Back From Extremes

All that you touch, all that you see, all that you taste, all you feel. All that you love, all that you hate, all you distrust, all you save. All that you give, all that you deal, all that you buy, beg borrow or steal. All you create, all you destroy, all that you do, all that you say. All that you eat, and everyone you meet, all that you slight and everyone you fight. All that is now, all that is gone, all that’s to come, and everything under the Sun…

— Roger Waters and Pink Floyd

So far as we know for certain at this time in our history, we are the only people anywhere. So far as we know, all of us are gathered together on only one planet in all of the Universe.


Someday we may know differently, but that’s what we know for certain now.

We are all children of the Earth. You are among us. We, all of us, resemble the Earth just as children resemble their biological parents.

One of the things that characterizes life on Earth is its seasons. One of the things that distinguishes astrology as it is practiced here at Planet Waves is that it is synchronized with the seasons.

You experience the seasons as a cycle. That cycle oscillates between two extremes, with two points of equilibrium in between. Hence the seasons are four: two seasons begin at the extremes, and the other two begin at the points of equilibrium.

The season initiating either late Monday or early Tuesday (depending on your time zone) is synchronized to begin at the precise moment the Sun enters Capricorn. That moment represents one of the two extremes on the seasonal cycle.

Regardless of what time it is wherever you are, the extreme known as the Capricorn solstice will take place at the same moment for all of us. It will be a reminder that we are all in this, whatever it is, together.

To the extent that your life and all of us together are synchronized with the seasons, the events of your life should (and often do) reflect them. In the case of the season about to begin, we might earnestly hope so. Everywhere you look, things have gone about as far as they can in one direction.

When the Sun enters Capricorn next week, it will implicitly be time to come back from extremes and move in the direction of balance once again. If you will simply do what you can to be in tune with that motion, you will be participating in synchrony with the world. You will be doing your part to turn the cycle around, implicitly turning the world around, to keep things going.

What form your participation takes will be yours to choose.

That’s all we know for certain, but that alone is pretty darn special, and so are you.

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13 thoughts on “Back From Extremes

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Extremes? What extremes Len? Oh, THOSE extremes, yes of course. How I long for the equilibrium in between. Yet this solstice has the promise of some harmony in spite of the quindecile (love to say that – quin deh chee’ lay) between transiting Neptune and transiting Jupiter who is conjunct the U.S. Sibly Neptune. There is an earthy grand trine between Jupiter in Virgo, Moon in Taurus and the conjunction of Mercury-Pallas in Capricorn who are conjunct Pluto.

    Even better, the Moon is opposed Venus in Scorpio turning the grand trine into a Kite pattern which makes the Moon (all us children of the Earth) the focus of said grand trine. Granted, that Taurus Moon is square Ceres in Aquarius who is exactly sextile Uranus in Aries, but the Moon also is conjunct the U.S. Sibly Vesta only 2 degrees away. How we in the U.S. invest ourselves, what we dedicate ourselves to will be the focus for 3 months until the arrival of the equilibrium of the Spring Equinox. And we have the earthy grand trine to support whatever that focus is.

    The U.S. Sibly Venus will be caught in the cross-current of this Solstice, she being at 3+ Cancer will be squared by the Solstice Vesta (investment) at 3+ Aries but trined by the Solstice Juno (partner) in Scorpio. This might connect back to the October Full Moon at 3+ Taurus (Chiron’s discovery degree and Moon’s exaltation) which this Solstice’s Juno opposes.

    I’d like to think that a softening of the defensive Moons in the Fall Equinox and before that the Summer Solstice, both of which had their Moons square the (1) Fall Equinox Eris and (2) the Summer Solstice Saturn. Also that Fall Equinox Moon was conjunct Ceres and this Capricorn Solstice would be the first square of their cycle that started back then. Perhaps it means that some of that fear the U.S. people harbor of the poor refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. will abate in the coming weeks.

    Still though, this new Solstice chart has Mars opposite Eris and the Solstice Pluto exactly squares the U.S. Saturn in Libra, obstacles not easily overcome. Oh wait, this is exciting; transiting Chiron opposes Jupiter in this chart, who is part of the grand trine with Moon and Mercury-Pallas. It’s a wide opposition (5 degree orb and acceptable) but it means the Capricorn solstices has TWO kites, meaning ANOTHER focus point! One grand earth trine with a double kite pattern. Wow.

    This 2nd focal point of a kite formation is Jupiter. This solstice Jupiter is conjunct the U.S. Neptune! This means that the Universe has a backup plan. Jupiter in the Solstice chart is also in that quindecile with the Solstice chart’s Neptune, who of course is still in its 40 degree novile with the Solstice Uranus in Aries and this Uranus sextiles the Ceres that squares the Moon! I get it.

    Well of course, if Neptune is involved there will be deception, right? There will be guile and maybe even a little hocus-pocus. That quindecile aspect between the Solstice (as well as the presently transiting) Jupiter and Neptune (165 degrees between planets) can be quite disruptive but it also is (and will be) obsessed and motivated in nature; “a burning point of focus” as Noel Tyl tells us. Maybe an obsession of compassion (U.S Neptune + trans. Jupiter quindecile trans. Neptune who is novile (like a god-level trine) trans. Uranus who is sextile trans. Ceres who squares trans. Moon). This is deal-making at its finest.

    So here’s the deal; Mercury (thinking, trickster) is conjunct Pallas (the strategist), both at 18+ Capricorn and conjunct Pluto at 14+ Capricorn. Pluto is square the U.S. Saturn but indirectly, he is also part of the Solstice grand trine because he is only 4 degrees from Mercury and Pallas.

    Mercury and Pallas trine the Moon at 17+ Taurus (conjunct U.S. Vesta, aka invested in) and Jupiter at 22+ Virgo who is exactly conjunct U.S. Neptune. Two Kite patterns, offshoots of the grand trine thanks to the solstice chart’s Venus opposite Moon and Chiron opposite Jupiter, give additional focus to solstice Jupiter and Moon, both of whom are conjunct U.S. Sibly chart natal planets (Neptune and Vesta). Meanwhile, the 3rd leg of the Solstice grand trine , the wily combo of Mercury and Pallas are conjunct the Solstice Pluto who squares the U.S. Saturn (who squares the U.S. Sun). If that ain’t a plan to beat all!

    It’s gonna be a while before we get to that equilibrium, eh Len?

  2. P. Sophia

    Very interesting Len. And i thank you again, of all you speak, I never looked at it in that way..

    My North Node is 0:52 degrees Cancer, so South falls just after what you call this extreme point. In Capricorn on/ just after the Soltice it’s a potential of new cycle in letting go of the old for sure. And in Cancer the North a New alligence in it’s highest point. Other than that I am not too sure of the finer details and meaning, but what I do feel stronly about is that this particular climax of extreme was of great cause and likewise will be it’s result.

    Regarding, I noticed, now, tonight, into tomorrow the Sun 26+ Sagittarius is conjunct GC and Quaour and I believe this is exactly T square our Lunar Nodes, also at 26 Virgo and Pisces. Roughly conjunct Jupiter and the Moon. This Extreme, again no doubt has a greater purpose and the energy potential to further release, maybe even surrender in some cases, accepting the natural order. Moving towards ascention, if we but dont fight the flow, gracefully, gratefully taking what comes.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      P. Sophia, one channeler is saying that Disclosure should be forthcoming in 2016 and much new information will be revealed. Best news I’ve had in quite a while.

  3. Bette

    P. Sophia, I share your nodal axis points quite exactly – for me, the Solstices have always been deeply felt. In my chart, the South is in my 6th, a house with a lot going on right now.

    Saturn’s crossing my Sun, & was exact the day before I had to have my elderly little dog euthanized, given his failing health. He had been a difficult dog, though he tried. But letting him go led to an opportunity to reflect upon ten years of my history, & work to release what needed to be released. I expect that process will continue for a while, at least through Solstice.

    Len, thank-you for today’s (& Tuesday’s) column – I find solace in being reminded of our cycles & of the many, many opportunities we have to shine a light both within & without.

    Where I live, the longest night is very long, & I look forward to the return of the Light. Happy Solstice to all.

  4. P. Sophia

    Be: Really?! That’s always good to hear. So freeing..for all. Then we know in full integrety where we stand. Did you happen to read the Oracle for today? It’s a good one. ..The Truth will set you free. All this striving, maybe acknowledgement and understanding is all we really need. I am finding that true in me anyway.

    Bette: I love knowing we share a similar degree in this aspect. It feels comforting to know I am not alone in that, and in discovering its understanding, meaning and purpose with someone in this community feels so supportive. It’s a strong point, but at the same time I think it asks us the opposite of what is often externally viewed as powerful (as Len suggests The Extreme). Maybe to give up more authority is the message, and transparency (thank you Be) is the path forward to recieving and em-powerment. In researching the Nodes that it could be through the South we come in from our past life and is now what we need to let go of. Reading the Sabian Symbols to our degrees, as well as their Karmic degrees, (Sagittarius 30+ and Gemini 30+) for each (reading in this direction is not conventional practice, but has made sense to me in remembering the Moons nodes move clockwise) which has shed a greater light to the Nodes offering of direction as well.

    I would be very interested to understand further how Len and others read the Nodes. They are such an important point of purpose I believe.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      Well P. Sophia, it’s true he said it, but whether it’s true that it will happen is a wait-and-see prospect. That said, and judging from the U.S. solar return we are operating from now, compared to the U.S. solar return we will operate from come July, 2016, it looks promising.

      The present U.S solar return chart had Mercury (information, communication, etc.) in Gemini opposite the solar return chart’s Pholus (open mouth and insert hoof) in Sagittarius retrograde, and they were T-square the solar return chart’s Chiron in Pisces retrograde. Solar return Chiron was opposite the U.S. natal Sibly Neptune in Virgo, which is where transiting Jupiter is right now. This is a chart full of challenges to the Truth.

      The U.S. solar return chart for next July and the following 11 months has Mercury in Cancer, conjunct solar return Sun and trine Neptune in Pisces. Since the U.S. solar return for next year will occur only hours after a New Moon, Mercury, the Sun and Moon will all be operating from the same page so to speak; a new Sun-Moon cycle as well as a new solar return bodes well for the U.S.

      There will be a harmonious grand water trine between Venus and Mars and Chiron (healing) in this new U.S. solar return that starts next summer. Pluto and Jupiter will be trine as well, That Jupiter will be conjunct the North Node facilitating new opportunities to forge ahead on the right path for the U.S; unlike this year’s U.S solar return chart’s conjunction between Vesta (invested in) and the South Node in Aries (war like). Unlike this year, communication, data, conversation (Mercury) will NOT be so greatly challenged although there will be lack of clarity and stability as Neptune and Saturn will still be square each other.

      I love where you are going with your thoughts on the meaning of the nodes in a chart P. Sophia. It makes total sense (astrologically) to me as well to see a soul entering a new life from the south node (experience, karma) and equipped with a new set of circumstances (new planetary patterns). The new life will provide opportunities, many of them via the new North Node but the South Node will help navigate the new life until those opportunities start to kick in. The South Node is a useful teaching tool as well. For example your Capricorn South Node, strong in leadership skills, can be shared with others (released) who don’t have a clue about leadership. Where once (in earlier times) you could function without emotional considerations interfering, now you will incorporate emotional intelligence (Cancer North Node) into your life processes thus becoming a more balanced and integrated soul/individual.

      My North Node is in Scorpio and South Node is in Taurus. I know how to survive on my own from a physical standpoint but sharing a goal with another has been challenging. Having an Aquarius Moon hampers my ability to go deep enough into a relationship to totally share all, yet on the level of group participation (Aquarius) I can achieve that sense of trust; the bigger the group the better I respond it appears!

  5. Bette

    Thank-you, Barbara (be) for expanding upon P. Sophia’s thoughts on the natal nodes. I’ve dug through every resource I can find in order to better understand my Cancer/Capricorn axis – for Capricorn South, I recall words such as “status adept” – & “you’ve worked so hard serving others (6th house) over many lifetimes, so you may rest this time…”, among other interpretations. I suppose I have rested/do rest some, but I have tended to choose “the road less travelled”, not always an easy path – but creative & fulfilling on a good stretch.

    With my Scorpio moon (5th) square Leo Mars/Pluto, a Sun-Uranus opposition, & all placements below the horizon except North Node & Uranus, & Saturn rising in Cancer, I can work effectively one-on-one-or-two, but larger groups make me uncomfortable. Interesting difference from your experience, be.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      Hey Bette, thanks for sharing. Can’t say that working with big groups is – for me – something I do well necessarily, but I do find it easier to trust. You know, more honesty in a group venture. I’m guessing your Sun is in your natal 5th house (having recently lost your little dog) or perhaps the 6th house and you are at your best (most comfortable) in a more intimate setting such as a small office or clinic.

      I still believe that a Capricorn South Node would have given you an ability to project authority or a sense of control that would have had a reassuring effect on others in your early career or working years (somebody is in charge and knows what they are doing). A 12th house North Node in any sign would desire a more private sphere to operate in and your Cancer NN is quite well adapted to reflection. The way I look at it, every lifetime has a different purpose and even brothers and sisters raised in the same environment perceive their shared experiences from different perspectives. Contemplation and/or privacy would be key in your present life.

      Usually 12th house experiences conjure up images of monasteries, remote islands or hospitals and prisons; any place that would allow contemplation and a minimum of interruption from the outside world. For someone with natal planets or a node or even transits (I’ve got Neptune and Chiron transiting my 12th) that person requires large chunks of private time. I believe I understand what the writer(s) may have meant about deserving rest after lifetimes of hard work; it would almost have to be forced on to someone with a Capricorn South Node in some cases!

      And so, here you are with Uranus opposite your Sun, demanding freedom to take the road less travelled, and Saturn on the ascendant restraining rash behavior, a nurturing North Node in the 12th house, a depth-seeking Moon in Scorpio keeping a lid on your Leo Mars-Pluto energy, all begging you to go inside yourself, take a break from the outer world and take stock of the personal side of your life.

      It’s not a bad thing at all. It’s something needed in order to get a greater sense of balance. Most likely, lifetimes have been devoted to being in charge; so much so that your personal life and your emotions were neglected. It isn’t that your present life is meant to shut you away from the action, rather it seems you are to experience life from a different vantage point. One that emphasizes the personal over the professional, the private over the public, what’s good for you (your soul) rather than what’s good for the majority. And don’t feel guilty about it either!

      If natal Uranus happens to be in your 11th house you are here at PlanetWaves, a group which gives you the freedom to be yourself. If Uranus is in your 12th house then you also get the anonymity that chatting on the Internet provides. No interference with your personal time and yet you get to share your ideas with others Nice, huh?

  6. P. Sophia

    Correction. When I referred to the Sagittarius 30+ and Gemini 30+ degrees above, I meant to say ‘Quest’ Degrees, keeping in reference the Moons nodes move clockwise direction. And i feel the Karmic degrees in this case would be moving from Capricorn and Cancer 2+ degrees. That being said, and now reflecting, I think this only works when grasping the South Node degree. Whereas the North Node is suspended in time, the motion is at a turning point. In Square angle, the Solstice degrees, we are living out that very moment, of the change in direction in this lifetime.

  7. Bette

    Wow, be! You’ve just described much of what my life has contained, the needs I’ve learned to care for, & choices made.

    6th house Sun, also Sagg Mercury retrograde (but I love to talk – in a safe environment) – yes, much, much alone time needed. My daughter has long called me the “queen of solitude”, & we both chuckle. She’s by nature very social.

    Looking back from my recent 70th birthday, I can see where I’ve created the most trouble for myself when I tried to kick over the traces of that protective rising Saturn, & ended up repenting at leisure (in solitude, of course) as I integrated the lesson material.

    Most of my professional life was in positions where I worked alone (graphic arts/small print shops), interacting with colleagues from time to time. Now my focus is personal art – & I need to remind myself to get out among people on a regular basis.

    Funny you should mention the “being in charge” issue, as I’ve been accused by past partners of wanting to be more in charge than they were willing to allow – although I believed I was only asking for equal input. Maybe their perception was correct, or maybe they were just invested in male privilege. If I ever find another partner, I’ll be mindful of that aspect of relationship.

    Thank-you so much for the feedback – I’ll continue to reflect upon that & the larger context as I go about my day.

  8. Pisces Sun

    I so loved being the “observer” at the PW table, the quiet one this time, reflecting on my own life, and nodes, as I thought about P. Sophia and Bette and listened to the master Barbara (be) describe the planetary happenings. Of course, the gracious host was Len, who of course, was also at the table. I love planet waves and this intimate community! I learn so much and it is so soulful, thank you, P. Sophia for using the words of “new allegiance,” in reference to your north node, and to you, Barbara (be), for describing the attributes that one brings into life and uses advantageously via the South Node.

    Sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved pet, Bette. It’s good that you take the occasion as a reminder of the cycles of life: “to everything, turn, turn, turn, … a time to every purpose under heaven.”

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