmophilia readings. She said she was so grateful that you understand the depth of Taurus. She said she loves you and she loves us!
-Apr 21, 2015 [awaiting approval]

Wanted to share two significant takeaways for me from your birthday reading for Pisces. Thank you.

One was the note you emphasized on investing in tools. It was an affirmation that now is the time to buy that set of crystal bowls. I did. I’m poised to launch a sound healing ministry as Jennivette Heart and Soul.

The other was your observation on the Leo aspect of Pisces. This has helped me not be so pissed off about service. I often spin into martyrdom at the cavalier attitude and sometime downright superiority that other folks display towards me as if I’m Cinderella, but I’m really super-servant when it comes to getting the dirty work done. For example, I trap, neuter and return feral cats. On the job, I’m willing to change the toner in the copy machine or wipe the floor. I can do multi tasking service in the blink of an eye. My father broke his hip, I was there for 10 days, by his bedside, helping him pee, and my sisters showed up later to throw him a birthday party.
-Jennifer Roberts
Apr 26, 2015 [awaiting approval]

E and crew –

I have been resisting all of the new products and ways that you are coming out but, tonight, I get it. My resistance is to receiving, and I’m so glad to have all of this work to listen to and to read and to consider. This was a result of a radical shift in my priorities recently, thank you being ahead.
-Suzy Colpitts
Apr 15, 2015 [awaiting approval]

You have an excellent site and superb knowledge and guidance to share, which others i know appreciate.
Apr 28, 2015 [awaiting approval]

Planet Waves is indeed a special place. It’s special because it not only takes astrology seriously but also takes life seriously. It is a place of political acuity and may, perhaps, provide the shelter needed by many folks to weather the storms of our current “interesting times.”
-Geoff Marsh
Apr 30, 2015 [awaiting approval]

Just joined Planet Waves as a full access member and so happy I did!
-Kate Cummings
May 4, 2015 [approved]

Yourwork is of the very highest integrity and continually stands out in my personal and professional life as an example of the finest personal/creative/planetary ethics, discipline, joy, adventurousness, mastery, and accountability. Thank you. It’s like nothing else.
-Megan Matson
May 5, 2015 [approved]

Good As Gold Feedback:

Wow, just listen to the Pisces Good as Gold Midyear reading. Can’t wait to listen to my cancer rising Good as Gold reading. I was really amazed at how the Pisces reading gave me a deeper understanding of my own natal chart. Like most Pisces, I have a hard time relating to a lot of the descriptions of my sun sign. Especially since my Pisces sun and mercury are in my 9th house, uranus is in leo in my first and my MC is Aries. As you might guess,  I am pretty assertive. Thank you. flip lamken Aug. 2014 [awaiting approval]


Hi Eric,  firstly your reports have helped me so much over the last 3 years which have been intense (ne 23 December) and many times your reports were like having a conversation with a friend who had known me through all my trials and triumphs, someone who knew my strengths and compassionately guided me through the turmoil and visceral fear and  I will be forever grateful.

After facing huge financial stress with my husband (ne 04 june) in which it looked like we may lose our businesses  and be left with absolutely nothing we fought for our relationship, family and security until now it looks like we have made it through with our values and integrity intact

The imagery of golden energy has been infusing my life for some time now so the title of your latest report was a wonderful confirmation and encouragement especially as it is concerning business and personal evolution.

All this to say I remember seeing an offer of individual purchase rather than all 12 (still on a budget) but cant locate on your site, where do I need to go?  Thank you so much again for your work it made all the difference  Andrea Cerson, Sept. 2014 [awaiting approval]

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