Cancer 2017

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Here is the 2017 horoscope archive for Cancer.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 25, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Saturn has arrived in your opposite sign Capricorn, where we look for information about relationships, partnerships and the environment in which you move around. For nearly a decade, the main presence in this angle of your chart has been Pluto. That’s an influence that brings enforced changes, intense reactions from others that don’t quite rise to the level of intimacy, and even a sense of isolation. Saturn will do two things. One is that it will help you establish the kinds of relationships you need. Second is that it will help you get out of the kinds of relationships that don’t serve you (and there are plenty). While Saturn helps us set boundaries, many astrologers perceive that as only meaning limits. Boundaries are useful; they include time, agreements, purpose, and respect. You might decide that you want your own room, which in turn gives you the freedom to invite someone over as your guest. Therefore, you’re likely to find this transit helpful.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 18, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week, among many important developments, Saturn enters your opposite sign Capricorn — your 7th solar house, or the zone of your solar chart that reveals information about your relationships — commencing a phase of your life that lasts to the end of 2020. While this might get less-than-happy predictions from other astrologers, Saturn is the planet associated with Capricorn; which gives it what the old astrologers called dignity. This represents a homecoming for you in your relationships. If things have been one way for a long time, or a very long time, Saturn will present opportunities; not just for progress, but also for you to stabilize your associations with others. More on that soon. As for this week: keep a careful eye and a steady, guiding hand on all work-related matters. Evaluate your priorities carefully, and be prepared to make changes as needed. Amidst all the moving and shaking, there is one very important project you must begin in earnest, or bring to fruition.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Dec. 14, 2017, #1180 | By Amy Elliott

Saturn entering your relationship house may afford this area of your life some added stability. It might not look that way, initially: it’s likely that you’ll first need to alter your perspective in some way, potentially tackling a belief that’s been long-held. As is often said on Planet Waves, relationships really need a job: the connections we share are at their best if everyone involved is growing as a result. You may need to select with care the people with whom you choose to spend time.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 11, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Things must be really exciting at work — yet equally meaningful. Remember, and remember always: your work is about meaning, by which I mean the essence of your spiritual life can (and indeed must) be found in the work that you do. Work is not a separate thing for you, and if you’re looking forward to 5 pm when you can leave and resume your real life, you’re burning up your engine. In any event, you can at this moment find actual, even profound, meaning in your daily activities; and if you catch even a trace of that, you will have additional clues as to how to go deeper. Remember it’s not the activity that you do that counts, but rather the people you work with and, ultimately, whom you are serving with your precious mind, time and life force energy. Whatever you are doing, important information about your purpose and how to fulfill it is coming through right now, in a once-in-a-lifetime fashion.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Dec. 7, 2017, #1179 | By Amy Elliott

Mars entering your 5th house on Saturday might be considered the universal signal to hang loose and have some playtime, or to give free rein to your imagination. That said, your fun is likely to be all the more enriching if it has a purpose. Therefore, it’s probably wise to consider the meaning in all you do, as much as possible, and in each personal connection you form. Applying consciousness to your acts in this way is a form of consecration, and makes life itself an offering to the Divine.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 4, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Focus on work, and keeping things going smoothly. Nip problems in the bud, before they grow larger. Then make sure you’re keeping on schedule, and maintaining your core priorities. As part of this, it will be essential to take care of your health and wellbeing. That may mean, over the next week to three weeks, less emphasis on play and romantic activities, and more on making sure that the basics are covered. For example: an evening in and an early night, so you get a good start on things in the morning, may be much more important than going out. Eat real food, and drink actual water. Keep your work and food-preparation spaces tidy. Make sure you have clean laundry. Make sure the people closest to you understand what you’re up to, and sidestep or avoid those who don’t feel a need to cooperate. If you mind the small stuff, you’ll keep a handle on the bigger things, and the minor points won’t escalate or go out of control.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Nov. 30, 2017, #1178 | by Amy Elliott

As Mercury prepares to station retrograde on the brink of your main relationship house, watch any sense of impatience for things to move forward. You might think yourself ready to take a particular step, and that others simply need to catch up; in reality, you have some psychological preparation to do, and are likely to benefit immensely from this period of slowing down. People tend to forget the blessings they already have in seeking the next. Why not stay in the present for a while?

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 27, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This is always a busy time of year for you, and this year is no exception. Yet you have priorities now that you didn’t have a year ago, or were not so devoted to. And it’s these that you need to focus on. Start with what seems impossible and work your way backwards from there. There’s something you know you must accomplish, or must resolve; and that’s the thing to focus on. You probably won’t have much choice in the matter, though organize yourself so you can do it and feel good about it and let yourself get excited. The story would seem to go back about three years, and could be described in general terms as a revamping of some kind, or a reassessment, or a restructuring. If that felt like building the Great Pyramid, think of this as the week when you get to put the capstone on the thing. Then, quickly tidy up the construction area and see what you’ve created.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December 2017, #1177 | By Eric Francis

It’s been strange having Pluto in your relationship house for nearly 10 years. In the astrological technique I use to write this column, one’s opposite sign is the first place to look for information about relationships, and you have Capricorn looking right back at you. That leads to a somewhat formal and structured approach to relating; you’re probably one of the people who think society is severely lacking something for the absence of courtship rituals. Pluto has run roughshod through Capricorn, dismantling your old concepts, presenting people in your life who might seem remote, or intense, or who cannot handle their own power. Saturn’s presence in your relationship angle, beginning just before the solstice and lasting a bit under three years, will cool things off for you. You will have an ongoing opportunity to clear out old karma, make repairs and evaluate your real desires and needs. You might decide that current partners, or your way of relating to them, are not up to what you really need. At a certain point you will have to stop compromising. Start with establishing a level of communication that you need, and do everything in your power to hold your own standard. This will begin a process of coming to terms with this thing we call “the other,” which is on one level an extension of yourself, and on another, a guest you invite to dinner.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 20, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This will be a busy week at work. Make it a meaningful one. Indeed, one of the great gifts of those born under your sign is to bring something deeper to your daily activities, your most modest efforts and, in particular, the most serious assignments you take up. Whatever you’re doing, bring your full attention to it: there would seem to be an important project you’re developing, or at least some pressure at work to get the job done right. You play a role in this, particularly early in the week, though you may feel like you’re less significant than you really are. Strive to do your part well. Be available to take leadership when necessary. Remember that the work you do is not really about someone else. The quality you invest in anything, and the devotion, and the sense of honor you bring to the work, are all about you. And that’s also true of whether you think something is meaningful.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 13, 2017, #1176 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This is a week to take careful notes. Keep records of what you say, what you do, what you commit to, and what others commit to, especially where work-related projects are involved. This may seem odd, or over-protective of yourself; though this data will come in handy, if for no other reason than to remind you what you’ve got going on, in a moment when you might be inclined to forget. You’ll also inevitably collect some interesting ideas for what to do going forward — ideas you might have missed entirely had you not been involved in your note-taking process. I’m an advocate for paper and pens (or pencils) rather than typing on little screens, though digital files are better than nothing at all. It’s just that you’ll be more creative and more inclined to remember what you’re thinking if you use physical paper. Speaking of digital, be doubly cautious about hitting the “send” or “post” buttons. Stop and think once, twice and (after pausing) thrice.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 6, 2017, #1175 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Keep guiding yourself into adventure, whether creative or romantic or erotic. Adventure means the unknown and unfamiliar. This is currently not the way of the world and many people in it: being stuck to familiar patterns is the modern psychic safety net. You don’t need it. You can make new friends and go new places and try things you’ve never done. If you’ve ever had a creative impulse in your life, such as to write or paint or make music, or to dance or act or take photos, or to create lavish dinner parties: now is the time to get busy. This is the year you come into your own as someone who contributes, who feeds the universe with soulful beauty. A year seems longer than it is. Four seasons pass quickly. Dare to experiment and step into your self-expression in a way you never have before.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Nov. 2, 2017, #1174 | By Amy Elliott

As the sign ruled by the Moon, you’re naturally attuned to the energy of the Divine Mother archetype, in whatever form you see Her. Just now it seems as if you have that energy on tap; so let it fill you up and nourish you. Wherever you direct your efforts, you are likely to shine brightly; make sure as many people as possible benefit from your example. You can do that by expressing yourself as freely as possible in your creative work, and keeping your highest ideals in mind.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 30, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Count these as the best days of your life. Perhaps you’ve seen better and maybe you will in the future, though there’s something happening now that you may already be noticing. Or maybe you’ve overlooked it in the din and chaos of contemporary life. Stop and tune in. Feel your way through every day, and be grateful for the people who are around you. There’s more though: you’re in a moment of self-actualization, where someone who was growing and developing inside can emerge into the world in full color. You’ve been through very nearly everything the past few years, and you’ve learned more than you know. Be bold about expressing yourself and your ideas, and live like your life is an experiment. Invest yourself in your most glorious plans. You have the commitment, the energy and the talent to make them real.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2017, #1173 | By Eric Francis

Here’s the deal: the charts for Cancer have not been this good in a long time. This is less about what’s going on in your sign and more about what’s happening in your empathetic water signs Scorpio and Pisces. (The astrology is pretty good for them too, though you get triple word score.) Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter are currently in Scorpio, which is your 5th solar house (pleasure, play, games, romance and sex for fun). Venus is on the way, arriving on Nov. 7. This is enough to bring out the artist, the lover and the adventurer in anyone. It will only take a little discipline to prod yourself into having fun all the time, wherever you are, and whomever you’re with. However, given the prevailing state of the world (currently being redesigned as a nonstop panic attack) and the freaky social environment that’s obsessed with treating sex like a crime or a disease (things were not always this way, though it happens from time to time), you will need that bit of discipline. You will need to take the initiative and spark up the conversation, strike up the band, or invite people over to your crib. Don’t be deterred if anyone seems uninterested. Don’t take it personally. You are being groomed for leadership, and this is a rather pleasant aspect of your training program.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 23, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If you had been waiting all your life for a beautiful planetary alignment, that’s the one that’s shown up now. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are in Scorpio, your fellow water sign. All those planets are resonating with your watery nature, and they’re also in the angle of your chart that’s about fun, exploration, pleasure, play and taking creative risks. You can afford to push your luck, and prioritize play over work. This will be productive: you’ll gain a sense of perspective, and you’ll therefore have a better idea what you need to do and what you don’t need to do. The world around you is in a somewhat frantic state. People are forgetting to have fun, and how to have fun. You remember; you are being reminded, and you have some lavish options. Those will potentially develop into work opportunities, reminding you how much it means to love what you do every day.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 16, 2017, #1172 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You might work from home this week if you can, if you usually work in the office. You might work out of the house, if you usually work from home. Experiment with your environment, and keep experimenting, particularly with what you do best in whatever particular location you choose. You’ll tap different aspects of your creativity in different places, even facing out of different windows or at different desks (if you work in a large office and there are some vacant ones). Also focus on making improvements to your home: there may be a major tidying project you’ve been putting off. If you do that now, you will get results and have the special satisfaction not just of a job well done, but also of a space beautified, reclaimed and made available for both pleasure and productivity. Speaking of: I won’t give the full “keep writing” rant this week; I’ll save ink and leave it to those two words.

Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscope for Oct. 12, 2017, #1171 | By Amy Elliott

Jupiter entering your house of creativity is like water on a fertile plain. If you feel any urge to hold back from expressing an idea, or taking a project forward, treat it with skepticism. Your mission at this time has to do with bringing something real and fresh into the world, whether that is a work of art, a practical invention, or a literal new life. Where you choose to direct this energy is up to you; though to succeed fully, you’ll have to be daring and lift your head above the parapet. Chances are, the wheels are already in motion.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 9, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

At least early in the week, your feelings are not the best indicator of whether something is trustworthy or not; you will need to validate your hunches other ways. Yet as Jupiter enters your fellow water sign Scorpio on Tuesday, and then the Moon enters your birth sign soon after, your intuition will light up. Mostly this will come through feelings in your body, physical sensations from the neck down. Pay attention to these messages. Notice which way you naturally move, and which way you have to push yourself to move. Try flowing like water and taking the past of least resistance. As you do this with your emotions and your physical body, your mind and your ideas will follow. This is an essential order of operations; you have plenty on your mind, and going through your mind, and it’s all begging for expression. The way to go is feelings first.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 2, 2017, #1170 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

One of those things you don’t read in astrology textbooks is how career-oriented the sign Cancer is. This is not just about personal aspiration, but also about taking the initiative to change the world with the work you do. That might mean innovating new dimensions in the field you work in: for example, not just becoming a programmer, but inventing a programming language; not just being a director but opening a theater. Cancer is one of the signs we count on for its natives to change the world, so that everyone else can experience the new dimension of reality that you open up. This week’s Aries New Moon describes you at your most original and energetic. You are already doing something with an influence and potentially even an impact. The thing about Aries is that it’s great at turning the ignition and getting things started. You’re the one who brings them to completion.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 25, 2017, #1169 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The theme of writing has come up repeatedly in my readings for your sign, and we’re now at a peak of that energy. However you can do it, take time to yourself regularly, and sit with your notebook or a computer, preferably with your email and browser turned off. There are thoughts in your mind that you must get into language. This week, with an astounding three different opposition aspects happening (Mars opposite Neptune, Mercury opposite Chiron and Jupiter opposite Uranus), you have the perfect conditions for provoking your mind to action. The thing you may need to avoid are relationship dramas; remember that these are strictly optional. This will be good practice turning down the volume on the usual chatter that clutters up your creative bandwidth. It may help if you focus on a single project, develop that one idea, and drive it to completion, whether it involves the written word or some other form of personal expression.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2017, #1168 | By Eric Francis

You’re moving into a position of leadership with your tribe or family. The way you’re doing this is by exercising your prerogative to do what you want to do, and need to do, regardless of what others may think. The practical effect is to guide others to do the same thing, by essentially granting them permission to freely be themselves. One might think that this would lead to a kind of anarchy, though it’s more likely to release potential as you and the people around you discover new ways to relate and co-create. Another part of your role is to lead the successful aspects of these experiments into more formalized arrangements. If the emphasis of motivation is on desire rather than necessity, you’ll have an idea who really wants to be there. This is especially vital for you, as both Mercury and Jupiter will soon move into the most passionate and adventurous angle of your solar chart, Scorpio. You will be drawn in the direction that is right for you, even as seemingly more practical concerns try to get your attention. Keep leaning into the direction of what actually matters to you rather than apparent necessity. You will still pay your bills. If you do only what is practical, you’ll still pay the bills, though at considerable expense to your soul. Thankfully, you can cross that off your list of things to ponder.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 18, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s not easy to take care of oneself on the planet at this time. We have finally succumbed to the convenience of all these labor-saving devices, to which we are now nearly total slaves. The last few days approaching the New Moon (on Wednesday) and the equinox (on Friday) come with many invitations to disengage, as best you can. The New Moon will encourage you to wrap up a phase of business that extends back to midsummer, and when autumn begins on Wednesday, you will be feeling the nesting instinct good and strong. The Sun enters the angle of your chart associated with your home and personal space in a conjunction to Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. That’s a bold symbol, and a direct invitation to be in your home, and to claim it as your own. You need some peace and quiet, and to be in the company only of the people you choose — so choose well.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Sept. 14, 2017, #1167 | By Amy Elliott

Information abounds in this internet age; the difficulty has become sorting the good data from the bad amid the overwhelm. That said, part of learning has always been about discarding the preconceptions of ignorance. This week, you’re likely to gain in understanding of a certain matter through whittling down the possible alternatives until you find the truth, or an approximation. Something a friend says might provide a key to the puzzle, so listen out for that. What you discover could be a means of inspiration or possibly a welcome boost to your self-esteem, or both.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 11, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If you want to feel better, focus your efforts on understanding what you eat, and what it does to you. You may be experiencing some kind of dietary disruption, perhaps due to travel, change in work pattern or via the direct intention of cleaning up your act. Take advantage of this shift, and start developing new habits. You don’t necessarily need to do this by the book, and even if you’re well-read, where diet is concerned, the ultimate call is usually intuitive or instinctual. Your body makes most of the choices, though now is an excellent time to get your mind into the dialog, at least as an observer. Even if you don’t go so far as to keep a food diary, logging what you eat and how you feel each day, pay attention to what you do; and be aware of such rudimentary facts as caffeine interferes with sleep.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 4, 2017, #1166 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This has been an interesting few weeks for you in two seemingly unrelated aspects of life: your finances and your self-esteem. Yet astrology strongly suggests that they are closely related, if not one and the same thing. If you study the relationship, you’ll notice interesting things. People tend to feel more confident when they have money in their pocket, though they often miss that their economic situation is related to their confidence. While there are exceptions, you will learn a great deal from seeking an understanding of this relationship, particularly over the next six months. As you build one, you will strengthen the other, with the seeming side result of cultivating maturity. This should be more meaningful to you than popularity or being entertained. Go for the deeper material and the longer-lasting values. Know what is truly important to you, and find strength in pursuing that as a life mission or calling. What you gain, you will never lose.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 28, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Lately I’ve been suggesting that the astrology associated with Cancer as your Sun or rising sign is about writing. This not only remains true; the effect is even stronger now, as Mercury retrograde builds to a peak. There would seem to be a specific subject, message or theme that you have to develop, whether this is personal writing, a practical project or art for its own sake. A series of unusual events this week and next will compel you to tap into your deepest talent and personal resources to say what you need to say. You will also be persuasive at convincing people that you need more money, whether this is a fundraising project, crowd sourcing, grant writing or a discussion with your boss. You must start by feeling your own value, and then assessing carefully whether the people around you actually notice that quality you have. That’s the most important operative information.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2017, #1164 | By Eric Francis

Your astrological sign (or rising sign) is one ideally suited for the art and craft of writing. Though I’ve never seen this in a book, it’s obvious from study of your solar chart, which emphasizes the sign Virgo right where it’s needed most, the 3rd house of communications. Virgo has been bristling for many weeks, and it’s especially strong now, with Mercury retrograde wrapping up, with the Sun present, and with Venus and Mars approaching. In recent history, computer programmers emerged as the most powerful people. In the world that’s rising, people who can write coherently, with accuracy, and with a touch of elegance will possess a skill that’s on the level of alchemy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a professional writer; devote yourself to learning how to express yourself in written language, and to do so well. This can only come with daily practice. This would include writing letters, emails and stories where you reread, revise and proofread three to five times. What we call writing is 90% thinking; and most of the time, that happens in the revision process. This is something entirely different from our dominant world of tweets and social posts, which are like popcorn compared to the nourishing, potent effects of crafted sentences, paragraphs and essays. The harder this is for you, the more you need to do it.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 21, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If you’re seeking cool and calm, you’re unlikely to have much of it. If you’re seeking adventure, you’re likely to have plenty, particularly in the form of self-discovery. Let go of being convinced of who you are. Rather, be open to new levels of understanding, which will be coupled with deeper levels of respect for yourself. Any such discovery would likely come with the stunned sensation that you didn’t really have a clue. The other effect could be a cascade of decisions that you know you need to rethink or revise, based on new information or a new understanding you have about yourself. This will come with some sense of urgency or the bona fide recognition that you must live up to your actual value in the world. Remember these words from A Course in Miracles: Every decision you make stems from what you think you are.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Aug. 17, 2017, #1163 | By Amy Elliott

Someone close to you is likely to give you a welcome confidence boost this week. That said, it’s important that you participate in the process of solidifying your own sense of wellbeing. Counterintuitive as this may seem, that can require planning and effort. Catch and correct any unfairness in your self-management, which means silence any domineering voice from your past. Get involved in the life of your community. Finally, every day, make a point of performing at least one activity you love.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 14, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This is the time to assess your resources: all of them, beginning with the fact that you’re alive at this distinctly strange time in history. Then consider every talent, every idea, the space you live in or have access to, the tools of your trade and, most significantly, your friends and supporters. Do a total inventory. It’s time to take full ownership of who you are, what you’ve developed within yourself, and what you have available to use. The astrological occasion is unusual activity in your 2nd solar house, Leo. The 2nd house is resources; Leo is the gold standard. You have quite a bit available to you, and the question is, are you aware of it all, and have you connected it to your aspirations and intentions? Now is the time to get these things into alignment and make efficient use of them; or, said another way, to use what you have and what you know.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 7, 2017, #1162 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Venus in your sign is inviting you to immerse yourself in the best that life has to offer. We’re in the season of eclipses — a lunar eclipse occurs today, and a solar eclipse is coming soon. Eclipses help you break old habits and establish new ones. That’s an invitation to spend your time doing as much of what you love as you can. Do the things you rarely seem to have time for, but which you know nourish you. Speaking of nourishment, any habits around food that you cultivate now have a much greater chance of becoming established. One message coming from your solar chart is to eat as many meals at home as you can. This will save you money, reduce your intake of unwholesome ingredients, and help ground you in your home — which for one born under your sign is essential.

Aquarius Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope, #1161 | by Len Wallick

You may love taking care of others. You might also have had enough of it. You could also have avoided any such role. Regardless, now would be a good time to begin taking better care of yourself. Start with what you have to work with now. It will be enough. In the future things will be different, but you have to get there to find out how. To do so, take one step forward at a time. Think small. This month, endeavor to discern and discard just one practice you know to be bad for you. Choose what you are least likely to miss. Next month, start doing just one new thing you know to be good for you. Begin with the simplest and easiest. Continue alternating, one month at a time. Meanwhile, mark your calendar for sometime in February. Set a date to evaluate both your six small steps towards self-caring, and whether or not you feel any different about sharing. Make that date, and you will be glad you did.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 31, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You have some excellent motivational power to improve your lot in life financially. You won’t need to push as hard as you usually do, or think you do. As one born under the Sun or rising sign Cancer, a measure of financial security is your birthright. Yet by your choices, you can enhance this quality, or diminish it. You can resist, with emotions like guilt, or the sense that you don’t deserve to have a good life; or you can stay positive, use your talents and spot your opportunities. Right now, the one thing you don’t have to do is maintain your momentum and monitor your direction of movement. Guide yourself gently; there’s considerable propulsion moving you forward, and small adjustments count for a lot. Look at where you are now, consider your direction of movement, and determine if you’re heading someplace you want to be. Your end goal is not money — it is contentment.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2017, #1160 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You are in the process of becoming a financial ninja. See if you can set aside all the mysticism associated with money, and the emotional baggage. Set aside the fact that it’s the only thing too many people seem to care about. Pause on the notion that people think money absolves all sin, solves all problems and grants only happiness. This is about the practical matter of ensuring that your life and your creative activities are properly funded. But there is something deeper. One of the most profound struggles of the human race, particularly here in the rather wealthy Western world, is the crisis of connecting one’s personal values, innate assets, and the ability to eat food, keep a dry roof over your head, and support your family. We simply assume it’s only vaguely possible that someone will be able to live on their talents; or, said another way, actually do what they came to the Earth to do. For you, the root of this is to respect your own gifts. That does not mean being proud, boastful or even ambitious. It does mean understanding that you possess something you came here to share. Your part in this begins in that respect, which comes as part of a conscious maturity process. To that, you would add connecting daily discipline to your sense of purpose. That’s not about hope; it’s about action.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 24, 2017, #1159 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Money is not the only measure of value. What’s far more meaningful is how you perceive your own worth, and how you go about earning the money you acquire. Are you investing your precious days in something that genuinely matters to you? Would you do what you do for no pay? These questions will help guide you to a more meaningful existence. Most people think nothing of investing their lives in activity they are doing only because they get paid. Of course, this is related to the belief that what really matters to you is not worth someone investing in. More often, though, people are disconnected from what really matters to them, which is a situation you must resolve, if it’s even vaguely true for you. Find that thing that you care about, and do it as much as you can.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 17, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Stay in contact with your desire. Try to go to the most sincere level you can; that is, not influenced by advertising, trends or what your friends are up to. Connect with what you actually want, however you may feel about it, whether or not you think it’s appropriate. This will be a sweet spot of aligning with yourself. Particularly if you’re judging what you want, whether you think it’s too expensive or like someone might judge you, stick with yourself. You have a discovery ahead of you; a mystery will unravel. Be patient, and allow yourself to be instructed by your circumstances rather than by opinions or supposedly spiritual values. This process will likely include a point of contact in the sexual realm; you know intuitively and from much experience that the truth contains a wholesome streak of erotic feeling.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for July 13, 2017, #1158 | By Amy Elliott

There’s a spotlight on your career this week; and you have the potential to take some big steps, though as you do so, you need to be aware of two things. First, keep in touch with your body. Healthy practices and nourishing food will be requisite to keeping up with the new pace. Secondly, be extra clear on where and how the changes align with your spiritual ideals. Remind yourself that there are principles you must simply not compromise; if necessary, check in with others.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 10, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The recent Full Moon in your opposite sign Capricorn is still ringing like a bell. There’s been some shift in your relationships, and in your relationship to the world. Chances are this is a positive development, though there’s a possibility that you’re feeling shaken up. One of the long-range lessons of your life right now is how you handle dependency on others. You know that you must learn to stand on your own emotional strength, meet others as equals, and in some way compel them to do the same. Otherwise, the relationships are not going to work. The Full Moon helped you get to the bottom of a particular issue, and you now know the truth. That central idea is unlikely to change much, though you can adapt your methods, your desires and your approach to life, which will grant you the freedom that comes from having a more realistic perspective.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 3, 2017, #1157 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mysterious forces are at work in your world. You probably feel this, but have not given it a name yet. The effect may take several different forms, though behind them all is one process. It will be essential for you to navigate carefully, and take precautions to minimize the chance of mistakes. You’ll very likely begin this week in one phase of your life, and by Sunday, be in another phase. Between now and then, you’ll need to endure some tension, and not let it color your judgment. This will be crucial in the days late in the week leading up to the July 9 Full Moon in your opposite sign Capricorn. Take things one step at a time, and make your choices with the help of one or two trusted advisors. Do not broadcast your business. Be curious, and ask questions with the attitude of a child. Gently, the truth will unravel.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 26, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week’s Mercury-Mars conjunction in your birth sign will focus your efforts and help you maximize your motivation. You should know a few things. One is that your mind is going to be moving faster than the people around you; you’ll need to slow down and let them catch up. Second, your words will be more penetrating than you might imagine. Something you say off the cuff might be devastating to someone sensitive. So try to dial it back and use minimal power. Keep your words one level above a hint, and verify that people know what you’re talking about when you ask for something or make a comment. Last, you may be a bit extra-sensitive, so take a few precautions. Get enough rest, eat real food and drink extra water, because your engine is running hot.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2017, #1156 | By Eric Francis

You can make great strides on the financial front this month, if you cast aside all vestiges of status seeking. You have a mission; you have a purpose; you are fortunate, as such. And financial success is indeed part of that. Yet it cannot be the first thing on your mind. There’s something I keep telling young people, which is that something is not worth doing if it’s not worth doing for free. This may seem outrageous, but only to someone who had never experienced getting paid handsomely for something that violates their principles, that lacks integrity, or that they simply hate doing. This is the trap of working for money, and sooner or later, everyone who works for money falls into it. Therefore, pay attention to what you know is actually relevant. Focus on the quality of your work, and most of all, on the pleasure of being active and productive. Take all of your relationships to the human level; there are no “professional relationships,” there are merely encounters where the primary seeming purpose is related to one’s mission in life. Certain developments over the next seven weeks will guide you into seeking deeper connection to what matters to you the very most. You will not be able to ignore this; there’s no point even trying. Go right into the question. When you discover the truth, hold it gently, live it boldly and keep searching.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 19, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The Sun and Mercury enter your sign this week within hours of one another. That’s a boost in your influence and confidence, and it will be significant. What will you do with it? I suggest you do the thing you’ve always known was right, whether you succeeded in the past or not; whether it was easy or not; whether you think it worked or not. This astrology is not about the peripherals, the conditions or the seeming limits you face; it’s about acting from your most deeply held values and sense of personal truth. That’s the most effective, and incidentally, safest and most harmonious way, to put this rare, gleaming astrology to work. There’s a reminder to process every perception and every decision both emotionally and mentally, preferably at the same time. What is real works on many levels.

Weekly Horoscope for June 15, 2017 #1155 | By Amy Elliott

You seem to be plowing a lot of effort into your work, yet you may feel a sort of restlessness. Here’s a question: is what you do fulfilling, or are you starting to get bored? This might have particular relevance to your spiritual ambitions, if you’re feeling the need for greater meaning in your work-life and elsewhere. I would suggest you think over your various daily tasks, and consider whether any seem to be leading down a rabbit hole. Once you have a grip on this, you can then begin to make adjustments.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 12, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Many doors are opening for you now. This is partly due to your commitment to asserting yourself, and trusting your desires. Contrary to most moral theories, this is a much better way to guide yourself to do the right thing because, at least, it would be honest. Therefore, you can be a bit brassy, and guide your life with curiosity and chutzpah. You might ask, is that really a spiritual way to live? And I would say, you have to be real before you can be spiritual, and then you’ll discover that they’re the same thing. One thing you can trust is that you’re an empathetic person. You care about people. You want the best for the people you love, and you consider the world your family. That’s all beautiful, but don’t let it get in your way.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 5, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mars has entered your sign, which does two helpful things: one is that it removes a source of irritation that’s been bumping around your psyche for many weeks; and two, it signifies motivation and direction. You may decide this week that you didn’t know how lost you were. You may further decide that, actually, you had a pretty good idea where you were going, and that your inner guidance systems were working well all along. However, suddenly, the controls are in your hands, and remaining in contact with your motives counts for more than it did. Mars in Cancer connects your desire nature to your emotions, which for you is empowering. Just ease people into your ideas rather than coming on like a hurricane. Make a suggestion, see how people respond, and give them a little time to get used to it.

Short Monthly Horoscope for June 2017, #1154 | By Eric Francis

The month builds toward a spectacular New Moon in your birth sign, and you may be feeling a sense of anticipation. You don’t have to wait for anyone or anything. You know the direction you want to go with your life, particularly in your intimate relationships. Remember that your first relationship is to you, and everything else grows out of your inner orientation. With the Sun and other planets entering your sign later in the month, you’ll be reminded of this many times. You have plenty you want to accomplish, and the glass ceiling that used to be over your head has opened you to a new level of potential.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 29, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may be wondering what’s irritating you, or why you’re so nervous. You may also be feeling like finally your fears are not just under control but have been rendered irrelevant by the self-confidence that you can handle anything. Yet be aware you may be feeling a mix of both emotions, as if you’re walking between two worlds. Whatever you have going on, remember that tracking your state of mind will be essential to your success. That means understanding your feelings and your motives, in a way that’s not usually done. Humans rarely care to understand why they might be feeling something (as if the question is impossible to answer), and just about everyone feels that whatever motive they have, it must be pure. You, however, need the details. That means observing yourself carefully, and taking action only when you have an actual grasp on why you’re doing so.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2017, #1153 | By Eric Francis

The Sun enters your sign this month, followed hours later by Mercury. The message: you’ll decide you really did know what you were talking about, and what you were doing, all along. Yes, you’ll encounter some reasons to doubt your thinking, though don’t take them too seriously. Rather, use doubt as an opportunity to shore up your plans, do additional research and refine your timing. Most of what you need to begin, or whatever major moves you want to make, should probably wait until after the solstice on the 21st — by which time you will have worked the bugs out of your plans, and decided you’re worthy of things actually working out in a way you’re happy with. So, endure the bumps; work through the grind and the possible sensation that you don’t really know which way is up; let yourself encounter your self-doubt; and then be prepared for a breakthrough. Let yourself be led by passion and curiosity rather than by reputation or any concerns about your image. Take pride in the fact that you’ve built your career defying expectations and throwing conventions to the four winds. To the extent that you succeed in this crazy world, that will be your formula for success, as long as you remember what you can do so well but sometimes forget: be polite to the people who are helping you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 22, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This will be an exciting week for you professionally, and I suggest you feel no hesitation about turning up the juice. Start by doing your best work, and then telling people about it. Don’t merely send out resumes. Do those bold and brash things like showing up with your portfolio, or sending a FedEx with a personal letter and samples to someone whose attention you want to get. Aim high, that is, higher than you think you’re capable of, and do the work to back it up. The most common error people make these days is thinking that success is all about image and money. For you, it’s about embodying your own success with every cell, every breath and every word you speak. Make sure that people know you’re capable, willing and ready to go the whole distance.

Weekly Horoscope for May 18, 2017 #1152 | By Amy Elliott

This week, you might take as your motto that there is no such thing as knowing too much. True, you’ve recently explored a wide section of your emotions and desires, and how they relate to the past. Yet you still have some unmapped regions to visit. This may be especially the case regarding certain feelings you’ve encountered, possibly sexual, that part of you would rather shrink from. If you go toward them instead, you’ll likely find there was no need for reticence.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 15, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may be re-evaluating the role of intimate relationships in your life. That would be a healthy thing to do, whether you’re single, committed or somewhere in between. Relationships are usually entered into on a reflex, as if it’s the only option. Yet you need an understanding of your desires, your needs and your motives when it comes to your encounters with others, so that you can make better decisions than you’ve made in the past. You know this cannot be a ‘business as usual’ time in your partnerships: you must proceed with a high degree of consciousness; in particular, about the changes you’re going through. Now is a better time to ask questions than it is to come up with answers. You don’t need a false sense of satisfaction. Rather, you will benefit from getting underneath your own assumptions and figuring out where they came from.

Scorpio Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope, #1151 | By Len Wallick

Not all yearnings are equal. The best desires are definable, measurable and attainable. Now would be an excellent time to take stock of all you currently hanker after. Simply making a handwritten list of all you crave will go a long way towards making at least some of them seem more tangibly real. Carrying that itemization around in your wallet or purse, and referring to it daily, will also do potential wonders when it comes to your self-awareness, direction and purpose. Prioritizing your itemized wants and needs according to both importance and simplicity could go even further. If you can isolate just two easy longings and fulfill them with dispatch, a third and fourth will seem that much closer. All it will take to accomplish what may now seem like miracles is a bit of paper, a writing instrument and a little faith that needs expressed are just around the corner from fulfillment.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 8, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This will be a marvelous week for your creative imagination. Yet like anyone in an exalted creative state, you may also be feeling a little edgy, with questions about what’s real and what is not. Remember that your own mind is the one thing that’s creating your perception of the universe. So you want to take care of your mind, which means giving yourself room to think. When you have a lot going on, and you clearly do, it’s essential to pace yourself. Allocate enough time for your projects, which includes time for eating and rest. Leave room for space between your thoughts, and time for recreation — no matter how much you have going on. You’re likely to feel like you’re under some extreme pressure, though this is false, and you must address that consciously. When you’re trying to get a lot done and do it really well, efficiency is the key.

Short Monthly Horoscope for May 2017, #1150 | By Eric Francis

You’re about to experience a breakthrough on a question involving your career or profession. Yet once you have this information, you’ll need to apply consistent discipline to make it useful. This is the obvious statement that we all need to write on the bathroom mirror. You have all the ambition and all the ideas that you need; you must play shepherd and sheepdog to yourself, and keep your herd of responsibilities grouped together and maintained on a daily and hourly basis. Then when the big idea arrives, you’ll have a system functioning that can help you bring it to fruition.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 1, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You’re aligned with some rare astrology that could bring exciting news on the career front. The key to your success is your professionalism. That begins and ends with appearances, and covers quality work, timeliness and overall impeccability. If you’re the one who comes through when everyone else flakes out, you’ll be headed straight to the top. The important thing is to downplay all these things. Be the kind of talent who is a humble servant of the whole, who respects your superior officers, and who is always willing to go the extra mile or two. The astrology of this week points to an unexpected opportunity that comes your way, so stay on top of your schedule and make sure you don’t miss a single email or phone call. Check, double check and triple check — and if you’re expecting something that has not arrived, politely follow up.

Weekly Horoscope for April 27, 2017, #1149 | By Amy Elliott

Asserting your independence could help you, especially in close relationships — though you may be inclined to keep the peace by any means necessary. Make sure you duly honor your aspirations and gifts, and take note if there seem to be unreasonable or unnecessary hindrances to their development. This includes being able to express what you feel honestly and openly. Afford both yourself and others appropriate respect. Be courteous; don’t overstep the bounds of good manners; but at the same time see that you have the autonomy you need.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 24, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may be feeling some anxiety over a deeply personal matter, one where you know something is actually at stake. Not all fears come true, though sometimes they provide the service of getting you to slow down and be more thoughtful about your own affairs. Sometimes, it’s necessary to apply that same vigilance to the contents of your mind, and notice when you’re thinking fearful thoughts. They tend to have roots, though what’s often surprising is that they are connected to things we would never have expected. Through the week, and indeed for the next week, you’ll need to take matters slowly and stay in contact with what you’re feeling, and whether it’s realistic. Notice whether you’re feeling anger about something that happened in the past, or whether your thoughts really are about something that’s happening now. Be assured of one thing: whatever is on your mind, the truth will come out, and it will be both relevant and helpful.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for May 2017, #1148 | By Eric Francis

Track your fear level carefully this month. That’s to say, before responding or reacting to any anxiety you may feel, notice that you’re feeling it. On our whole planet, the level of fear and aggression seems to be rising toward some nondescript boiling point. In a sense, it’s the essence of the times we’re living in, and an undisputable part of our environment. You have a useful periscope into this now, and what you learn about yourself and the methods that you develop can help you and many others. It would seem that this is part of your professional calling, which might mean that it’s an aspect of your current job, or something you want to do in the near future. In any such event, you seem to be a first-responder and on the front lines of making the world a better place. One thing to notice is that society is losing an important boundary, which is the difference between true and not-true. Even as we race ahead on advanced technology, we’re losing the one distinction that really matters, because implicit in it are all other boundaries. You might say that the whole message of your solar chart right now is about the cultivation of trust. You’re being called upon to live this lesson every day, all the time.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 17, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You’re the best source of your own wisdom. You’re also your best representative, publicist and spokesperson — that is, if you care about accuracy and integrity, which you seem to do. Far from being a matter of overconfidence, this is about you presenting yourself to the world in a way that advances your own cause. You may indeed take positions that make you and others around you uncomfortable, because that’s the right thing to do. You know that your life is not a popularity contest. At this stage in your life, you can draw strength specifically from the need not to please anyone else. You don’t have to make a policy of pissing people off; you don’t need to be defiant; rather, if you orient on your personal will, and insist on an actual, honest conversation, you will discover your independence and your integrity.

Weekly Horoscope for April 13, 2017 #1147 | By Amy Elliott

How much has changed in your life within the last year? Externally, it might seem like a lot, especially where your public status is concerned. In reality, you know this is because you’ve been working consistently and diligently. Now is probably a good time to step back and really take in the results of your labor, especially if you’re having trouble seeing them clearly. A lover or close friend who knows you well may be able to provide some perspective. Be open and trusting in communicating with them, and allow yourself to receive the refreshment they offer.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 10, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s been a wild and exciting ride for you professionally the past few months. And though you need a little R&R, the adventure is about to continue, as the Sun moves through the rather energized career and reputation angle of your chart. You may not feel like you can handle more responsibility, but just as the last few rounds have compelled you to reorganize and align your priorities, so too will events of the coming week. This really is the name of the tune: prioritization. Ask yourself what really matters, and break out the reasons why. Notice what you devote yourself to, without any special coaxing or prodding. There’s something here about slipping into what you really know you want to do, for all the right reasons. Listen to the ideas of people you respect, and count the possibility that their dissent is a form of affirmation.

Short Monthly Horoscope for April 2017, #1146 | By Eric Francis

If you’ve repeatedly tried the same approach to solving an emotional puzzle or problem, it’s time to try something new. This is not a question of personality or behavior. There’s something you’re reaching for that can only be accessed through a deeper approach, something that could genuinely be described as spiritual. Above all else, that means being loving and faithful, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. At minimum your kindness and encouragement will go a long way to provide reassurance. One of your great strengths is that you have faith in people; and when you express that, everyone benefits.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 3, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may find yourself in a situation where you must intervene on behalf of justice. That is, you may encounter a scenario where you realize you’re the one who must make the right thing happen. You’ll know this because nobody else is available, and you know what to do. The world would be a better place if more people just stopped to help one another. This is rarely a matter of time or of resources; it’s more about mental attention and taking the risk of caring. You’re in a pretty good place right now — certainly well off enough to be supportive of others. And the funny thing is, when you need help, you’ll often get it asking someone who is poor or who is busy. Being human is about making space in your heart for other humans, particularly the ones you don’t owe anything to. Critters count too.

Aries New Moon Moonshine Horoscope, #1145 | By Len Wallick

It would seem as though you are on the verge of awakening a dormant, yet innate, proficiency. What is probably required to finally rouse this sleeping talent is for you to take up a new discipline. Interestingly, the specific regimen will not matter nearly as much as your devotion to its practice. In other words, an indirect approach is called for. Exactly what you do will be less important than how you do it. Fortunately, the circumstances of your life will probably lead you towards an activity that will, in turn, trigger a possibly unrelated expertise. Therefore, keep an open mind if a person or experience presents you with a chance to master a skill you haven’t sought to acquire. What you ultimately derive from gaining one form of competence will almost certainly stimulate another ability you didn’t know you already had — one that’s even more rewarding.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 27, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Recent weeks have arrived with some unexpected professional developments: improvements in your status, your pay grade and your sense of mission. There may have been some surreal moments scattered in. Yet you might be wondering if they’re really real: if these are lasting changes, or whether you’ll be back to the same-old. Monday’s New Moon in your career and reputation angle will be reassuring. There’s no going back from here. You will suddenly see everything that’s happened in its context, and it will make sense. The thing to do now is to build from here. However, rather than building upward — that is, being aspirational, reaching for new achievements or more visibility — build downward. Take care of your home. Feather your nest, including your sleeping area, tidying up your wardrobe and upgrading everything you can when it comes to food. You’ve accomplished quite enough for the moment: now’s the time to enjoy what you’ve created.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2017, #1144 | By Eric Francis

Sometimes you come up with a plan, and sometimes a plan reveals itself to you, and you must respond. This month you’ll be at the nexus of where the two meet. You have your ideas about what you must do with your existence, and life seems to have ideas of its own. If you’re not strictly the product of your environment, it’s also true that your environment is only partly the product of your efforts. In order to find the correct blend, you’ll need to experiment. For example, you can set an agenda with no concept of how you’ll accomplish it, and watch what happens. You can let your life unfold without planning things in advance, and use your skills of adaptation and invention to develop seemingly random events into something that really works for you. One thing that remains true regardless of what approach you take is to keep on friendly terms with people in power. They are your collaborators, your facilitators and, in essence, your sponsors. Being friendly with them, and finding the points of contact, is not about kissing ass. Rather, you do your best when you’re working on the human level among other humans. Be truthful about your desires and your motives, and notice who responds supportively. Powerful people are protecting you, and have an interest in your success. Get to know them.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 20, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The Sun’s ingress into Aries early Monday puts you into the spotlight. Aries is your 10th solar house — the house of reputation, achievement and responsibility. Remember how hard you’ve worked to earn your reputation. Remind yourself that you’ve accomplished some brilliant and even unlikely things. And keep in mind that all of this puts you in a position of responsibility. You’re finally at a point where you see this as a privilege and not a burden. Part of why the world is in such dire straits is that so few people are willing to be accountable. I’m not sure what the resistance is, but that’s not your problem. Check over your work, make your decisions carefully and remember that your life influences and even impacts the lives of others. Your life is better for knowing and honoring this. Cancer is the sign of the family and the brood. You’re one of the adults in the room.

Weekly Horoscope for March 16, 2017, #1143 | By Amy Elliott

A connection or close relationship may be growing deeper; possibly also more passionate. This is likely to awaken your senses and your creative powers to an extent you might not previously have known they could reach. If you feel a little overwhelmed by these changes to begin with, have patience while things find a more manageable tempo. Further, don’t constrain yourself by rigid measures of success. Go with the flow, and allow your gifts to flourish at their own pace. So long as you continue to stoke the fires of your enthusiasm, nothing can prevent you from making your energy work.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 13, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

By all indications, you’re feeling good about yourself. You feel like you belong on the planet, and like you’re in your element. This will be true at home or wherever your travels may take you. In these moments, your life goes well — and your future has a way of opening up before your eyes. You do indeed have a future, and it’s more beautiful, creative and more lavishly interesting than you’ve imagined any time recently. If you’re going to work with a plan, let it be the kind that comes to you rather than the kind you cobble together. You can trust the flow of events; and the more trusting you are, and the less you worry, the better your life will flow. Your life story is indeed written in the Sun, the Moon and the stars, and right now, they are all shining on you. Walk in the light.

Moonshine Horoscope for Virgo Full Moon, #1142 | By Len Wallick

Be aware of blessings. Better yet, endeavor to see blessings where you have previously perceived something else. Begin with what you have. Everybody has something. Then, take stock of your own circumstance. Imagine doing without one part of your body at a time, or one tangible possession at a time. For each case of your imagined lack, there are almost certainly some people in the world (perhaps even a great number) actually living without. Extend the visualization to include intangibles (such as reputation). Finally, turn the situation around to contemplate what you don’t have. To cite just one example, all the expensive jewelry you don’t own cannot possibly be stolen from you. Long before you complete your imaginary inventory, you will probably get the point. Blessings are all that matter and all you need desire.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 6, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Ask for a vision for the future and you’ll get one. Remember, though, that there are many possibilities, and they’re not all equal or equivalent. Therefore, I suggest you not settle for just one vision, or just one idea; keep pumping the well until you have many possibilities to choose from, to combine and to give you ideas for what else is possible. If you do this for a while, you’ll see that what you’re currently doing and what you’re currently thinking have plenty of room for expansion. You might also discover that you had some fantastic ideas in the past that deserve a fresh look. Pay special attention to the ones that seem beautiful but which may require too much change, commitment or time spent out of your comfort zone. You can, at least, afford to consider them for a while.

Short Monthly Horoscope for March 2017, #1141 | By Eric Francis

This is a stellar moment for you professionally, though the best results will come in ways you’re not expecting and cannot foresee. Be open to the possibilities, while keeping busy doing what you do so well. Your solar chart describes you as a person who must pour yourself into your work with total commitment. You identify with what you do and what you create. You need to be known for your accomplishments. This is an asset in a world of people who don’t often like going to work. You deserve your good reputation, as long as you live up to it every day.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 27, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Your work — that is, your real work — is a vital aspect of your life, your identity and your growth. Far from being the sign of hearth and home, your solar chart reveals you as ambitious, driven and someone who must fully inhabit your mission or your calling. Start with what you’re doing now, and do it with a brassy and bold sense of adventure. The more you assert yourself, the more unusual results you will get. Keep in mind that everything you do is part of a relationship, no matter how casual or formal, fleeting or long established. Therefore, work on the level of human contact, and remember the necessity for mutual service: the facets of life where real meaning manifests. Some of the best opportunities that emerge for you will take the form of mistakes, surprises, or positive advantages that come out of seeming conflict. For maximum benefit, you must assert yourself, and let the atoms of thought collide into new elements and compounds.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2017, #1140 | By Eric Francis

You’re at a high point in your visibility as a professional and as a contributor to society. People see you, and they are following your example. Therefore, you must live impeccably, as if you’re being followed around by a television crew or as if your calls are being followed by a live audience. There is indeed such a thing as a reputation, and you’re at the point where you can make genuine progress on establishing yours. In this moment, it’s essential that you know your goals. Remember that a true career ambition is both about accomplishing something and becoming someone. So think in terms of both what you do and who you are growing into. Don’t be deceived by the seeming chaos of the world. You are perfectly suited to be the person who both benefits from, and offers something useful in, this wild moment of history. Many, many people are confused about who they are, though you cannot afford that luxury. You have an advantage because you’ve been experimenting longer, you’ve made mistakes you’ve learned from and, most meaningfully, you’re willing to try things you haven’t tried before. You therefore need to persist in your experiment when necessary, and know when to change your plans so you can adapt to your environment and your personal needs. That said, be as consistent as you can be, and write the words “follow through” on your bathroom mirror.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 20, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Imagine you move to a beautiful condominium by the sea, though the day you arrive, a fog rolls in and obscures the horizon. Now imagine that you’ve lived with this cloudy view for years and then one day the clouds part and the blue sky appears before your eyes. You can see out to the curve of the Earth, and notice how the sky changes every day and even every hour. You see ships and airplanes coming and going. Your view of the outer horizon corresponds to your inner perspective: suddenly you feel like you’ve got a future, and you can even glimpse at what is possible. The fog is indeed clearing and your view of your life is getting clearer with each passing day. Learning is discovering that something is possible. The way to find out is to take one of your newly discovered ideas about what you want, and bring it into physical reality.

Planet Waves Horoscope for Feb. 16, 2017 #1139 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The internet is a robot. Humans become like the tools that we create, and humanity is fast becoming an automaton. In fact humans are faster becoming robots than robots are becoming human. Artificial intelligence is not very intelligent, but the artificial stupidity that many humans and society are adopting is indeed disturbing. You need to remind yourself that you are not an android, nor are the people you work for, work with, or provide your services to. This means that in all of your professional affairs, you must do your utmost to be a person — the person that you are. One of the gifts of your sign is your value on what is familial, on what is tactile and what has feeling. These are the assets that you must bring to your work, even and especially if your work is in the digital realm. This translates first to being highly adept within the digital realm, and then to utilizing as many in-person meetings as possible, and telephone or Skype when that is not practical. You want the human touch in everything that you do, and the feeling of quality. Use physical mail whenever you have the chance to do so. Use high-quality paper, handwriting when appropriate, and your very best courtly manners in all that you do. If you have any control at all over this, make sure that humans answer the phone where you do business rather than those annoying interactive systems. In other words, go retro.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 13, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Last Friday’s eclipse of the Moon took place in the finances and resources sector of your solar chart (called the 2nd house). This is a direct reminder to keep your focus on the money issue, though in truth that relates to something much larger. Many people are self-employed, they aspire to be so, or they must supplement the income from their main gig. Two additional thoughts arise from your 2nd house. One is to use all of your resources. Before that, you need to remind yourself what they are. They include your knowledge, your experience, the tools of your trade and, yes, your money and lines of credit. I reckon you’ve recently had some reminder to be true to your values. You must take the risk of being real, of doing what’s real, and investing in what you know actually matters. Check in with yourself regularly, as in daily, to remain on course.

Planet Waves Horoscope for Feb. 9, 2017 #1138 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mars retrograde was particularly poignant for you, as Scorpio is your 5th solar (or whole-sign) house, relating to your ongoing sexual experiment in life, and Sagittarius is your 6th house, relating to your healing process and your most practical version of spirituality. My take on the 2016 Mars retrograde is that it represented an initiation that will take some years to integrate, and that we count it as more of a natal chart feature than as something fleeting. The lessons revealed and the integration called for are ongoing and they are relevant to your growth at this time. The message in your solar chart, with Mars in your sign at the time of the 2017 summer solstice, is to embody the results of what you’ve learned. ‘Embody’ is a strange concept here in the age of disembodiment, though it’s a necessary idea. I’m talking about getting the material out of the abstract and/or intellectual realm, and into the realm of physical activity and lived reality. To do this, you must make decisions and stick with them long enough to test the result. It’s fortunate that Mars in Cancer is about passion; or, better, living passionately. Yes, it indicates strong feelings, yet what it’s inviting you to do is to live with full commitment. Living in peace with your desire is one commitment to make to yourself. As you do this, it will have an influence on your relationships. This is to say, as you raise your energy and commit to being real with what you want, others will take notice. Ultimately the result will be living in your body rather than in your head.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 6, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Continue taking leadership. Mostly this means leadership of your life, though there’s likely to be an organization or professional commitment involved. Both Venus and Mars have crossed over the aspirational midheaven angle of your chart. This translates to working two kinds of influence at the same time: one involves asserting your authority; another involves charming your way to what you want others to do. You will need to use a combination of both methods. You might start with gentle persuasion and then increase your energy as necessary. You can use cooperation as a selling point. Rather than focusing on yourself, remind people that we’re all in this together, ultimately responsible for the process and the final result. That’s a fact, and so too is that at the end of the day, you’re the one holding the bag.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Feb. 2, 2017 #1137 | By Len Wallick

You have more leadership potential than you give yourself credit for. It’s all a matter of what you think leadership consists of. For you, at least, actions will always be more effective than words. That’s especially true now. Keep your ears open for voices of discontent among your associates. Make a point of offering only solutions when others offer complaints. When you hear judgments, encourage understanding. Whenever you are invited into an argument, show restraint with everybody. Wherever you go, seek only to make your vicinity a better place. After a while, people will finally begin to notice how your presence makes a difference, and will miss you more than ever before when you are absent. Eventually, when you hear the words “we” and “our” being used more often in your company, you will know that you have succeeded.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 30, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aim your sights on some achievement that’s meaningful to you. Pick one; the one that you’ve wanted to do the most for the longest, or the new idea that you’re passionate about. Then stick with it. That’s the key: follow through. First, though, notice what you’ve already been persistent about, but which has been simmering on the back burner. Choose something you’re committed to: that your mind and body come back to on a regular basis, but which is calling for completion. Let this beginning be the commencement of resolving something, or bringing it to fruition. This will take some muscle, some time and some love, and there will be significant rewards for you, both personally and professionally. Cancer is usually viewed as a laid-back sign. But you know you can give it your full thrust when you want to — and now is the time.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2017 #1136 | By Eric Francis

You’re in an excellent position to transform your financial situation: to get some new clients or gigs, and to renegotiate some existing ones. Yet the basis of this is a discovery that you make about yourself, which establishes in your own heart the value of your work. There’s a parallel discovery about offering yourself rather than sacrificing yourself. When you give yourself sincerely, it will feel as if you gain rather than lose something. You will feel the actual experience of how ideas increase when they are given away. Your solar chart also describes a scenario you should be aware of. There’s some situation that’s easy to see and that’s getting your attention. There’s some other object on the radar — whether it’s an idea, an offer or an opportunity to work with someone — that’s subtler and easier to overlook. Therefore, take some time to turn your attention from what you’re focused on, and from what seems the most important, and look around for what seems (at first) to be less significant. Look and listen carefully. This might involve someone considerably younger than you are, whose thoughts would be easy enough to dismiss. Or the value of your own idea might not be obvious at first. In truth, this is likely to be the most interesting thing you have going on, and it will develop nicely.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 23, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

A close partner is likely to provide you with information that you are looking for. You’re more inclined to trust only what you personally discover, though what you learn is close enough to count as such. What you discern from any source, you still must consider and assimilate. You seem determined to take your life in a new direction. You seem obsessed by your need for trust rather than fear to direct you, and that’s the way you’re being guided. One result will be a new sensation of emotional freedom, like you have your options open and have space available to stretch out and explore. Let that need, rather than attachment, guide you. As you open up, you’ll be called in the direction of your deepest passion. Give yourself permission to follow: to be in love with life, in love with your potential and in love with yourself.

Short Monthly Horoscope for February 2017 #1135 | By Eric Francis

You’ve been on a roll getting your finances in order. You’re proving to yourself how much merely being aware of money helps that process. Yet being aware of what really matters to you goes even further. Once you know your priorities, it’s easy to follow them. The deepest discovery is yet to come: that the better you feel about yourself, the less you have to spend. An ocean of money changes hands every day because people carry self-doubt. Confidence is efficient and affordable. Then you have resources to devote to whom and what you really value. It’s a win-win situation.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 16, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The asteroid goddess Vesta has returned to your sign, where it will remain through early May. Right now Vesta in Cancer and the Sun in Capricorn are face to face, which is reminding you of certain deep commitments that you’ve made to yourself and to others. The beauty of Vesta is that if you hold open the space for something to happen, usually it will. Rather than being about an urgent kind of need or motive, the commitments of Vesta are made real by a process of allowing and encouraging. Through this, you will get a look not just at how but also why your relationship patterns differ from those of the people around you. You serve a purpose in the lives of close partners different from anyone they’ve ever experienced. Your relationship patterns are unusual, though they exist for a reason that you will discover is loving, beautiful and sincere.

Moonshine Horoscope for Cancer Full Moon #1134 | By Len Wallick

Some say it is the journey that is essential. Others prioritize keeping their focus on attaining a destination. What is less often addressed is what to do upon arrival. It appears you have, in some sense, recently reached a purpose following a significant passage. If you find the guidance that has gotten you this far no longer assists with what you have taken on, do not despair. Rather, imagine. Envision yourself as a gifted athlete who has mastered one sport and moved on to the challenge of another. First, you must figure out how to be confident, but also sufficiently humble. Next, you must refine your proficiency with the most elementary fundamentals of your new endeavors. Finally, divest yourself of any tools, postures, reflexes or mindsets that were salient in getting you to where you are, if they prove inappropriate for what you now need to do.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 9, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Everything about your relationships is going through a transformation. This is not about the individual people involved. Rather, you’re becoming aware of how the ground on which your involvements with other people stand has shifted. You’re finally catching up with yourself on these changes that go back more than five years. You must rise to the occasion, step up, stand up, speak up and look eye to eye with people. When you’re sincere, you activate a fundamental equality and mutual respect. You don’t have to stand up to people for the sake of standing up, or to prove your validity. Rather, listen to what means the most to other people, and consider what means the most to you. The common ground you share is the place to explore first. Then there’s room for everyone else’s highest priorities. For you, one of them is peace of mind. You need to trust existence, which is not always easy — though people can do a lot for one another in developing that trust as something real.

Short Monthly Horoscope for January 2017, #1133 | By Eric Francis

Your working relationships must take precedence over personal relationships at the moment. If your working relationships are personal, then you’ll need to balance the emotional aspects with the practical ones, though pragmatism and attention to taking care of business will get you far. You will need to be the one who sets that agenda, and maintains it. The easiest way to proceed is that everyone agrees on what must be done and why, and then does their bit. You can think of this as an organizing principle that focuses hearts, and leads to tangible results.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 2, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It may seem that others have most of the influence and advantages, though that’s an illusion. When you meet someone, look them in the eye, say hello and remember that you’re both human. This will keep the interaction on level ground. We all have our strengths and weaknesses; we all have our needs and our assets. Remind yourself that you’re a solid, competent person who can rise to any challenge, and proceed with calm self-assurance.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2017, #1131 | By Eric Francis

Keep an open mind. Practice being circumspect, which is to say: circling around your own thoughts and experiences to get as many points of view as possible. One influence is pushing you to focus and at times be narrower in your thinking. Another describes ideas, feelings, images and messages from remote parts of your consciousness flooding in. You don’t need to explain this away, rationalize it or pretend it’s not happening; you are opening up, and that’s an invitation to take a gentle approach to what you perceive as reality. What you are learning, you need to know; and remember, true understanding takes time. One of your deepest needs is to stand on level ground with others, rather than to experience them as so much more powerful than yourself. The most potent evolutionary movement is coursing through your experiences of relationships. People around you seem to be changing; though really, the ground on which your relationships stand is shifting and moving. Rather than clinging, this is inviting you to be open, vulnerable and sincere with the most intimate people in your life. The only power they have is the power that you give them. You get to decide how vulnerable you are. Yet you also know that if you don’t open up, you cannot experience the closeness that you crave. In choosing whom to do this with, it’s essential that you be thoughtful and selective.

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