Clearing the Way

Posted by Amy Elliott

A clear message: Greek No voters demonstrate.
Credit: Georgios Giannopoulos/Wikimedia Commons

Amy Elliott stands in for today’s Astrology Diary. She writes that this week, you will have the opportunity to understand when a line has been crossed, and you can begin to work out how to respond. Make use of the clarity in the astrological atmosphere, and honor your best impulses.

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Summer is here, and there is a scent on the breeze that is very much like hope. The mental distillation that began with Mercury’s square to Chiron last week now culminates in the Sun opposing Pluto today; clarity has arrived, it seems, with a brass band in tow.


A clear message: Greek No voters before the referendum. Credit: Georgios Giannopoulos/Wikimedia.

This is likely to stir up an issue or controversy that may have been previously buried in a haze of politeness. Emotions are resurfacing.

That line of saturation you drew in your mind is now in vivid focus — and you can see, or possibly feel, whether it’s been crossed.

If so, if something unacceptable has taken place, now is a good time to consider how you will address it. Doing so will require honesty — especially with yourself, which means clearly understanding your feelings and intentions.

Make sure you have this safeguard firmly in place, but do not allow self-doubt to dampen your courage. There are reasons why you feel enough is enough.

You may be unsure precisely how to tackle the subject at issue. This is fine, as long as you have a safe way to vent your feelings. The astrology suggests the solution could well unfold naturally — whether or not a head-on confrontation is needed, or (more likely) something more diplomatic.

The other possibility for an answer lies in the particular facet of your situation that inspires something like religious devotion, service or general fervor. It’s the sanctuary wherein you can find your best, most generous impulses: those values that are immutable, precisely because of their essential rectitude.

If you want to know how to proceed, begin by honoring your unique gifts. If you need a direction, ask your inner divinity or patron deity. And remember — you have just as much right to access this source of wisdom as anyone else.

4 thoughts on “Clearing the Way

  1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    I don’t know about anyone else, but these themes definitely felt present for me this morning regarding the shared use of my building’s yard. But as you describe, Amy, I’m “unsure precisely how to tackle the subject at issue.”

    I’m aware that, as the longest-termed tenant (by several years), that I can fall into a sense of entitlement or ownership that is not totally valid, since I do not own the building. Plus, there is no reason for the other tenants not to use the yard as they feel like. But as an introvert (in the energetic sense — I’m very sociable), I’m finding all the activity and “stuff”not to be meshing well with my personal sense of the yard as a space for “zen gardening” and a way to be in nature while still being in my “personal space.”

    So it’s tricky… and I’m convinced that any attempt I make to discuss it will just have me coming across as the possessive “old” 41-year-old who doesn’t want “the young people” partying (relatively respectively, just…frequently…and…this weekend there were multiple dogs and a large overnight tent) on her lawn.

    I’m hoping for the “natural unfolding.” That is, that if a conversation is had, it finds its proper time and place so as to seem social and cooperative, not confrontational. The brief, kind-of-related exchange I had with one of the gals this morning as she was headed to work kind of had me feeling like I could have phrased my thoughts — which were more an expression of something I was wondering about than anything else — better.


  2. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    During the Mercury & Chiron square I felt strongly in my body what I can only describe as a burning sensation throughout, caused by thoughts. A couple of times I almost had what I can only describe as a panic attack. I was dealing with should, hows, and whys in regards to expressing something deep within to my partner. After the square began separating I was able to relax enough to put my thoughts & feelings into words. Yes, what I had to say had been up until that point, “buried in a haze of politeness”.

  3. Fay

    Well I definitely knew something was up today. First I was in sort of a limbo state (odd for me) then later “feisty” was the word of the day. I was heading out to look up my chart for the day and dropped by here first. Well no need to ponder. Thank you.

    Sometimes there can only be SO MUCH injustice. Eventually there comes a time and as you are exiting happily out the door? That’s as good a time as any.

    So faced with more of the same deceitful rhetoric and cattylike prose, I answered in a taking the high road manner. But yea, I have to admit there was SOME cattyness right back at ‘er — and that was fun too.

    Definitely time to move on. I do so love Pluto; nice of the sun to remind me.

    This was my favorite section of your post:

    This is likely to stir up an issue or controversy that may have been previously buried in a haze of politeness. Emotions are resurfacing.

    That line of saturation you drew in your mind is now in vivid focus — and you can see, or possibly feel, whether it’s been crossed.

    Aquarius, Aquarius, Taurus rising

  4. Trace Davis

    While this might be a meaningful dialogue to hone in with your heavenly saint, by what does one need an aptitude for that anyway, if pleasing to pray for the saviour is outside of the perfect arrangement. I for one do not pray for the god or saint to rid me of a certain illness or problem, be it that simple. I’m deeply religious, spiritual in fact, but the body of sincere piety is the practice no matter what happens, and in that, it is for the beloved, not to pray to get something.

    Then, in my estimation of how deliberately people are getting away with renegade activity, those love vibes are conveniently accorded so as anyone who delights on victimisation, suffers ever morose terms. Why this plausibly has taste written across the new world as it stands, the movement is in the shakers not the other way around.

    How often can one’s rights be diminished before you get openly cross at bearing a grudge? Many times people have the pleasing way, as my parents did, and gave up stepping forward, only to begrudge everything once they get home over a few fags, a bottle of beer and wine, and the anger sufficing more underneath the surface.

    So when you dare to get your facts in order to how compliant you are in ‘any’ case, you might as well add patience, time, relativity, as in knowledge – until the same complaint comes around and around and around again. By what we mean our lessons are we should ‘feel’ them anyway.

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