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You’re an untamed youth, that’s the truth with your cloak full of eagles…
— Marc Bolan

Mercury enters tropical Cancer in direct motion tomorrow shortly before 2:52 pm EDT (18:51:33 UTC). Normally, it is little noted nor long remembered when swift Mercury changes signs. This particular ingress, however, is bound to resonate like a gong with notable correlations given how Mercury has been in Gemini since the last day of April (or first day of May, depending on your time zone).


Hence, you would do well to serve up a little resonance yourself. More than two months is a long time for Mercury to reside in one sign, and that unusual tenure has undoubtedly corresponded with something being cooped up inside of you.

Of course, it was a retrograde that resulted in Mercury spending more than two months in Gemini, one of the two signs (along with Virgo) where it rules the roost. Nor was it just any retrograde.

More than three weeks of Mercury’s residence in Gemini was spent in laboriously slow apparent reversal over an narrow arc of less than 10 degrees. That’s a distance Mercury is now about to cover in one week, with further acceleration to follow. Hence, you can probably relate in some way to Mercury springing forth unbound from where it has been so inordinately confined (even though those confines were of home). So why not show it a little?

No matter how old you are, why not revive and express a little of your untamed and inscrutably awesome youth? No matter where you are, why not do a little dance if you feel so moved? You might even venture to sing a rollicking bit of song long forgotten. After all, those who would mind a bit of honest and overdue exuberance probably don’t matter, and any who would matter almost certainly would not mind.

As Amy Elliott inferred yesterday, it would serve nothing to “allow self-doubt to dampen your courage.” So get it on. If it means being (or getting) a little dirty, add a little sweet to make Mercury’s tour of fecund Cancer more palatable. After so long in an intellectual air sign, it’s time to think wet, and get that way.

Please keep in mind that getting wet need not require alcohol. Indeed, with Mercury about to speed through a water trine with Neptune in Pisces, you would be well advised to say “no thanks” to anything that would slow you down. Rather, quicken yourself with the nourishing refreshment pure water affords and save a little to pour on your head — just to show those who are still self-confined how to have a little fun.

Get it on. Bang a gong. Mercury is about to set itself free. You could do far worse than to do a little of the same for yourself. By way of doing the same for others, please remember that a sliding-scale gift subscription to Planet Waves provides those that matter with more than just serious journalism, photography and astrology.

In case you haven’t noticed, Planet Waves also knows that Art In Service means serving up a little fun, too. If you have a little extra scratch to spread around, share the ride and let your friends see that (in addition to being a rock of advertising-free sanity in an often crazy world) Planet Waves also serves to rock your world with refreshing exuberance.

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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

16 thoughts on “Bang A Gong

  1. Len Wallick Post author

    Linda: Precisely! Thank you.

    Check out this live performance (link below). Skip the ad at the beginning. It starts a little rough, but towards the end when Marc gets wild with his guitar and vocals you know that (unlike many television shows at the time) this was NOT lip synching, it was full tilt boogie (and fun!).

    1. Carolynkc

      Actually there is a documentary coming out at the end of the month on netflix showing the huge impact and participation session musicians had on music in the “60’s. Brian Wilson worked with the Wrecking Crew when he was at odds with his brothers and cousins. Quite the eye opener. Eric might well be interested…if he doesn’t already know.

      1. Len Wallick Post author

        Carolynkc: Thank you for the heads up. i knew about The Wrecking Crew being the go-to guys for many artists, producers, engineers, etc. Heck, before Zep, Jimmy Page was reportedly an often uncredited guitarist and bass player on hundreds of recordings. Given Eric’s gift for knowing all sorts of cool people (listen to his podcast today for an example), he probably knows more about the music biz than the two of us put together.

  2. Barbara

    Len………..The Midnight Special…………blast from the past………..always loved the “Hubcap Diamond Star Halo” line…………….sensing an emotional current……..thanks…………

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara; i love that line too! Especially when the diphthong is precisely with in the pocket with the beat. And yes, i’m sensing that emotional current too. It’s fresh.

  4. Barbara

    Len…..Neptune feels like a force to be reckoned with….with the slip under the wave ability….it feels as though there is a trickster element playing hide and seek……Mercury waterside………..

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: You are correct about Neptune. Neptune is deeply and widely pervasive, one might correctly say absolutely dominant. It’s been that way ever since Neptune entered Pisces. Of course, it’s insinuated itself into dominance – Neptune can be in plain sight and still invisible to many. But all you have to do is look at available data . Bourbon sales have never been greater. Heroin use is way up If you want me to attach hyper links so you can see the data, please let me know. Mercury, of course, always has the trickster card up its sleeve, but when it’s moving fast, it’s less likely to play that card. But you never quite know with Mercury – especially in an enabling aspect (which is what trines can be) to Neptune. STILL, it’s important to remember that both Mercury and Neptune (separately and in combination) have as many upsides as downsides.

  6. Barbara

    Len………..Yes, go ahead with those links……I don’t doubt the data…………(at times) very little surprises me…..Out of curiosity….what rules apply to trines acting as an enabler? UPSIDES/DOWNSIDES = A BALANCE of some proportion………thanks………………..

  7. infinitezygote

    Just what I needed to hear after hearing this message from the inside for awhile now. My existence has been far too serious for too long…fun for the sake of joy sounds like the purrrrfect prescription for this caged-for-far-too-long little Leo. Thank you for your insight!!

  8. infinitezygote

    And…that newly freed Mercury will be bounding right over my Cancer NN on the 11th/12th House cusp. I am so ready to move forward.

  9. Brian

    Len, Didn’t record it. Had planned on it but didn’t happen. I was playing drums. It’s a fun song to play drum wise. Straight forward and primal! I play guitar and sing secondarily. Also, my natal Sun is in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer. Mars was transiting my Mercury that day. A good day to drum!I Not sure if this video link will come up here. Warming up with a Beatles song. MG_0824.MOV

  10. Bette

    A little light-heartedness is appreciated, Len. Sure could use some literal “getting wet” though, as drought continues where I live.

    There are some things I’m making forward progress on, but I must say that I find the upcoming Mercury/Mars opposing Pluto a bit daunting, as it will occur just within my 1st & 7th, within 2 degrees of the axis, & coinciding with a new moon conjunct my 1st house Saturn!

    I’m determined not to get bogged down in “serious”, but also to steer a rather cautious course for the next while, careful not to promise more than I can see my way clear to fulfill. This is the time frame within which I plan to offer to complete an art project as a donation to my community as they try to rebuild the museum lost to fire. Hopefully, it will raise some funds. AND I know I’ll need to complete it in a timely manner.

    Mostly, though, I think I’ll be hanging out at home & weeding garden!

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