Astrology of Sunday’s Presidential Debate

Here’s the chart for the second presidential debate, tonight in Monsantoville: St Louis, MO. The Moon will be void of course (v/c, meaning no longer making aspects to major planets while in its current sign). It will also be opposite Vesta, however, which modifies usual thoughts on Moon v/c.


Chart for tonight’s debate. Click image for larger version.

Moon v/c has two main effects: one is that we can’t predict what will happen (it may be bigger or smaller than expected), and the second is that what happens may drop down the memory hole.

These are the two distinct effects that I’ve seen from the void Moon: things go away, or they blow up unexpectedly huge.

If that happens, it will be in the spirit of Vesta: of holding space, of service, and of bringing to the surface some core elements of sexual shame.

Bringing this into human terms, what we are seeing is a catharsis of shame in the events of this weekend; and a man who has been on top of the world, in his “Tower,” has been struck by lightning.

Vesta is the quality of holding space for this whole process. There is a container. This has been the missing thing: containment, which implies context. Vesta is all about the organizing principle; and where she’s present, you can be sure that there is one.

The approaching Mars-Pluto conjunction in this chart is ominous. Along with the approaching Full Moon in Aries — the most potent lunation of the Uranus-Eris era, conjunct that point — describes some other form of total disruption.

There’s likely to be a continuing, mounting wave of public outrage, which feels like enlightenment, and relief that the gaslighting is finally coming to an end, at least from one point of view. That would be Trump’s form of gaslighting (particularly around women and racial minorities). Now, the question is: what of Hillary Clinton’s? Will there be some blow-off of pressure over the next few weeks, particularly as the Aries Full Moon happens?

In any event, from this chart I see Clinton emerging with the image of public advocate and fighter for the just cause (deserved or not). Notice Venus conjunct Juno in Scorpio, with Taurus rising.

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A few years ago I pulled together an e-book including all of my writing leading up to 2012. This includes astrology, social commentary and other diary-like writing. The book is called Light Bridge: The 25-Year Span, and you may access it in this free PDF.

5 thoughts on “Astrology of Sunday’s Presidential Debate

  1. KittyJ

    I can’t help remembering that Bill Clinton’s second inauguration took place under a void of course Moon. His second term certainly did not turn out as expected. It was essentially hobbled from the get-go. (I’m not necessarily saying that was a bad thing in all ways. Bill was on track to privatize Social Security until he got sidetracked by “sex scandal” and impeachment.)

  2. Kelly Grace Smith

    I think we need to be very careful what we wish for in the coming weeks before the election…

    As much as I am appalled by Donald Trump, in more respects than I can recount here, most specifically his total disrespect for 50%+ of humanity, women…

    …if Trump were to resign, Pence would be the candidate for President. Without a doubt, he would temporarily reunite the Republican Party…at least on election day. The far right would be thrilled, the Tea Party would celebrate, and the remaining Republicans – who are just plain weary of the whole process and would detest voting for Hillary – would turn out for Pence in droves.

    Pence would be the most conservative President in modern history, with 2 or more SCOTUS appointments on his agenda. His legacy would impact this country for decades.

    The only thing I can relate this to…is plea bargaining. Will Trump go all the way to election day and be “convicted?” Or, will there be a “plea bargain,” with Pence stepping in? Which may seem like a reprieve from the madness, but is in actually…far more dangerous?

    It is a sad and ironic situation. However, I have had the sense all along that there may be a conspiracy afoot. I assumed it would involve Paul Ryan, but perhaps the “ringer” is Pence?

    Or, perhaps it’s all just so crazy, there’s nothing more than insanity afoot!
    Kelly Grace Smith

    1. Amanda Painter

      Kelly Grace Smith — I was just wondering similar things yesterday as I heard about some GOP leaders calling for Trump to withdraw from the race. I could not see Pence winning easily in a “normal” race. But as a sudden “hero” or “savior” after this insane Trump clown-show, the prospect is very scary. You outline exactly the potential scenario I would be concerned about.

      I guess the question is: is enough of the Republican base of “regular citizens” disgusted enough with Trump to vote for Pence or another stand-in? Or are Trump supporters numerous and crazy enough to write him in should he be forced to withdraw, thereby undercutting another Repub candidate?

      Seriously — *every* time I think this election season has gotten as crazy as it can get, we plunge deeper into Bizarro-land.

      1. Geoff Marsh

        It’s hard to see any reason that would make Trump resign. He can hardly be bought off and his ego is obviously far too stiff to concede defeat. Even when/if he loses the actual election it won’t be his fault – rather the result of media assassination, electoral fraud, Clinton’s lies, etc.

        A bigger worry to my mind is that the American people will emulate the somewhat bloody-minded attitude of other electorates so far this year – the British and their European referendum, and the Colombians with the FARC peace proposal veto, for example. “Doing a Brexit” may be written into the astrology at this time with Eris’ conjunction to Uranus inciting unconventional events even by her standard: the people are letting their governments know just who is the boss in a democracy. Opinion polls are not picking up on this undercurrent of public disenchantment with the established politburos and it is providing easy pickings for would-be dictators.

        It might be worth following through on Kelly Grace Smith’s conjecture of life under a nominated vice-president. What sort of president would Kaine make if, Goddess forbid, Hillary were to be delivered into the hands of one of Trump’s incited assassins following a narrow victory? It might be the case that she would have been safer with Sanders as v-p; it’s hard to imagine an anarcho-terrorist preferring Bernie to Hillary as pres. But, as we keep reminding ourselves, anything is possible in politics these days.

        I’m pinning a lot of hope on that Full Moon in Aries next Sunday (UTC).

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