Cancer Birthday Preview (for Cancer rising too)

Cancer Solstice Chart as a Solar Return — Cancer Birthday Summary

Dear Cancer Reader:

I thought I would offer a few ideas on the Cancer chart as a solar return chart — that is, as an indicator of your upcoming four seasons (actually more, because this chart points far into the future).

Image by Lizanne Webb

The first image that emerges is that of Mars in late Gemini when the Sun has ingressed Cancer. That places Mars in the 12th house, where it can represent fear, hesitancy or the question of where your drive and determination went. There’s no shortage of energy in your chart. To the contrary, you have an abundance of it, but Mars in the 12th can reveal the question of connecting with your drive.

Here’s the thing. Mars is hanging out at 28+ Gemini — a very strange degree of the zodiac. It shows up in many historic charts.

There’s a fixed star there (an actual star, rather than a planet) and that fixed star is associated with things going well. We see it in news charts as bad things that went well. You can apply this factor yourself.

To do so, you will need to do two things. One is consciously connect with your ambition. The other is to connect with your fear, which could be anxiety or hesitation or even, in the rare moment, panic. Your chart illustrates fear as energy, which you can then re-apply and use in a creative way.

Ok, that covers thing one. Thing two involves Aries, your solar 10th house. That’s the house of achievement, and of reputation. It’s the most extraverted house, because to use this house you must take a chance and assert your leadership and your authority in some way.

There are two stories developing here. One is that Vesta has recently entered Aries, where it’s going to be for a while due to a retrograde, which spans from Aug. 12 through Nov. 13. Vesta finally leaves Aries in March 2016. This is a VERY long time for an asteroid to be in such a prominent house, and the message of this placement is obsession with service. In a phrase, that is your key to success. You must do what you do to do it, and make sure that it serves who it can serve.

There is another story in your 10th — an even more momentous conjunction between Uranus and Eris. These two planets in Aries are an old story, but their joining forces is a new one. The message is that you’re poised to contribute something revolutionary to the world over the next few years, if you focus your energy and are brave and determined. This is a conjunction that will shape the world and describe changes in society to rival the Uranus-Pluto squire that we’ve been living through. For you this is about being boldly who you are, with no hesitation — inventing yourself as you go.

Thing three is the Moon. The Moon is the body associated with your sign, and at the moment of the solstice we find it in the very last degree of Leo — in my opinion one of the most interesting degrees of the zodiac.

The message here is that you will be revealing yourself in some bold way. Secrecy, privacy, concealment; these things are not your friends.

You are the most free where you can be the most open, and that is where you will succeed. Where you must conceal yourself, take notice that there may be something toxic in the environment.

The Moon is square Saturn, now in the last degree of Scorpio. That again points to the theme of secrecy and why it’s such a menace. In this aspect, concealing oneself is described as the very essence of what causes stuckness. You’re likely to be fully engaged with this issue, and in a sense, called upon to draw on the strength of radical honesty. As you do so, keep your sense of humor, and remember, the ‘scary’ thing about this is the reminder to everyone else, so obsessed with concealing themselves, that someone else has the guts to do something different.

One last bit — Pluto in your opposite sign Capricorn. Pluto is now at the midpoint of its trip across your relationship house. This is calling for a review, and a reorientation. Your ideas about traditional relationships are falling away even as you recognize the strength and power inherent in building new, living, relevant traditions. These are based your actual values rather than what others in the past imposed on you.

If you are fueled and inspired by anything, it’s the beauty and radiance of what actually motivates you, at your core. You have many, many gifts to offer the world and by all indications, you are about to get many chances to do so. The catch is that you must reveal yourself as human at every turn. Lead with your vulnerability. Experience your fear and let it be burned off by your own creativity.

I’ll be elaborating on these points and many others in my Cancer birthday reading.

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