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Venus enters Taurus shortly before 8:36 pm EDT tonight (00:35:32 UTC Saturday). Venus entering Taurus is not all that remarkable by itself. It happens roughly once a year (as it did in March of 2015, May of 2014 and April of 2013, for example) on a predictable schedule.


It is worthwhile, however, to discern the unique context of the Venusian ingress into Taurus this year and at this time. That discernment would naturally begin with the fact that astrologers consider Venus to rule (or, alternatively, have dominion in) Taurus as well as Libra.

A planet returning to its home sign is a significant event for astrologers. The nature of the planet in question is considered to be strongly expressed with a minimum of inhibition where it rules the roost.

The nature of Venus has a lot of upside. Venus corresponds directly with how the ancients believed beauty and truth to be synonymous. According to  the prominent and revered astrologer Robert Hand, Venus is also “a Yin planet.” Mr. Hand goes on to assert that, “In its highest manifestation, Venus is love.” Additionally, the essence behind the meaning of words like ‘abundance’, ‘values’, ‘ease’ and ‘receptive’ are commonly associated with what is also the brightest planet in the sky.

As a matter of fact, Venus is so bright that it distinguishes itself among planets as the only object besides the Sun and Moon capable of casting shadows here on Earth. Given its intrinsic and distinguishing brightness, it is appropriate to note that Venus is basically invisible right now. That’s because Venus is currently lost in the solar glare as it moves to go behind the Sun from our perspective. Later this year, Venus will reappear in the West after sunset, but its long tenure in the East before dawn earlier this year is essentially over.

What’s more, Venus is moving around the zodiac pretty quickly right now — at a pace of more than one degree per day. Taking into account the fact that Mercury’s apparent motion is quite slow at this time because of retrograde, it means that Venus is currently the swiftest object in our sky except for the Moon. Unlike Mercury, however, the nature of Venus as it manifests in your life is not intimately or usually related to speed.

All of which raises a pertinent question: Is the upside of Venus more or less likely to manifest during this year’s tenure in Taurus if it is also out of sight and relatively fleet at the same time?

As usual, the answer has a lot to do with you. Astrology is not destiny. Destiny has to do with the choices you make, as well as your own, personal nature. Astrology does not happen to you. It is made to happen, or not. Hence, what happens during the time Venus spends in Taurus this year will depend a lot on whether its nature is seen through you and supported by how you live your life.

In order to do your part to bring love, truth, beauty, ease and abundance to the world while Venus traverses its Taurus dominion until May 24, it might help to think of yourself as performing Venus much as musicians perform a song.

Many popular songs (at least) include chord patterns that repeat in cycles, just like planets move in cycles. Commonly those cycles periodically return to where they started after being resolved. That’s what musicians usually mean when they “bring it on home” before concluding in such a way as to leave those in the audience feeling a satisfying sense of closure at the end of a song. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring Venus on home in a similar way.

 The Spring Reading is now published. Order all 12 signs here or choose your individual signs here for immediate access. You may listen to a free audio introduction here.

The Spring Reading is now published. You may order all 12 signs here or choose your individual signs here for immediate access. You may listen to a free audio introduction here now.

Fortunately, you can get some help bringing Venus home to Taurus from the resources Planet Waves has to offer. First off, there is Eric’s 2016 Spring Reading, which features what is essentially the counterpoint to Venus at this time: the retrograde of Mars.

Additionally, to help you hear and harmonize with the proverbial music of the spheres for the rest of this year and beyond, you can become a Core Community Member of Planet Waves for what amounts to a song, when you compare the subscription price to, say, what it costs to see a symphony, opera or rock show nowadays.

While you can always choose to bring Venus home on your own, there is no experience as empowering or satisfying as performing in concert with others. That’s what Planet Waves offers as a resource free of the dissonance of corporate advertising. For it is only readers who choose to pitch in as they can afford to do that will keep Planet Waves going around to come around home to you.

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4 thoughts on “Bring It On Home

  1. Deborah

    If you ever change your mind
    About leavin’, leavin’ me behind
    Oh won’t you bring it to me
    Bring your sweet lovin’
    Bring it on home to me
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

  2. Mary

    I got this as I read your piece, len. Like Prince playing in Minnesota … there was a comfort and ease that (must have) infected his performance there and transformed the work into something beyond that of say a concert in … Detroit or DC. THAT is rulership, eh?


  3. Barbara Koehler

    I haven’t gotten used to your new hours Len. . . sorry I missed this piece when you first posted it. Here in Louisville, Venus is most welcome this Derby Week, which is really the 3rd week of Derby celebration. It used to be just one week long then about 25 years or so it grew into 2 weeks with the huge fireworks show and now its 3 weeks of hoopla. Venus in Taurus is just perfect for all the parties and functions, where letting down one’s hair is pretty much expected.

    My great challenge is to be able to dodge the bulk of it. . getting all my shopping done before the grocery stores are bare, getting my car washed in the early hours before the lines are ridiculously long, stuff like that. It wasn’t always like that though. There was a time I loved Derby week.

    But values change, and that’s where Venus shines for me now. I shudder to think of my values back when I was in my 20’s. I believe my last Derby was in 1958 and having a good time was my #1 priority. Now a days peace and quiet, having the bills all paid and plenty in the fridge and the pantry is my goal on any given day. Stress is something to avoid as much as possible. Still, the excitement rubs off on to all us that live in Derby City this time of year, and many years transiting Venus is in Taurus this week. Isn’t that convenient? A lot of wagering on the ponies, a lot of money spent on booze, parties and you name it.

    Beltane festivities of course had a lot of the Venusian enthusiasm and no doubt she still encourages lots of fertilization at events like Derby. By the way do you know that a common call from the fans as the horses complete the final stretch of any race is “bring it on home baby!”

  4. Barbara Koehler

    Oh wait, I DID go to the Derby in 1969 where I got to sit at the same table (in the Clubhouse!) with Grace Kelly’s brother. Well, that just proves my values have changed over the decades. 🙂

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