From Pacifica: Planetary Radio — Juno Reaches Jupiter!

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Return with this week’s Planetary Radio to the evening of July 4, 2016 and the exciting arrival at Jupiter of the Juno orbiter. You’ll hear the moment of successful orbital insertion. Several of the mission’s key contributors reveal how Juno accomplished this feat, along with what they hope the spacecraft will tell us about the giant planet.

From Pacifica: Planetary Radio — Countdown to Jupiter

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This Planetary Radio episode on the Juno probe’s mission to Jupiter was first broadcast June 28. Mat Kaplan talks with the mission’s Principal Investigator, Scott Bolton, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

From the Pacifica Network: Refugees Speak Out

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Sallie Latch is an 83-year-old artist and activist. Courtesy of Mitchel Cohen and the Pacifica Network, this is her interview with a Syrian refugee in Greece. Cohen says: “There are almost no — nada — interviews where refugees are allowed to speak for themselves in U.S. media. Instead, they are demonized. Let’s put a face on them.”

From Pacifica and TUC Radio: The Devil’s Chessboard

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With new material and never before heard interviews David Talbot shows in his new book that CIA Director Allen Dulles saw himself as above the law, manipulating and subverting American presidents. We bring you this conversation between Talbot and Deep State analyst Peter Dale Scott from fellow Pacifica affiliate TUC Radio.

From the Pacifica Network and This Way Out Radio: Transitioned Jordan + “Roasted” Scalia + global LGBT

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This Way Out is a Pacifica-affiliated international LGBT radio magazine, broadcasting since 1988. On this week’s show, the “life and crimes” of Justice Antonin Scalia (“Gay USA” hosts Ann Northrop & Andy Humm “roast” the not-so-dearly departed homophobic judge).